Shower To Tub Conversion

shower to tub conversion

shower to tub conversionStep by step to convert your shower into a tub.

You might have gotten bored of stepping into the same shower space after a tiresome place. No?

Well, who wouldn’t be? Everyone needs a hot relaxing shower after returning to their homes.

But what if they find they’re shower space dull and gloomy?

It would turn off their mood.

A change is always necessary for life to bring a bit of excitement to it.

How about a shower to tub conversion?

It sounds like a cool idea, right?

Although choosing a shower or a bathtub is wholly based on the user’s choice, but people who like relaxing tend to choose tubs instead of baths.

There are many other important reasons, too, that makes a person decide to vary the look of their bath areas by converting its shower into a bathtub.shower to tub conversion

We’re all aware of the latest technology showers available in the market today, but still, people are opting for baths, maybe because they don’t even have a single tub in any of their bathrooms at their home.

Some people are sick of containers because of its installation, and its cleaning can turn out to be a little tricky too.

However, we should also accept the fact that bathtubs can never go out of fashion.

If you are looking for a complete step by step process of a shower to tub conversion, you’re in the right place.

We’ll be explaining to you how you should be going on these conversions without much hassle.

You can avoid the extreme mess by installing a durable shower that can be fixed within the outline of your already existing shower.

Then refresh the walls around it by changing the color and design of marble or tile according to your needs.

Why bathtubs instead of showers?

shower to tub conversionIt is indeed true that people generally go for a shower after removing a bathtub because they have their taste of interior, and maybe they like the feel and look of those tiles on the shower walls along with visual satisfaction that a person gets during his shower by looking at the walls.

Maybe they reject tubs because they enjoy the overall look of a tiled shower.

Usually, the master bedroom in a home consists of a bathtub in their bathrooms.

Some of the other reasons for choosing a tub instead of a shower are as follows:

It is incredibly soothing and relaxing after a long day to soak yourself in a hot bubble bath.

  • The warm water calms your mind and reduces your pain as it soothes your joints and muscles.

People with arthritis and other such illnesses are mainly asked to go to for a bathtub because it turns out to be beneficial for their health.

  • If you’re a busy person with more than one child, it gets easy for you to bath them at the same time.

Also, children usually have fun in bathrooms that consist of bathtubs.shower to tub conversion

  • Having at least one tub in a bathroom increases the entire sale of a house.

Therefore, if you’re planning to put your home on sale, then you should do an excellent job during the installation of a bathtub.

  • A walk-in bathtub turns out to be a more sensible and practical option because it keeps an individual safe and sound during the bathing process.

If you have some patience in your home, it could benefit him because now he can easily have a shower while sitting comfortably.

This shower to tub conversion is although very functional, but it works as a significant upgrade in your bathroom, and you get a chance to appraise the aesthetic and artistic look of your bathroom.

It makes that area look more contemporary with a hint of a traditional look.

Bathtubs are found in a wide variety of colors and styles.

shower to tub conversionYou can even change the material of your wall system with custom acrylic along with useful structures, such as safety grab bars and floating shelves.

Do not forget to have a quick check on your finances and ask your contractor or remodeler, to plan the entire project according to it.

Once the installation is completed, it would give a brand new outlook with a gorgeous color combination in the bathroom.

Think about the budget during a shower to tub conversion

When a person thinks of a shower to tub conversion, he has to look out for other changes too.

A mini bathroom remodels place.

The budget should be the topmost concern in this step because people usually do not think about money and continue spending it.

The size of a bathtub entirely depends upon your budget. Along with it, people need recessed shampoo holders in their walls too.shower to tub conversion

They look stylish and classy and do not occupy extra space in the bathroom also.

Bathtubs used in the 60s with the cave looks are being eliminated and replaced with modern features.

People usually buy the American standard Americast porcelain tub. A beautiful set of curtains is used as a separator for a container.

Types of Bathtubs:

If you’re a liver of soaking yourself in warm water, bathtubs are an option for you.

You must know that there are three various types according to your needs.

  • Traditional Bathtubs that provide a simple upgrade to your bathroom
  • Deep soaker whirlpool tubs that you an experience of a spa at home
  • Walk-in bathtubs that are beneficial for health issues and ensure safety.

A simple conversion can be done within a day or two without any comprise on the quality.

shower to tub conversionHence, it is essential to select a worthy contractor who is best at his work to upgrade the entire look with the simple change.

He must know how to cope up with the fixtures and surrounding wall colors and designs too.

Tips for creating a bathroom with a bathtub that looks attractive too:

  • Buying the best quality material turns out to be long-lasting and have a classy finishing that gives an overall beautiful look.
  • Choose the color of your bathtub in accordance to the bathroom walls and floor, so that it doesn’t look out of place.
  • Select plastic curtains for your bathtub rather than popular ones because they get damp very quickly, whereas plastic curtains are easy to clean in the bathroom.
  • Do not go beyond your budget because all the materials used for a bathroom remodel are quite expensive.
  • After the completion and installation of a bathtub, you’ll need to maintain your bathroom.

Try to install an exhaust fan if you do not have a window in there. If you are installing an exhaust fan, then make sure to vacuum it out at least twice a year.

Advantages of using a bathtub instead of a shower:shower to tub conversion

Converting your bath into a tub might be a challenging decision for you during the remodeling process, but it is equally important too.

This decision should be finalized professionally.

Some of the chief advantages of using a bathtub are given below to give people insight about its benefits in our daily life.

  1. Provides Safety

It can be an excellent support for a considerable number of people who are suffering from physical disabilities or limited mobility because having a shower is usually a kind of struggle for them.

They don’t enjoy or relaxing while taking a hot bath but do it with extreme discomfort with the sole purpose of keeping themselves clean with utmost discomposure.

shower to tub conversionTherefore, a customized bathtub can be built for these types of people according to their requirements, so they can also enjoy baths just like ordinary people do.

This is why it is considered to be the first reason that contributes to the conversion of the shower into the tub.

  1. Bathtubs are relaxing

They can turn out to be a source of your relaxation after a long day.

Doctors usually ask people to have warm baths because it relaxes the sore muscles and joints.

Hence, bathtubs are a perfect choice for it, and they can make relaxation possibly easier for you.

You wouldn’t require any massage sessions or Jacuzzi because your bathroom would be enough after its conversion with a beautiful and aesthetic bathtub.

If you are a sucker for such things, you may also opt for a spa system that can be attached to the tub to provide more relaxation.

  1. Bathtubs are therapeuticshower to tub conversion

Other than common issues, they are also useful for extreme medical problems where doctors strictly ask patients to use a container full of warm water because warm water therapy is what an arthritis patient needs at the end of the day.

There’s no doubt that they can get hot flow water in a shower too, but it turns out to be uncomfortable because of sitting difficulty in the shower.

Therefore, warm water therapy cannot happen in the same way.

A warm water bath in a bathtub gives an additional benefit of therapy of pains, joint aches, and several other medical problems along with the cleaning.

  1. Walk-in Bathtub can be more comfortable

Just like walk-in showers, there are walk-in tubs available too.

shower to tub conversionThey take your remodeling project on another level.

There’s no doubt that you’d need a little more money for it, but, inevitably, there won’t be much of a mess in the conversion process because your shower area would be turned into your bathtub space.

It prevents you from slipping or stepping over a greasy surface.

The door on the side of the tub ensures your safety as you are safe from any falls.

These tubs are a bit steeper than usual ones and also allow more flow of water.

Therefore, it gets easier to soak and submerge your full body in it.

Usually, bathtubs can turn out to be a pain when the person is tall or have a bulky physique.

The tub doesn’t allow its complete submersion, and he fails to relax completely from head to toe.

That is why walk-in bathrooms are the talk of the town because they provide plenty of depth and space to submerge your body into it.

Walk-in bathtubs are also available with a built-in spa system or jets to make your bathing experience more relaxing and therapeutic.shower to tub conversion

People with weak movements and circulations can also attain benefits through it as the planes used here help to relieve pains and aches.

  1. Increase the resale value of your house

If you are a homeowner and lookout for ways to renovate your living space so that it can be sold at a reasonable amount, you need to be creative about the changes that need to be done in your house.

Changes in the bedroom, kitchen area, bathroom, or living room.

Every relevant change adds value to your house property.

Having at least one bathtub in a house is necessary to add value to a property.

By following the steps given below, you can easily convert the shower into a bathtub:

Step 1:

shower to tub conversionThe First Step to initiate this task is the measurement of the shower area.

You can start working based on time and budget.

You can either install a new tub after completing a sample of the existing shower or add to the current shower area and use it as a tub.

It depends upon the budget and the area that you are given to work upon.

Step 2:

The overall size for a bathtub comes in 60 x 20 x 14, but if your available area of the shower is not enough for this site, then you’ll have to opt for complete demolition to fix it after changing the size of the surrounding walls, etc.

The other option that you have here is that you can go for a different format that is smaller than the standard one.

If you are installing it only for the sake of increasing the value of your property, you can fix it in your kid’s room if space is smaller.

Step 3:shower to tub conversion

The next step includes the building of a wall that is known as the tub wall.

Choose the best designs and colors for this wall by the floors and the color of the bathroom.

Step 4:

Begin with the tiling process of this tub wall and fix the tile adhesive at a 45-degree angle and the thickness of 1/16 inches. 

Try to continue working in smaller areas so that it doesn’t dry very quickly.

Put the first tile on the cement and then utilize the spacers between it and the next one.

Continue with this process until the row of tiles end.

If the last tile doesn’t fit then, you can use a tile cutter to get it into the correct size and then place it.

shower to tub conversionStep 7:

Bullnose tile segments are required for the top of the wall to get a smooth edge.

They are applied in the same manner as the previous tiles described in step 6 above.

Step 8:

Now, you’ll have to plaster the tile.

Make sure to keep it away from your eyes or skin because it is irritable.

You can also use goggles or wear hand gloves to avoid physical contact.

Use a rubber float to spread the grout on the tiles at an angle of 45 degrees in grooves and then use a sponge to clean away the extra material from the tiles.

Step 9:

Apply a stroke of water-soluble sealing at the edges where the tile meets the side of the shower and walls.shower to tub conversion

Step 10:

Wait for a few days and then use the grout sealer of the grout lines too.

Step 11:

The option remains the demolition of the shower and installs new fixtures in it.

If the shower area is smaller, then the old tiles and walls have to be removed or broken up.

The region is then cleaned and prepared to install the new tub.

Step 12:

After the demolition and cleaning, a new wall has to be built, and the framing has to be done similar to the tub wall but on a larger scale.

shower to tub conversionStep 13:

Now, you’ll have to decide between buying a new tub and tiling the walls.

After that, the instructions for the adhesive used would be required, and then the caulking would be used to seal the corner and edges to keep it safe from damage and destruction.

After installing the bathtub and finishing with all the fixtures, you’re all set to have a hot bubble bath.

Do you know that baths delay aging? You might be thinking never to go back to the option of the shower now.

They are beneficial for us and also help in reducing the cortisol hormone in the body, which is the stress hormone.

This is why it is said to be relaxing and soothing.

You need to start to have baths instead of showers to experience the fun.

We’d suggest you try this after reaching back home after a long day at work to experience the real feeling of relaxation as warm water therapy also helps in regulating the blood pressure.


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