We know that designing your dream backyard can be expensive. Below are a few ways to inspire you to create your backyard while sticking to a budget.

  1. Add an espaliered tree to one or all your walls outside facing your backyard. This will give the backyard a high-end look without spending too much money. This also adds texture to the walls.
  2. Create your own furniture. Simply, collect some concrete blocks, stack them up together, place a cushion on top and add some decorative pillows.
  3. Take advantage of the trees you already have and wrap some lights around tree branches to light up the area.
  4. Add some finds for sun protection and a simple decoration. These can even be handmade.
  5. Gather a collection of small and medium plants and set up a display to show them all together in a designated area.
  6. Using remnant stone to create a walkway or even a division wall will create a beautiful setting. While stones can be expensive to acquire, some local stores will have left over stones that you can get for a fairly lower price.
  7. Like mentioned before, using concrete blocks to create a bar would be ideal. These concrete blocks can also be used to create coffee tables for the siting area.
  8. You can choose to display a variety of plants of different colors, or you can go simple. You can stay within the same color and textures to create a cleaner organized look.
  9. Another element to think about is the paving of the backyard. This can be done with inexpensive gravel or eve n rocks. These create a casual look while not exploiting your wallet.
  10. A way to add cheap yet elegant elements to your backyard is by adding trellises and arbors. These can be found at flea markets, or antique stores.



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