Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom Remodel MistakesBathroom Renovation Mistakes

You can craft your bathroom into your spa.

It’s finally time to remodel the bathroom, and everything has to be perfect.

Making a mistake could leave you with a bathroom that isn’t everything you dreamed it would be.

Nobody deserves to live in a home they aren’t entirely in love with.

We’ve seen it before with past clients, and we hate it when that happens.

You should have a bathroom that’s as amazing as you are.

That’s why we’re calling on our experiences to help you avoid these 15 common bathroom renovation mistakes:

1. Having An Unrealistic Budget

Bathroom Remodel MistakesThe most important part of a bathroom remodels the goal: getting your dream bathroom.

Of course, this may cost a good bit of money.

The “my perfect bathroom is within reach, so let’s just go for it” attitude is often the approach homeowners have, at first.

Then they start nearing the end of their budget, and the bathroom is a wreck.

Be realistic with your budget.

If you want a $10,000 remodel but only have $7,000 to spend, stick with the $7,000.

You don’t want to start cutting corners or having an unfinished bathroom in your home.

You can always remodel in stages.

Sure it may take longer and be more spread out, but in the end, you can have your dream bathroom.

Without sweating the budget.Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

2. Choosing Style Over Function

Sure it looks good, but does it work well?

There is beauty to be found in the function as well as they look.

For example, you might love the look of a showerhead, but when you get under it, the spray doesn’t feel great.

It can be hard to love a bathroom the doesn’t meet your needs.

If you craft your bathroom to fit your needs, you’ll love it all the more.

3. Improper Ventilation

This is one of the most common bathroom renovation mistakes.

Bathroom Remodel MistakesMost of the renovations will take place in old bathrooms that do not design thinking about air circulation.

If you like high heat, humidity, and fixing your toilet, then don’t worry about ventilation.

Bathrooms are high heat and moisture areas.

Both of these things are damaging to your bathroom, especially the paint.

Nobody wants to see peeling paint or mildew.

You can use bathroom fans and windows to lessen the damage.

They work to lessen the humidity, helping you keep your bathroom in fantastic shape.

Bathroom ventilation fan

4. Shower Controls Under The Showerhead

You can avoid that first spray of cold water!Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

Turning on the shower can be a chilling experience when the controls are right under the showerhead.

Being sprayed with cold water first thing in the morning isn’t fun.

By moving the shower controls from right beneath the showerhead, you’ll never have to feel it again.

They can even go as far as the opposite wall.

5. Not Having A Handheld Showerhead

You can make it easier to clean yourself and your shower.

Handheld showerheads are an add-on, but the extra expense can be worth it.

You can make cleaning your shower less of a chore than it already is.

They’re also just plain fun to use.

Bathroom Remodel Mistakes6. Not Leaving Enough Space

Being crowded is the worst.

Sure, smaller bathrooms can make everything more comfortable to get to, but at what cost?

Bumping into something whenever you move isn’t fun.

Especially if it’s your spouse.

If you have a smaller bathroom, there are plenty of designs and styles that can accommodate your needs.

Have what you need plus enough space for you.

Get the elbow room you deserve.

But space also refers to storage space.

Space for linens, products, toilet paper, and places in the shower for shampoo and conditioner.

Running out of space can leave you without something you need for your daily bathroom routine.Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

Having proper storage space is critical to a good bathroom.

7. Seeing Lighting As A Minor Issue

Would you want to do your bathroom routine with less light? It would be harder to see your face in the mirror.

Brighter lights make it easier to see everything unless you place the wrong.

Putting lights above the mirror can cast shadows on your face, rendering the brighter light ineffective.

Brighter, well-placed lights can change the look of your bathroom.

8. Cheap Plumbing And Sealant

Cheaper isn’t always better.

Bathroom Remodel MistakesEspecially when it comes to your bathroom.

Cheap paint cracks and peels, reasonable ventilation leads to mildew, and affordable plumbing and sealant can cause you to spend too much money.

Inexpensive plumbing fixtures tend to be made of plastic, which breaks more easily than metal.

You’ll end up spending more on repairs than you would on higher-quality plumbing.

The same is true for cheap sealant.

Moisture can get in between the tiles in your bathroom without proper, quality sealant. This can lead to mold infestation.

Imagine cleaning that up…

Instead, splurge for the more expensive options. You won’t regret it.

9. Having A Center-Stage ToiletBathroom Remodel Mistakes

This is more focused on look than function.

Toilets are essential for bathrooms, but do you want them to get the attention?

The vanities and shower might be more attractive.

You can put more attention on the rest of your bathroom by hiding the toilet.

Having it in a water closet or behind a partition can keep it more out of sight.

Get your bathroom noticed for more than the toilet.

10. Using Tiny Tiles

But they’re so unique looking and refreshing. What’s the problem here?

Have you ever had to clean them?

Bathroom Remodel MistakesAll those little grout lines are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and other discolorations.

Larger ones are easier to maintain.

If you still want the tiny tile look, try it out as an accent for your bathroom.

It’s a more subtle approach that can again make an impact.

11. Mismatching Fixtures And Hardware

It may not matter to you, but it does to potential buyers.

A uniform look seems more deliberate. Matching also looks way better in most cases.

Be careful! The same color name from different manufacturers may look slightly different when you see them in real life.

It may be better to buy these in a store rather than online, or at least to see them in real life first.

12. Full Wall Shower TilesBathroom Remodel Mistakes

This is a widespread bathroom renovation mistake, and This is a functional aspect

Imagine cleaning tiles on your tiptoes or having to use a step ladder. It isn’t fun.

Primarily because near the top is where mold likes to call home. It also can look pretty bad without the pattern.

Ceiling lines aren’t always straight, meaning the tiles won’t be either.

Grout lines also become more noticeable.

The best way to deal with this is to tile only up to 7 feet. Then use a bullnose finish.

This will leave you with a straighter, more comfortable to maintain the line.

13. Not Replacing Shut-Off Valves

Bathroom Remodel MistakesDrip, drip, drip, all night long.

Shut-off valves wear down over time, leaving you with leaky fixtures.

This can cause the drip problem in fixtures and your wallet.

You can save water and money by replacing the shut-off valves for your fixtures.

Dripping sink faucet

14. Substandard Backer Boards And Underlayment

Not many people think about what goes under the tub and behind the walls.

This is the underlayment (floor) and backer boards (walls).

They work to prevent moisture damage.

Your bathroom deserves the best of each, in this case, cement boards.

They are water-resistant and provide an excellent foundation for tiles large or small.Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

There are underlayment options today that work just as well as cement.

15. Hiring A General Contractor

Would you want a general doctor taking a look at your heart?

There is a reason why people become specialists: they want to be the best.

General contractors can do the job, but they don’t have the intimate knowledge that can give you your dream bathroom.

You can avoid migraine-level headaches by hiring a bathroom remodeling specialist.

Create Your Mistake-Free Bathroom

Now you know what to avoid when remodeling your bathroom.

These are the bathroom renovation mistakes that set good bathrooms apart from the great ones.

You deserve a great shower; all you need now is to make it happen.


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