Laminate Countertops

laminate countertops

Laminate CountertopsPros and Cons of laminate countertops for the kitchen

Are you working on a budget-friendly kitchen renovation project?

You might get lucky in the renovation of your kitchen countertops.

Laminate Countertops are there to release your tension and get you free from those expensive stone countertops.

Laminate countertops grabbed the attention of the crowd in the early 1960s and are still in fashion.

Initially, they were used as an alternate option for stone and wood tops.

A great word spread across the community about these plastic kitchen countertops being adhesive and economical. 

 There are millions of people who have chosen this option in their kitchen remodeling projects because it is cheaper and looks beautiful too.

Still, they’re also a few of them who avoid using them and use solid surface materials instead.Laminate Countertops

The plastic countertops available today are of much better quality as compared to the ones available in the ’60s.

They can be achieved in a variety of designs and look much more beautiful than natural stones.

It also works best for you when you don’t want to spend much on professional contractors and masons because they can be easily installed with DIYs.

There are a variety of materials that are being used in the market today for kitchen countertops such as granite, marble, and Corian, etc.

However, Laminate remains the most affordable and feasible option for many people.

Just like the options mentioned above, it possesses some pros and cons because nothing comes without advantages and disadvantages.

Continue reading to learn everything you should know about laminate countertops. 

Laminate CountertopsThe very first thing that you should know about laminate countertops is that how they are created.

They are fashioned by coated plastic and bonded to the particleboard.

They are attached and make a solid countertop surface for your kitchen.

It is available in a massive range of patterns, designs, and colors.

Their low cost marks them to be an ideal choice for your tight budget project.

The following are some of the main pros and cons that should be known by all the potential customers before going for laminate countertops.

Pros of Laminate Countertops

  1. Low-Cost

It is known as one of the most budget-friendly and inexpensive choices for your countertops.Laminate Countertops

These are available extensively in the market today and are proved to be a perfect option for people who are in search of affordable options.

Because of its low-cost, people get a chance to keep changing the look of their kitchen every few years to achieve a refreshing look.

These countertops give you a chance to change the look of your kitchen space even when you are short of money.

It is not like every slab is cheap; Laminate also comes in different ranges starting from $10 to $40.

Mostly, laminate countertops are made up of Kraft paper because it is not prone to moisture, or else MDF is also available in the market that is strong but vulnerable to moisture. 

It is imperative to conduct original research about the cost and vendors of Laminate because it is available at different prices that keep varying according to the location and features of the slab that you intend to buy.

Laminate CountertopsIt would be best if you also looked out for a professional fabricator who does not cost you too much and can do work on your sink cutouts and edges.

  • Easy Installation 

The best thing about laminate countertops is that they are straightforward to install because of their lightweight.

You can look out for some DIY videos and then gear up to fix it by yourself.

It would be super fun and memorable to remodel your kitchen countertops by yourself.

If you have a very tight budget, then you can install it on the current laminated countertop, or else you can change the location of your counter to get a much better new look of your kitchen.

For this purpose, you can seek a little help from any professional.

  • Master ImitatorsLaminate Countertops

Best imitators in the increasingly competitive market today.

The good looks that a laminate countertop offers are similar to countertops that are made up of expensive stone materials.

The patterns and designs can be customized and made to disguise the marble or granite materials in almost half its price.

It doesn’t take too much time to be manufactured and can be efficiently designed according to your unique requirements. 

  • Very easy to maintain

The plus point of having laminated countertops is that they can be easily cleaned and maintained by using water and a slightly cleaner.

Laminate CountertopsYou do not have to spend too much time rubbing it continuously to make it shine because it may damage the material.

Also, make sure not to use strong chemicals for its cleaning purpose because it harms the resin.

Hence, we can say that these countertops are maintenance-free.

  • Impervious to Stains

The material used in the formation of Laminate consumes plastic melamine resins, and we all know that plastic is waterproof.

Therefore, it prevents stains and remains clean, but it is still necessary to clean the area immediately after every use, or there are chances for it to get dull pretty soon.

One of the most significant benefits of this material is that they are non-porous.

  • Versatility

Existing in a wide variety of textures, colors, and patterns, laminate countertops are humanmade and look more like marbles.Laminate Countertops

You can opt for matte laminates or glossy laminates according to your choice. 

For checking the range of laminates, you can visit any home improvement stores or checkout workshops (as they have relatively cheaper materials).

Hence, its availability makes it versatile in the market today and is termed to be the best choice in today’s modern kitchens.

Cons of Laminate Countertops

  • 1.     Can be damaged

As the production of Laminate involves layers that are stacked by glue, therefore it gets quite more comfortable to destroy the material of the surface of countertops.

It would help if you refrained from putting hot pans or bowls on the countertop as they can melt the article, even a leftover cigarette may cause damage to a smaller area.

Laminate CountertopsAlso, they are chances for it to get scratched very effortlessly because scratches may appear even when you are using sharp knives or any other such items while cooking on the counter.

It can destroy the overlook of your kitchen in seconds, and you may have to think of ways to repair that small area because it is not easy to restore a little damaged section on a countertop.

2.     Can be scratched

It is suggested not to avoid using knives directly on laminated countertops.

It is a drawback for sure because, during the hassle of cooking, you do not have that much time to think about what to do and what to avoid.

Therefore you need to be cautious while utilizing such surfaces as they can be easily scratched.

Some people argue that it is durable, and hence, it won’t scratch.

So, we suggest them to give it a try and check out the results by themselves because we have tried and tested it in for almost every situation possible.Laminate Countertops

With a laminated countertop, it becomes compulsory to have a cutting or chopping board, or else even the little scratches will ruin the appearance of your counters along with the kitchen itself.

The worst news you might get is that these laminated countertops cannot be repaired, so you’ll have to replace them.

Although it doesn’t cost much, you might have to undergo the entire procedure again just because of a little mistake. 

3.     No Resale Value

Here comes another bad news about laminated countertops, they have zero value for resale.

Whereas marble and granites can be sold at massive amounts, laminates do not have any value because they are obtained at a meager price.

Laminate CountertopsIf you are thinking of putting your house on sale, then it is suggested to change the material and switch to some stone surfaces because they decrease the value of a home.

Although they have an expensive look, they do not attract many buyers because of several drawbacks that cannot be avoided.

4.     Highly susceptible to Heat

They are highly susceptible to Heat because it melts the melamine resin that is used in the composition of laminate countertops.

Hence, it is highly suggested to avoid putting hot and scorching pans over your laminated countertops, or you’ll have to start looking for another option to replace it.

Our Verdict

The advantages provoke us to go for these laminated countertops whereas the disadvantages keep us back from buying it.

Hence, we would suggest you look out for your requirements. If you are looking for a different look of your kitchen in a small budget, then you must go for it.

However, if you have a plan to put your house on sale, then we’d ask you to wait for some time, collect a reasonable sum of money, and then go for durable surfaced stone materials for your countertops because they add value to your property.


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