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small bathroom remodel

Small Bathroom RemodelHow Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom?

If you ever been wondering about how much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom in your home, then please keep reading on.

Nowadays, a bathroom renovation project in our homes are getting more and more common, and a new trend about smaller and more efficient spaces come along with the appealing area that this new generation wants to live at.

A bath remodels several benefits that every homeowner should endeavor.

In our article, you are going to be able to learn and calculate all the essential facts to succeed if you are planning to do a small bathroom remodel so you can keep adding value to your property.

What is a Small Bathroom?

Let’s define first what a small bathroom is.

To comply with the distances between the bathroom fixtures during your bathroom renovation per Georgia Code, the minimum bathroom area is 8×5.Small Bathroom Remodel

Being eight, the length and five the width.

This bath remodel will entail a sink, toilet, and a shower or tub area. 

During small bathroom renovations, you must understand that due to the fact of space limitations most of the time, it won’t include moving around plumbing and bathroom fixtures.

How to calculate the cost of work needed on my bathroom remodel project?

To be able to explain in detail the cost of the bath remodel that you are planing.

I want to structure the work involved and the cost associated with each one.

The process of a bathroom renovation is Demolition, Rough-in plumbing and electrical, Tub/shower area, Flooring, Vanity, sink, and faucet, Drywall, Trim, and, Painting

Small Bathroom RemodelWe will breakdown the cost of each one.

Please consider the fact that we will explain a total bathroom remodel.

If you are looking for a smaller scope of work to be done, you can add the fields that are relevant for you to calculate the final cost

Considerations In A Small Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Before diving in on the price and process.

If you are doing a small bath remodeling, you must consider two important things that most homeowners overlook that bring a cost associated with your bathroom renovation. 


Per Georgia Regulations, any work done in a residential home over $2,500.00 or that entails plumbing, electrical or mechanical work.Small Bathroom Remodel

It must be approved and inspected by the Building department in your area. You will have two ways to approach this:

1.-As a Homeowner, you have the right to pull your permit without being licensed if you are going to perform the work yourself.

That will save you some cost because you will be paying for the City/County fees. Depending on the location, a Permit fee will be $80-$350.

2.-A Licensed Contractor that will perform the work pull permits for you. In that case, the Contractor fee will be on $650-$1,100 range plus the City/ County Fees on top of that.


One of the most commons cost involved in a bathroom remodeling project is the Dumpster.

All Debris created during the renovation needs to be disposed of most efficiently.

Small Bathroom RemodelA typical 15-yard dumpster rental (enough for a small bathroom renovation) it will range between $299-495.

Depending on the weight allowance granted for the dumpster company

How Are The Bathroom Remodeling Looks Like?


Demolish, it will be the first step in the process. Assuming that we are gutting out the bathroom, a Residential Contractor will cost between $650-1,150 depending upon factors such as wallpaper, more than one layer of the floor, etc

Rough-in plumbing and electrical:

As stated before, it should be more significant changes in the layout for the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical connections.

The Scope of Work typically is to replace the shower valve mixer, install the toilet, replace drain, and install the sink.Small Bathroom Remodel

A typical plumber will charge $290-590 for this type of work.

If you are planning to replace the tub, you should add about $150-400 for the container, and the plumbing might charge between $400-800 for labor.

The electrical usually stays the same, and you will need to expect to replace the light fixture $150-$295.

If you need to install an exhaust fan with an exterior connection, the range is around $600-$895 in electrical labor.

Add extra costs if you want to install a recessed light $200-$350 or a GFI (Ground Fault Circuit) outlet around $250-$400 each for labor and materials.

On the mechanical, we will apply the same principle.

In a small bath remodel It won’t usually be part of the work that needs to be done.

If you are adding a vent or replacing ducting, you are looking for a range between $250-400 per labor and materials.

Small Bathroom RemodelTub and Shower area:

If you are replacing or leaving the container, you can refer to the rough plumbing section.

If you are doing a tiled shower area, the cost of the labor and material need to be added to your overall bathroom remodeling cost.

For a typical small bathroom, the documents required for tiling the shower and floor will be $400-900, depending on the tile selected.

The labor cost for a Residential Contractor for doing the tile work will be in a $3,000-$4900 range.


If you are doing a tile flooring in your bathroom remodeling project, please refer to the tub and shower area title on this article.

Other options on the carpet could be vinyl planks for $350-590 depending on the material selected or laminate floor around the same range for labor and materials.Small Bathroom Remodel

Vanity, sink, and faucet:

There is a wide variety on this topic. You can either find a vanity-top combo in retail stores for a range between $190-500.

If you are looking for something more sophisticated such as a shaker cabinet with granite or quartz on top you will be looking for an extra $650-$995

Don’t forget the faucet!

You can find an extensive selection out there.

The most common range for standard valves is around $45-150 for material

Drywall work:

Depending upon the damage caused during the previous steps to drywall patching, this price will change.

Small Bathroom RemodelSmall patching work it will run around $395-695, but if you did a significant gut on the bathroom renovation you range will increase to approximately $975-$1,395 on labor and material costs


Based on the demolition result, the trim work will increase or decrease in the dollar amount.

Replacing small areas, it will range between $150-$300, and if you are returning or installing a new trim on the bathroom area, you will be looking at $550-900 in labor and materials.


Your small bathroom remodeling project is almost completed!

New drywall needs to be primed, and new trim needs to be prep.

Classic pricing for Residential Contractor assuming that you are going to prep the trim and prime the new drywall and patched areas; painting walls, ceiling, and trim will cost around $895-$1,350 labor and materials.

Two Final Considerations in You Bath Remodel Project!Small Bathroom Remodel

If you have a shower, you might need a shower glass.

You can find either a pre-made standard one on retail stores for $450-$975.

Don’t miss to include the installation cost of about $450-$650.

If you are planning to install a frameless glass, you will be looking a price for labor and material of $1800-$2400 including the shower glass hardware

The final consideration is the hardware to make a bathroom functional.

You can include in your budget for a standard towel rack, ring towel, and toilet holder around $175-295 for the set and need to be added $175-$350 for installation cost.

In Conclusion

The nationwide ordinary pricing range to remodel a small bathroom usually is around $6,400, but it can vary somewhere from $1,400 up to $14,000 or further.

A bath remodels an economical way to raise value while updating the appearance and feel of your home.

On average, if you sell your home in the future, you will regain about 65% of the bathroom remodel cost with the plus that updated homes usually sell faster.

Please leave comments below and let me know if this article has been helpful for you!



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