Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile IdeasYou might have gotten an idea up till now about what do we use in bathrooms or kitchens for their floorings and walls.

You guessed it right, its bathroom tiles. If you’re out of ideas to choose the best tile, you don’t need to worry anymore.

We’re here to save you and give you a detailed guide about various types of bathroom tiles, trends, and ideas. 

It is all about experiencing new and unique things in this New Year.

It is said that bathrooms and kitchens add the most value in a house; therefore, it is essential to maintain two of these spaces in your home in a way that they attract the onlookers at first sight.

You need to invest well in your bathrooms and kitchens to make your houses valuable.

Even the towel rails are less critical than bathroom tiles.

It should be the first step that requires your attention and focus.

You cannot walk into bathrooms with broken tiles or where there’s zero cleanliness.Bathroom Tile Ideas

Well, for this, you need to understand that it is vital to choose a material for your flooring that can be easily cleaned, and it doesn’t take too long because it would make you feel tired. 

If you have any prior experience of installing tiles, then you can invest in your bathroom, too, otherwise do not take any risk and call for professional help, who can fix it for you.

We’ll be telling you about different types of bathroom tile ideas and materials that are used, and you can choose the best one according to your required design and arrangements.

Fantastic color combinations and patterns can be achieved, and you can come up with your dream project of the bathroom.

Designing your bathroom by yourself is the most natural and most fun part.

You can create the best and unique space with your imagination and hard work and use our ideas that are mentioned below:

Bathroom Tile IdeasFew of the different types of materials used for bathroom tiles:

If you’re renovating your bathroom for the very first time, it is 85 percent possible that you don’t know about the material of tiles that are used these days.

You need to know about it and figure out which one is best for you and what are their pros and cons

  1. Marble Tiles

  • tiles are the most frequent and commonly used tiles in the bathrooms. They look stunning and beautiful, even at first glance. Although they are not durable in the long run because of it being a soft stone. However, if marbles are imported, you can consider them to have much better quality. 
  • Tiles are quite absorbent and permeable that makes them perfect for wet areas. Your marble can get easily stained by any hair color or something of that sort in the future. 
  • You can opt for marbles for a less humid place so that it doesn’t discolor and rust away from its ideal form and ruin the overall look of your space.
  1. Porcelain TilesBathroom Tile Ideas

  • Tiles are considered to be more long-lasting as compared to ceramic tiles and marble tiles. You can easily use them for heavy usage. This is why they are more expensive than other tiling materials. 
  • Tiles offer excellent elasticity in design and colors, and you can find them in various sizes, styles, and finishes. Hence, they provide a unique variety for you to choose from quickly. 
  1. Ceramic Tiles

  • the material used to make ceramic tiles is very much similar to that of porcelain tiles that their quality is a bit low than them. Its content is not finely powdered, and this is why they are less long-lasting.
  • It can make them resilient by sealing them tightly and correctly to use them for a longer run.

Limestone Tiles

  • limestones are not generally used in bathrooms if you want to make use of them, you need to seal it very well to avoid any open pours because they will absorb all the humidity and damage sooner than expected. However, you can utilize a limestone tile to give your floors and walls a soft natural look.

Bathroom Tile IdeasSlate Tiles

  • Tiles are perfect to be used in a bathroom.
  • It is a natural stone and costs you more but also provides the best results as it cannot be scratched or damaged. It’s like a onetime investment because neither would you have to spend money on its maintenance regularly nor it will be blemished with time.
  • It is the best choice that you should opt for using in the bathrooms if you are on a healthy budget.
  • It is no big deal to avail tiles in your required shape and size today. You can get your pipes in the following forms:



  • tiles are being used since the past decade but still look modern and attractive. They look much more appealing when you use a tiling technique while installing them in your bathrooms.
  • Can go for any color that relates to the overall look of your surrounding space such as white-colored tile for a classic look or any colored subway tile to carve a persistent impression.

Mosaic TilesBathroom Tile Ideas

  • tiles have been in fashion since the 1990s and still look great in bathrooms. Now, they are available in new colors and different finishes such as gloss or matte to give them an astounding look.

Penny round tiles

  • tiles are cute little pieces of tiles available in various colors. They are mostly used for shower walls in your bathroom and provide a supreme look to your walls. They are time-consuming when we talk about its cleanliness, but if you do not have any issue with its daily cleaning, then they are worth it.

Fish Scale Tiles

  • They are even available in fish scale designs, and they are high in demand these days. They look so trendy and classy that you want to keep looking at these colorful fish scaled tiles.

Patterns and styles for bathroom Tiles:

Bathroom Tile IdeasTiles are made with a specific material and kind with a particular model or design on it. In 2020, you’ll get some great models in the markets that will provide an entirely innovative and fresh look to your bathroom space.

Textured Tiles

  • tiles provide a 3D effect in the bathroom and are trending this year. A simple and small space looks like a larger one and takes us to the height of another level. 
  • The pattern will continue evolving with time. Some of the great examples of its linen inspired tiles that provide a feeling of tranquil.

Floral Tiles

  • tiles are available with traditional as well as contemporary patterns. They can provide a vintage feel of the Mughal era and a modern feel of European summer too. You can opt for your favorite kind of floral patterned tile.
  • Floral tiles are mostly used in a girl’s bathroom, whereas vintage patterns can be used anywhere to provide an aesthetic feel.Bathroom Tile Ideas

Herringbone Tiles

Monochrome Design

  • can always choose to make your bathroom space stand out amongst all others by turning it into a unique spot. By using black and white tiles on your bathroom floor and walls, you can create a monochrome design that impresses the spectators.
  • It can get different tiles with distinct patterns on it with white or black color and create a timeless color combination for your bath space.

Recessed Tiles

  • can opt for recessed tiles design in your shower walls to make a little storage area for toiletries such as shampoos and soaps. You can choose a herringbone design with a rectangle tile to add a fresh look to your space. 
  • Can avoid this option if you have a very tiny budget left.

Other than the ideas, as mentioned above, for your bathroom tiles, you still have a lot of options to make your bathroom one of its kind.

You can also opt for metallic tiles for a royal look, or choose bathroom wallpapers as an alternative to tiles if you do not have a perfect budget.

Wooden floorings are also not a bad option; in fact, they’ll look classy as well as aesthetic.

You have a great list to make your choice and evolve your bathroom into a valuable space, choose the best of all and turn it into an outstanding area.


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