Interior Design Ideas Acworth

Interior Design Ideas Acworth

Interior Design Ideas You’ll Want For Your Home In Acworth

These interior design ideas are in real homes near you in and around Acworth, Georgia.

After you see them, you might want something just like it for your home too.

These interior ideas include remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

Donna pauses in shock as the realization sets in.

They have been so busy focusing on saving their money that they never even took the time to plan anything out.

“Well,” Donna begins, “at least we have the money to do it. We can just look up ideas and choose what we like.”

“Sounds like a plan! We don’t have anything do to until we meet up with the Johnsons tonight. Why don’t we go ahead and look at some ideas?”

“Perfect!” Donna beams. “Let’s go get on the computer and see what we can find.”

Interior Design Ideas AcworthThey walk over to the laptop and Eric types in “interior design ideas for houses near Atlanta.”

“We should probably look at house remodeler’s websites near us because they might have a better idea of what’s popular around here.”

“Good thinking ! Ooooo, this jack-and-jill bathroom looks amazing!”

1. Interior Design Ideas For Bathrooms

“Wow, it’s so cool and weird how it’s a, what, open-air shower?” Eric observes.

“Yeah, wow!” Donna gasps. “It also connects to the dining room and the master bathroom.

We could take this design and use it for our master bathroom instead of the hall bathroom.”

“Gotta admit, I’d love to see the tiling for that shower in our bathroom,” Eric agrees.

“Hey look, there’s another one further down the page.” 

“Now THIS is a master bathroom! Wow, I wonder who comes up with these ideas?Interior Design Ideas Acworth

Hopefully it’s someone on this contractor’s team because I want this bathroom today,” Donna exclaims.

“I hear you honey, I do too. Let’s save these pictures and get to looking at kitchen interior design ideas.

2. Kitchen Design Ideas

“If this was our kitchen I’d learn how to cook more foods,” Eric says wistfully. “Might even finally try making Asian cuisines.”

“Done,” Donna says with finality. “Can’t wait to taste your new creations. It’ll be nice to have you cooking more,” she teases.

Eric clears his throat and looks away, saying “Yeah, well, let’s not get too hasty here.

Sure the glass front cabinets are a great idea and the dark wood flooring makes it feel warm and homey, but…”

“But what, dear,” Donna says, trying to sound innocent.

Interior Design Ideas Acworth“Buuuuuttttt we’re already moving on to the next idea for kitchens,” Eric keeps going to avoid answering Donna.  

“That flooring is beautiful,” Donna says appreciatively.

“I feel like from looking at this interior design the kitchen seems both roomy and small,

” Frank says vaguely. “What does that even mean,” Donna asks.

“Well, it’s like you can fit a few people in there who aren’t cooking, but for the person who is they can reach just about everything they need in a few steps,”

he explains. “Large for people and small for the chef, but in good ways.”

“Hm, now that you mention it that’s very true,” Donna agrees. “Let’s keep it and look at dining room ideas.”

3. A Dining, No Living, Room Idea

“Well, which do you think it is?” Eric asks.

“Honestly, babe, it’s definitely both. This must be that open-concept style people have been using for their first floor recently.”Interior Design Ideas Acworth

Eric looks at Donna questioningly, “So, is it better for some reason or is it just a fad?”

“Let’s look at another interior design idea for open-concept rooms like this and decide for ourselves.”

“Hmmm,” Donna pauses to think on how she feels about this open-concept room style.

“I’d say the openness feels homier and keeps people from being excluded.

You know, like how when I’m cooking when guests are over and I hear laughter from the other room and I wonder what I just missed out on.”

“Ooohhh yeah wow then that would be perfect for us!

I’d always be able to see your beautiful face from anywhere on the first floor,” Eric smoothly says.

“That settles it then. I’m serious this time we are getting the open-concept first floor.

It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up plus it’ll be better for when we have family and friends over.”

“Sounds like a plan to me babe. All we need now are home interior contractor services.”


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