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barrier free shower

free barrier showerIntroduction

Earlier, it has been perceived that the bathroom was a place to take a bath only, but for the time being, this perception has become less popular.

Now, people pay more attention to the beauty of their bathrooms.

Diverse and novel methods are applied in making and remodeling of the bathroom.

The past ten years have seen an explosion of the trend of bathroom remodeling and renovation.

But, now, this trend has gained substantial grounds.

The inclusion of bathtubs in the refurbishment of the bathroom is an even older story, and now there is a trend of walk-in showers or barrier-free shower.

This is something new in the remodeling trends of the bathroom, but there is a considerable number of people who are enjoying this facility.

free barrier showerThere are different benefits of having a walk-in shower in your bathroom, but the benefits of the walk-in shower are not the point of our discussion here.

Most people prefer curbless showers when it comes to the renovation of the bathroom, which is getting popular too with time.

But, in this type of rain, colossal care should be taken, as mistakes in curbless showers can inflict substantial loss.

So, some of the precautions should be followed in advance to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Some common mistakes are usually left uncovered while dealing with the making or remodeling of the bathroom.

If these mistakes are not taken into account in time, the ratio of disadvantages will be more than that of the advantages of these types of shower.

So, keeping in view the need for the solution to these emerging problems, we are here to tell you about the most common mistakes that are committed in this regard.

Along with this, we will also tell you the solution to these loopholes.

Barrier-Free Walk-in Shower mistakes to avoidfree barrier shower

Walk-in showers are equally accessible as compared to any other bathroom remodeling idea.

Albeit, all of these have their benefits, but the benefit can be thoroughly enjoyed when there are no mistakes in the construction and remodeling of the bathroom.

So, here are some of the most glaring errors that mostly remain uncovered while preparing the curbless shower;

1. The Floor:

Most of the people rely on the advice of their contractor and do not think on their own about any better thing that can be applied in their bathroom.

So, the first mistake in the case of this type of shower has been reported in the form of a floor or the shower pan.

Most of the contractors use conventional shower pans to reduce their effort and time.

free barrier showerBut, there are some options available that can be chosen to use as a shower pan in your bathroom.

So, it becomes unavoidable for you to search the emerging trends on your behalf because your contractor will not tell you about these things.

Thus, the first impressive option in this regard comes up in the following form;

  • Stone Shower Pan:

This is one of the best options that can be taken to fill the need for a shower pan.

To avoid inconvenience and create the difference, this stone shower pan appears to be the perfect option.

This stone shower pan is made up of the proper stone, that is cut from the mountains, and after performing precise engineering, this shower pan is ready to install in your bathroom.

In this shower pan, one side of the container is higher than the other hand because another party is used to drain the water.

Along with this, this floor looks presentable and barrier shower

Meanwhile, the polish of this stone shower pan is also incredible.

  • Fiber Glass Shower pan:

The use of fiberglass is becoming higher and higher over time, and now this fiberglass is frequently used in the bathroom as the shower pan.

The reason behind the use of fiberglass as a shower pan includes that the strength of this material is very well, and it requires almost negligible repairing.

Hand in hand, it is also an admitted fact that fiberglass presents amazing looks if installed as a shower pan.

Meanwhile, the cost of this fiberglass shower pan is also reasonable.

2. The Floor framing:

free barrier showerFloor framing is again one of the most prominent problems, and it causes even significant issues if the framing of the floor is not done in the right way.

Most of the contractors avoid this issue in a hurry and saves their time by completing the work earlier.

But, this may be a permanent problem for the user.

In the question of floor framing, the level of shower pan remains identical, and due to this leveled surface, the flow of water gets disturbed.

Water does not find its way and stays in the shower pan. If water passes, its speed is very less and disturbing.

So, to resolve this issue, proper framing of the floor is required that can ensure the smooth drainage of water. 

Therefore, to have proper framing, one side of the floor is kept 4 inches higher than that of the other end.

And in this way, there becomes a smooth passage for the water.

This problem may deteriorate the walls and the floor of your shower.

Therefore, special care should be taken to avoid this barrier shower

3. The question of drains location:

This is a common mistake that people commit, but its results are quite damaging.

Most of the people do not pay heed towards the location of their drain and go for buying the shower pan.

Therefore, sometimes the location of the waste does not match with the shower pan you purchased from the market.

In this case, you have to find the solution to this problem, which lies in cutting the concrete or wood and setting the location of the shower pan, keeping in view the site of the drain.

But, if your shower pan is made up of concrete, you have to cut that concrete, and this is a time and cost consuming process.

Meanwhile, if your container is made up of fiber of some other material, the time factor may be reduced, but the cost factor will go high.

free barrier showerSo, you must be very careful about the location of the drain while buying the shower pan for your walk-in shower.  

4. Walls of the Barrier Free Shower:

It is a mandatory task to maintain the beauty of the walls if you want to make something attractive and presentable.

But, on the other hand, there remains a continuous responsibility to clean those walls.

This problem is even worse in the bathroom and kitchen.

The dust from the surrounding gets collected on the tiles of the walls and stays there in the form of deposits.

Moreover, the filling between two slabs is the most common prey of this dust.

So, the cleanliness of the walls remains a big issue.

But, there is nothing to worry about this, you may get rid of this problem by applying the following methods;

  • Polyvinyl Composite Walls:free barrier shower

PVC composite walls are an excellent solution to this problem.

These are in the form of sheets while having different designing on them.

These PVC walls are installed on the walls of the curbless shower, and if dust stays there on the walls, it can be easily removed using water.

  • Granite Wall Panels:

This material possesses a considerable thickness, and the availability of color is also diverse.

You can quickly solve the problem, as mentioned above, using this material. 

  • Laminated Wall Panels:

This is again, an incredible solution to this problem.

free barrier showerThe installation of laminated walls will not allow the dust to stay on it.

So, this problem of dust becomes readily solved. 

5. Assuming barrier-free shower a simple shower:

Several people do not correctly know the difference between the curbless showers and simple shower and take the barrier-free shower as a simple shower.

But, this is not the case in actual. Some of the people do not like to get their butt exposed to the cold or open space.

So, this thing must be kept in mind while dealing with the flat shower.

6. Absence of Seating:

Usually, it has been seen that people do not pay heed to install a seat in the bathroom.

No one knows how much time a person takes to take a bath, so it is mandatory to have a place in the barrier shower

If you have a large bathroom, the place of 36 by 36 inches can be installed, while for a smaller bathroom, the position of 14 by 14 inches can be installed.

In some of the cases, people are not confirmed whether they want to have a position or not, and if you are ambiguous in your thinking, you must have a plywood backing that can be used to install the place if you want it in future. 

7. Absence of Grab bars:

Grab bars are devices that are connected to ensure the balance of the person.

In most of the bathrooms, the lack of grab bars is a cause of the problem for older people.

Holding these grab bars, you can quickly shift your elder one from wheelchair to the seat, where he/she can take a bath with comfort.

free barrier showerMoreover, there is an important thing that designs of the grab bars should be new and attractive; otherwise, they do not look nice when installed on the walls of the bathroom.

So, this is a common mistake that people commit while preparing their shower. 

8. Absence of product storage:

Either bathroom or kitchen, the storage apartments are mandatory in both of these.

But, this need is mostly neglected when it comes to the curbless shower, which causes a problem later.

So, while getting your shower prepared, you must take care of this thing.

You may add a small box in walls at the time of construction.

On the other side, you may also have wooden cabinets installed on the walls of the bathroom.

You may easily place things of your need in those boxes. This is a common mistake.

9. Seeping bathroom Floor:free barrier shower

For sure, no one of you would prefer to get his bathroom floor deteriorated through the water seeping problem.

But, this problem is much more apparent in the case of curbless showers, there is no base tray, and the surface of the remaining part of the bathroom is equal to the dish of the barrier-free bath.

So, due to lack of care in designing the walk-in shower, sometimes water starts seeping into the base of the bathroom.

This problem indeed causes significant issues, so it must be avoided. 

10. Lack of modernity:

Most of the people would like the bathroom in which there is a seat and grab bars for grandmother.

But, it should not be too dull that it starts looking like a hospital room.

free barrier showerAlong with having impressive wall tiles and floor, the accessories should also be updated and of good quality.

In case you do not have a good quality shower, your bathroom will never be preferred by a person who visits you from outside.

So, this is an important issue that should be solved as soon as possible.

Especially if you are planning to sell your house, you must pay heed to this issue. 

11. Space Problem:

There is hardly a person who would not like the addition of value in his bathroom.

So, this addition can be made by placing a curbless shower.

But, some people forget about the limitations and want to have more in a small and limited space.

In the case of a small bathroom, the addition is nothing more than stupidity.

A small bathroom becomes even more modest, with the addition of this curbless barrier shower

So, the space limitation issue must be kept in mind before going to have this in your bathroom. 

12. Expanded shower head:

This is again one of the most significant problems that are faced by the people in the case of this type of shower.

Most of the time, people do not pay heed to this thing and choose the rain with an expanded head.

This developed head of the rain may cause the water to go beyond the premises of the walk-in shower.

On the other hand, the rain from the head of the storm may also fall on the walls of the bathroom, which again creates a problem if walls of the toilet are not laminated or of PVC’s walls. 

13. Light-colored barrier-free shower floor:

Color possesses great importance in determining the beauty of anything.

free barrier showerSo, the color selection might be awe-inspiring, but some other factors must be kept in mind while dealing with the curbless shower.

Mostly, it happens that the people select a light-colored shower pan.

But, this selection becomes the cause of a huge problem later.

Over time, the color of the shower pan gets fade, and dust gets deposit in the filling lines of the floor.

So, the best option to avoid this issue is to have a fiberglass or stone shower pan.

Meanwhile, you can also prevent this issue by choosing a little dark color of your shower pan.

This strategy will not completely solve the issue, but it is beneficial up to a considerable extent.

Therefore, to avoid this problem, you should be well aware of these proposed solutions.

14. Your body suddenly catches a cold after coming out:

Winter is one of the dearest seasons for most of the people, and in this season about all people use hot water to take a barrier shower

But, this thing might create a problem for the people who take a bath in a walk-in shower.

As people use hot water for taking a dip in the winter in the curbless shower, so when they come out after taking a decline from the walk-in shower, the remaining part of the bathroom is cold.

So, to avoid this situation, you can add a heated floor.

This thing may also create specific health issues, so it becomes necessary to have a solution to this problem. 

15. Addition of glass with considerable thickness:

The barrier-free shower contains a glass that separates the remaining part of the bathroom from the walk-in shower part.

So, to have durability, the width of the glass, which is used to separate the barriers free shower and remaining part of the bathroom, must be impressive and considerable.

As the bathroom of the house has to be used for a long time, so the material and strength of this glass should be excellent. 

Therefore, the points mentioned above are the common mistakes that are committed by the people in case of a barrier-free shower.

But, having this knowledge, you may easily avoid these problems regarding barrier-free washing.


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