Granite Countertops

granite countertops

Granite CountertopsIntroduction

It does not matter how much money you have spent in the construction of the skeleton of the building, as irrespective of the spending on it, it will remain skeleton unless it is fully renovated.

The value of any building comes up once it is fully prepared and restored; otherwise, this structure will erode after some time.

So, it becomes unavoidable to renovate the architecture of your house.

But, some parts of the house are those parts that determine the worth of your home, and the kitchen of the house stays at the top of them.

Now, kitchen remodeling is a different task that requires an expert to deal with this.

Numerous kitchen ideas can be applied to have the best results.

So, we are here to tell you about each and everything about the granite, which is excessively used in the renovations and remodeling of the kitchen.Granite Countertops

There are different types available of countertops, and you may choose any one of them of your liking.

Countertops are also available in the materials other than granite, but the strength and durability always remain on the side of this material.

This is one of the most appealing things in your kitchen that can add value to it.

There are different colors available to choose on this great material, and you can go with your own choice.

Most probably, the color is chosen, keeping in view the colors of the flooring and walls.

Countertops are a single kitchen accessory that is selected from with contrast colors, but some of the people still go with similar colors as they have on the walls and floor of the kitchen.

In this article, we will tell you about different types of this material, but before this, we would like to make your concept clear about this material. 

Granite CountertopsWhat are Granite Countertops?

Most of you will be well familiar with this common material.

It is a naturally occurring material that is extracted from the mountains in the form of stone.

There are different colors, and this diverse range of colors and shades will provide you with the facility of choosing among this diverse range.

After the extraction from the mountains, these stone pieces are brought to the workplaces and cut according to the requirement of the customer and then delivered to the customer after they are polished.

They are usually used in the kitchen, but they can also be placed on the stairs and bathroom if someone can afford it.

Along with this, countertops have a fantastic ability to withstand the harsh circumstances, as it is not affected by any severe weather.

Moreover, these countertops are very easy to wash and clean and add fantastic value to your kitchen.Granite Countertops

Where Are Granite Countertops Placed?

The kitchen is one of the smallest spaces in your house, but you have to adjust a lot of things in the kitchen.

So, for this purpose, you have to make cabinets and shelves for the careful adjustment of the kitchen appliances and accessories.

Now, there comes a time to renovate your cupboards by applying something valuable to it.

So, this material appears to be the best option to get your shelves renewed.

Along with this, if you decide to prepare a kitchen island, most probably, you would apply this type of material on it.

In short, every shelf is covered with the granite countertop, as it is one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen shelves beautiful.

Granite CountertopsHand in hand, the strength of this material is sufficiently more than any other material that can be used as a kitchen countertop.

Different Types of Countertops

There are numerous types of countertops.

These types have been classified based on their colors and shades.

Each tone and color is equally popular among the people, as people prefer to choose the timbre and tone, keeping in view the color of the walls and floor.

So, let us see the different types:

1. Polished Black Pearl Granite Countertop:

Among other brands, the black pearl appears to be the best out of all.

But, still, the best goes with your own choice.Granite Countertops

The black pearl piece presents a stunning look, and its highly polished surface reflects the light that falls on it.

There are many qualities of the glossy black countertop, but the best part of it is its look and that it casts a spell on the people who see this.

Along with this, the black provides you with a fantastic facility for the natural cleaning of it.

But, this part can also be counted as a negative part, as the dust becomes readily apparent on this black countertop.

The black presents, even more, killing looks if applied with the white or light-colored backsplash.

Most probably, the black countertop is used for the shelves, not for the kitchen islands. 

2. Stunning white princess Granite:

This is the type that is most excessively used by the people in their kitchen.

Granite CountertopsThe white princess possesses amazingly stunning looks, and its polished surface allows you to see even your face in it.

White is preferred the most as this color gets adjusted with most of the colors, and the cleaning of this countertop is also straightforward and convenient.

Being a part of the kitchen, the countertop must be able to resist the heat, and this quality is also found in this type of countertops.

The white princess is especially very suitable for white and traditional colors.

Along with this, the white princess stone resembles the white marble in its looks, but it can be easily differentiated by a person who has good knowledge about marbles and stones.  

3. Striking white veins in Black Granite countertop:

This is an artificial stone with the combination of the dual colors, and these two colors are white and black.

The overall tone of the stone or the countertop is black, but there are stunning white veins like lines that add fantastic value to this stone.Granite Countertops

Albeit, the white color is present only in the ropes, but still, the countertop can be equally matched with the white-colored walls and floor.

This dual-colored can be used with the colors of walls, either white or black.

Moreover, this possesses a fantastic polish that makes it even more attractive for the viewers.

This can be applied on both the shelves and kitchen islands.

Like all other stones, this stone also has a useful life span for serving its cause. 

4. Greenish Gray Granite Countertop:

The greenish-gray is a duo of two astonishing colors, and this is collectively called Costa Esmeralda.

So, costa Esmeralda has a considerable part in making the kitchens of the people incredible.

This is specially used to add a traditional look into the kitchen.

Granite CountertopsMany kitchen designers have shown their interest in using this type in their kitchen designs.

Along with its other qualities, the Costa Esmeralda adds a luxurious look to the kitchen.

The combination of this appears to be the best with the white or light-colored backsplash.

Meanwhile, the trend of this is gaining substantial ground in the USA, as mentioned by the Crisp Architects. 

5. Blizzard Granite:

This stone has an incredible natural color and design. It will not be wrong to say that blizzard countertops are one of the best-colored kitchen countertops.

The polished surface of this astonishing colored granite countertop considerably adds in the grace of it.

Moreover, the blizzard granite countertop looks excellent in combination with the white-colored cabinets and light-colored backsplash.

The overwhelming color in this granite countertop is a creamy white color, and the gray-colored veins like lines remain there as a minority color.Granite Countertops

This combination of the color seems fantastically well and unique.

Advantages of the Granite Countertops

There are certain advantages of granite countertop.

Some of these advantages have been given below:

  •      Granite countertop presents an incredible resistance against the heat that is produced in the kitchen while preparing meals.

There is no effect of heat on the health of the granite countertop.

  •      Most of the tiles get faded with time, and scratches become apparent on the surface of the tiles.

Granite CountertopsBut, this is no more a problem with the granite as they present a scratch-resistant surface.

  •       Countertops are famous for their toughness, which they present against the hard circumstances.

It possesses a considerable depth and remains a sturdy material against the cracks and faults.

  •      There are different types of colors available when it comes to the granite.

So, you may choose any of your choices.

  •      Countertops present a considerable resistance against the chemicals which are often used to wash the surface of the countertops.


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