You may rarely think about your gutters, if not ever. The purpose of gutters is to carry water away from your house, but unfortunately, they also catch leaves, twigs, and debris. This can cause gutters to clog and if not cleaned out, can lead to excess water that can eventually cause soil erosion and even trickle into the foundation of your house.

All of this can be prevented if gutters are cleaned out regularly. This process is done by first, removing large debris with a scoop. Then, clearing out smaller particles by flushing it with water. If you have a two- story house, it is recommended reaching out to a gutter cleaning service for safety precautions.

Having your gutters cleaned should be scheduled twice a year. If there is a vast number of trees near your house, you will want to clean out your gutters even four times a year. The best time to have these cleaned are spring and fall. The large amount of rain in April can overflow gutters and the fallen leaves from fall can clog the gutters. That’s why cleaning the gutters should take place when all the leaves have fallen off the trees. It is important to have clear gutters come winter in case it snows, the snow will be able to melt freely through the gutters.

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