If you haven’t by noticed by now, Better Homes & Gardens is my go-to when I am seeking guidance about my home. I came across an article I thought would be useful for you guys as well. Here are a few ways to improve your home in innovative ways under $150.

  1. Fill up those empty spaces in your kitchen with shelves. Not only will you have more space for dishes or cookware, but you will also have an easy access to every utensil.
  2. Change the color of the kitchen cabinets. A simple color change can transform a whole kitchen and give it a completely different vibe.
  3. Adding a frame to your front door will add a vibrant look to the entrance of your home.
  4. Nobody likes a dull floor. Polish your wooden floor at least once a year to maintain a shiny floor.
  5. Take care of your fireplace. Paint over those stains to have a clean- finished fireplace.
  6. Declutter the entrance of your home by adding a storage system for coats and shoes. These could be cubbies, hooks, or a bench with storage compartments.
  7. Add more lighting to your home. By adding a simple accent lamp or a chandelier in the kitchen, it can change the atmosphere of any room.
  8. Accessorize your front entrance. You can do this by adding a few plants or big plants, or even some wall décor.
  9. Keeping carpets clean can be a struggle, especially if you have little ones in the house. While vacuuming gets rid of excess dirt and dust, it doesn’t complete get rid of everything. Having them professionally cleaned can revive your carpets but also maintain a healthy environment for your family.
  10. Backsplashes are so important to add a pop of color and texture to your kitchen or bathroom. Also, they protect walls from staining spills or splashes.
  11. Accent your walls, windows, or doors by adding crown molding. This can give your home a completely different look. You can add layers of crown molding to create a more classic look.
  12. Adding a walkway with plants and flowers will add a fresh look to your house. The front of your house is the first thing people see, its important to keep it lively and colorful.
  13. Change your showerhead. It might seem like such a simple change, but with a modern showerhead you can adjust heights and water pressure, this can be very convenient, especially if you have pets.
  14. Update your home thermostat. This can save you a lot of money if used right. Programmable thermostats can be regulated through your smart phone.
  15. You can light up your deck stairs by adding low-voltage lights on the stairs to illuminate the area by also creating an enjoyable setting outside. Adding lights to the stairs will also make it safer to see at night while going up or down the stairs.



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