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Corian CountertopsCorian Kitchen Countertops

Make motivated Corian kitchen countertops that stream smoothly into Corian sinks and backsplashes to carry a creative mind and common sense to your plan.

With Corian, you get a definitive opportunity of articulation in kitchen configuration, joining suffering magnificence with essential usefulness.

Easy Beauty 

Corian is anything but difficult to clean and is NSF/ANSI 51 Certified for nourishment contact.

Since Corian is nonporous, stains don’t infiltrate the surface.

With legitimate cleaning, Corian likewise opposes the development of form, buildup, and microscopic organisms.

Consistent Appearance 

High-performing Corian items, for example, sinks and backsplashes, can be consummately coordinated to make the smooth appearance of a solitary counter surface.Corian Countertops

With a coved backsplash, there are no snares to gather earth and dampness.

Corian additionally works splendidly together with so many materials as treated steel, wood, and glass.

Notoriety for Excellence 

Corian accompanies the assurance of a 10-year transferable private constrained guarantee and has been driving the surfacing and structure industry for a long time.

Our system of wholesalers and fabricators are a select gathering who have shown excellent aptitudes, information, and better client assistance levels than satisfy our most noteworthy guidelines of premium quality.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point experienced a significant kitchen redesign, you think about the bewildering exhibit of choices for kitchen countertops.

With new materials being built up steadily, how would you filter through the promoting folderol and settle on an educated decision?

Corian CountertopsHere is a gathering of a few well-known alternatives, with upsides and downsides for each.

Extreme Guide to Choosing Countertops: Pros and Cons 

These materials run from normal to engineered, from reasonable to exceptionally expensive, from viable to less viable.

A portion of the more up to date materials is exceptionally energizing, joining sturdiness and capacity with maintainability and minimal effort.

Tell us in the remarks what your most loved is! All costs are gauges.


Pros: Comes in an assortment of hues and examples, smooth surface, won’t chip or scratch, heat-safe.

Cons: Expensive, can be damaged or carved by acids (citrus, espresso, liquor, some cleaning items) regardless of whether you seal it.Corian Countertops

However, if you are watchful about spills and seal your counters a couple of times each year (you can do this without anyone else’s help with a straightforward splash item), marble is a decent choice. $100 – 400/foot.


Pros: More solid than marble, won’t scratch, impervious to stains, warmth, and water whenever fixed, low-support, high resale esteem, heaps of shading choices.

Cons: Expensive, requires resealing about once every year — $ 100-400/foot.

Built Stones (Silestone, and so forth.) 

Pros: Nonporous, opposes scratches and stains, simple to keep up, no sealant required.

It would appear that common stone (it’s at any rate 90% quartz) yet can be blended in with shades for custom shading.

Corian CountertopsCons: Not heatproof. $50 – 150/foot.

Sturdy Surface (Corian, and so on.)

Pros: Durable, smooth surface, can consistently coordinate sink and backsplash, simple to sand away stains or scratches, loads of shading and example alternatives, can copy different materials like cement and marble.

Cons: Can be effortlessly harmed by heat, simple to clearance, can get stains — $ 45-150/foot.

Tempered Steel 

Pros: Durable, stainproof, spill-proof, temperature-confirmation, simple to clean and keep up, help reflect light.

Cons: Can scratch and scratch, can show fingerprints, boisterous — $ 100-300/foot.

Wood/Butcher Block 

Pros: Good for slashing/prep surface, delicate on fragile dishes/china.

Corian CountertopsCons: Easily harmed by copies, imprints, spills, and scratches, requires nourishment safe defensive sealer, needs ordinary support, will stain whenever introduced around the sink — $ 40-150/foot.

Clay Tile 

Pros: Durable, simple to introduce and clean, warmth, and dampness safe.

Cons: Uneven surface, tiles can get scratched, split, or chipped, grout can recolor — $ 2-150/foot.

Magma Stone 

Pros: Beautiful popped finish, many shading choices, non-permeable, exceptionally impervious to warm, chilly, stains and scratching, profoundly tough, low-support.

Cons: Expensive, and there’s a holding up list, in any event, $225/foot.


Corian CountertopsPros: Heat-and scratch-safe, smooth, stable, bunches of surface and shading alternatives, really strong, can consistently incorporate sink and backsplash.

Cons: Can get split, to some degree porous, must be fixed and waxed, should be uniquely thrown (can be expensive to manufacture). Around $80 – 150/foot.


Pros: Fabulous normal dim shading, smooth matte feel, impervious to drawing from acids to some degree impervious to stains, scratches can be handily sanded or oiled away, not as hurtful to the earth as other quarried stones.

Cons: Needs regular upkeep, may split, chip and scratch, shading may obscure — $ 75-150/foot.


Pros: Lots of shading, shape, and surface alternatives, non-permeable, heat-safe.

Cons: Can split, chip or break, can’t be fixed, must be supplanted, scratches, and fingerprints are noticeable — $ 60-300/foot.Corian Countertops


Pros: Stain-safe, waterproof, bunches of shading choices, low-support, cheap. 

Cons: Can break and scratch, not heatproof, hard to fix — $ 15-60/foot in addition to the establishment.

Corian countertops are a particular brand made and showcased under the DuPont name, yet they should be synonymous with ‘strong surface’ countertops.

They’re one of the most mainstream brands, and they’re frequently pushed as being comparable to, or better, than natural stones like granite or marble.

Here’s the lowdown on them so you can settle on an educated choice about whether they will be ideal for your kitchen.

What is Corian? 

Corian CountertopsCorian is the brand name of DuPont’s extremely mainstream active surface ledge line.

It was first presented in 1971 and promoted as a ‘space-age material.’ Until DuPont’s patent ran out, it was the single firm surface counter available.

Right up ’til the present time, the name is as yet utilized reciprocally with the expression ‘ active surface,’ in spite of the way that few brands make items that are as acceptable or shockingly better.

The synthesis comprises of 33% restricting tars and 66% minerals.

Its combination makes it non-permeable, so it’s stain safe.

It likewise heats safely up to around 212 degrees F.

However, and the maker prescribes the utilization of a trivet under hot dish to forestall twisting.

Shading shades are added to the pitch to give them their last shading.

Since it’s adaptable when it’s warmed, it very well may be twisted and formed in practically boundless manners.

It very well may be utilized for nearly anything, yet its essential use is still in kitchen work surf pros.Corian Countertops

It can likewise seem consistent when introduced since the epoxy used to stick the pieces together can be mixed to coordinate.

When the parts are epoxied and joined, the dried crease can be sanded into imperceptibility, leaving a smooth, unsullied completion.

Corian countertops are the human-made material that doesn’t look human-made, is more robust than the less expensive materials, and that is regularly more reasonable than stone.


Quality and sturdiness are just exceptional; however, what a great many people need to know is ‘by what means will it look in my kitchen?’.

Most definitely, there’s no deficiency of decisions.

Corian CountertopsThe DuPont site highlights tests of each of the 113 hues accessible that you can arrange legitimately from the site.

A considerable lot of the hues imitate stone, for example, marble and granite, while different tones in the assortment highlight metallic bits in the material.

The shades extend from ice sheet white to dull blacks and blues, so whatever your kitchen shading plan, there’s a decent possibility you can discover a shading to supplement it.

The “Private Collection” scope of hues is intended to imitate those materials found in nature, similar to granite.

It utilizes differing, complex, non-rehashing examples and shades to make a material that looks near the ‘genuine article.

It’s a well-known decision for purchasers who need the advantages of a human-made material yet who don’t need their countertops to look modest or plastic.

The “Land Collection” highlights hues that have in any event six and as much as 20% reused materials in their organization.

They grandstand the brand’s transition to giving greener choices to their clients.Corian Countertops

The “Metallic Series” highlights specks of silver and gold that give profundity and reflect light uniquely in contrast to many edges.

It has a unique look that can truly make your kitchen surf pros ‘pop’.

The “DeepColor Technology” line highlights darker tones and more scratch safe surf pros for those purchasers who need a more mysterious shading plan without the stress of scratches appearing in the material.

The most recent line of Corian countertops is the “Charging Surface” countertops, which utilize a connector joined to the cell phone that permits you to charge the gadget just by setting it on the ledge.

This choice is accessible in all the present hues.


Looking at the expense of different ledge materials can want to analyze apples and oranges.

Corian CountertopsYet, whenever the damage is critical to you, it’s acceptable to know where Corian stands when contrasted with the other well-known materials accessible to you.

The expense differs relying upon the style and cut that you need, yet the cost per square foot for materials extends typically from $42 to $65 per square foot, excluding work.

It’s assessed that the average mortgage holder spends around $3500 to have Corian countertops introduced in their home.

Contrasted with different materials, it stands its ground, value savvy.

It will, in general, be less expensive than granite by around 10-20%. It’s likewise less expensive than quartz, that ‘other’ human-made ledge material with a notoriety for being a tough choice to stone.

Contingent upon the size of your countertops and the alternatives you pick, it can work out to be as costly or much more costly than either quartz or granite, particularly if you have a lot of pieces that should be sliced to accommodate your kitchen.

Contrasted with Formica and overlay countertops, it is progressively costly.Corian Countertops

The overlay is frequently the least expensive choice of all the ledge materials, but on the other hand, it’s the least solid.

Its strength compensates at the higher expense point, even though Formica likewise makes a durable surface, and Corian tends to be more costly than the Formica scope of active surface choices.

While thinking about the value, contrasting them with different materials is precarious.

Granite and quartz will cost more since they are increasingly active, solid choices.

Overlays and Formica covers will cost less because they are pretty, yet not as sturdy.

Contending brands of active surface counters may likewise require to such an extent or somewhat less, however, when looking at these.

Remember that DuPont’s been making Corian for a considerable length of time, not only years, so you recognize what you can expect as far as quality and solidness.

Corian CountertopsThe most effective method to Clean Corian 

The magnificence lies in its effortlessness.

It might look like an ordinary stone; it might be tough like quartz.

However, it is an animal unto itself about cleaning. Since they don’t need to be fixed, you have more choices with regards to picking cleaning arrangements.

Since the countertops don’t have creases, you don’t need to stress over soil and microbes getting caught on their surf pros.

The main thing you do need to stress over with cleaning them is keeping a film from creating on its surface — more on that in a second.

Corian countertops can be cleaned off with only a wet material and warm, foamy water.

You can likewise utilize numerous business cleaners and even smelling salts-based soaps without harming them.

The DuPont site states that window cleaner ought not to be used because it can leave a dingy buildup that develops and causes the counters to lose their sparkle.Corian Countertops

Hard water stains can be an issue. However, they’re effectively treated with business cleaners intended to wipe out lime development.

On the off chance that you have obstinate spots, you can utilize a non-scratch cleaning cushion or a weakened blanch answer for help slice through the grime.

Continuously wipe your counters dry to evade spots and watermarks that can prompt mineral developments.

This will help keep them looking extraordinary for more.

Maintain a strategic distance from harsh substance cleaners and stove cleaners as these could harm the completion. Additionally, abstain from scouring with brutal abrasives as these could start to expose what’s underneath. You can download a pdf of the official consideration and support management here.

Manufacture Options 

Corian countertops are unusual in that they must be created and introduced by DuPont ensured skilled workers.

Corian CountertopsDuPont does this to guarantee that the quality consistently satisfies its thorough guidelines.

This can be a torment on the chance that you don’t have any ensured fabricators and installers close to you, yet as long as your retailer sells it, they ought to have the option to deal with the manufacture and establishment, as well.

Edge Details 

The wide assortment of edging alternatives offered by DuPont implies you can get a look that is practically indistinguishable from a granite or quartz ledge.

You mustn’t have a flat edge, except if that is what you need. As indicated by the DuPont site, nineteen distinctive standard edging alternatives are going from mishap to increase dab significantly.

Some edging options additionally include trims for included detail and show.


Picking whether to have a backsplash can change the vibe of your countertops.Corian Countertops

Since Corian doesn’t have creases, including a backsplash turns out to be, to a lesser extent, a task for you, upkeep shrewd.

No wrinkles mean no grout to scour and a lousy situation for microorganisms to stow away.

Corian offers backsplashes that resemble tile yet without a suitable grout to keep up.

You could generally have a similar shading backsplash as your counters for a consistent, streaming look.


Corian sinks arrive in an assortment of choices that incorporate angled or under-mount, mounted flush or ventured down.

The thought is to make a look that is one single, streaming surface, from counter to sink and up through the backsplash.

Corian CountertopsIt is hard to supplant a Corian sink without removing the table too, so it’s something to consider before introducing one indeed.

It’s suggested that you not empty bubbling water straight into the sink since it could twist the material.

Numerous shoppers express that they’ve never had an issue with this, however again, it’s something to remember.


While Corian is touted as being consistent, there are creases you can’t see them.

Or then again, you won’t have the option to see them if they’re introduced appropriately (accordingly, the explanation behind utilizing DuPont confirmed installers).

Since the filler used to join the pieces can be pigmented to coordinate the counter itself, when the crease is cleaned, you shouldn’t have the option to tell that it’s there.

This isn’t just stylishly satisfying; it’s likewise extraordinary for cleaning and keeping the surface sanitized since there are no depressions for germs to stow away.Corian Countertops

Corian versus Granite 

In the wrestling ring of life, who handles a throwdown better? We should take a gander at their physical characteristics.

Corian – Made of a mix of pitch and minerals, so it’s adaptable, smooth, and requires no fixing.

It requires a DuPont affirmed fabricator and installer, in addition to it, ‘s not completely warm safe and can scratch decently effectively.

If it’s harmed by heat, the surface can twist, and the whole counter should be supplanted.

It’s additionally more affordable than granite (as a rule) and arrives in a wide assortment of (human-made) hues and examples.

Minor scratches and marks can be handily buffed out. However, greater ones can look terrible, and because it’s produced using a tar, it can scratch significantly more effective than stone.

Corian CountertopsGranite – Is hard as a stone since it is a stone. It should be fixed, yet it’s hot, safe, and scratch-safe.

It usually increasingly costly, but on the other hand, it’s adorable. As far as ROI (degree of profitability), granite can’t be beaten.

It’s less adaptable than Corian and can break all the more effectively; however, this is profoundly impossible.

It’s likewise a lot harder for a mortgage holder to introduce. However, a talented property holder could handle a DIY strong surface establishment if they felt able enough.

It’s hard to genuinely look at the two sorts of material since they are various substances.

Notwithstanding, if you need to think about their cost, strength, and appearance, you’ll see that they can be fundamentally the same as.

An appropriately introduced Corian ledge in the correct shading and with the right edging can look, initially, much the same as granite.

It can’t accept the warmth just as, however, if you are cautious in the kitchen and ensure your speculation, it very well may be as engaging as granite necessarily because it’s excellent and requires no support.Corian Countertops

In truth, by examination, the victor between the two relies upon such a large number of variables to compute.

If it’s all the same to you support and you love the look and feel of genuine stone, granite is the champ.

In any case, on the off chance that you need something somewhat simpler to live with and wouldn’t fret being wary in the kitchen, a stable surface ledge could be for you.

Scratch Repair 

One of Corian’s most significant selling focuses is its adaptability.

It is more reluctant to split since it’s made of a sap/mineral mix that permits it to be bowed and shaped once it’s warmed.

Shockingly, these similar things imply that the material is inclined to scratches from the most straightforward of regular exercises, from sliding dishes over its surface to dropping something on it.

Corian CountertopsMinor scratches can be fixed reasonably effectively.

Grating chemicals can be utilized to sand away minor scratches, taking the surface back to its ‘all-around great’ look.

While doing this current, it’s essential to keep the surface damp and flush the scouring cushion regularly to expel free particles that could cause new scratches.

DuPont sells its cleaning cushions, which twofold as fix devices for sanding scratches.

On the off chance that your scratches are more profound, you can have them resurfaced with another layer of sealant after you’ve taken a stab at smoothing out the scratches yourself.

Where to Buy It 

Corian might be viewed as an ‘excellent’ brand under the DuPont umbrella, yet that doesn’t mean you’ll make some hard memories discovering retailers who convey it.

DuPont offers a device on their site to assist you with finding approved retailers in your general vicinity.Corian Countertops

Be that as it may, because they require confirmation with the end goal for contractual workers to sell, manufacture, and introduce the countertops, there might be not many in your quick zone.

Home Depot tool shops are approved retailers of DuPont countertops, so you ought to have the option to discover them at your nearby Home Depot.

Are Corian countertops superior to different sorts of countertops?

It relies upon your way of life, your spending limit, and your preferences.

On the off chance that you, despite everything, aren’t sure about having a stable surface in your home, feel free to demand a few examples from here and see with your own eyes what they closely resemble in your home.


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