If you’re constantly contacting wholesalers in the Atlanta market to find good properties to flip, this post is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or from out of town, deciding which neighborhoods to focus your fix and flip efforts is a fundamental move in the real estate investing game.

Buying properties in the right neighborhoods at the right time is exactly how you set your real estate business up for success!

Just think about it: do you believe you’re going to receive more offers in an emerging neighborhood filled with jobs, good schools, and entertainment venues where everybody wants to live at or in a run-down neighborhood that looks more like a war zone?

It’s pretty simple: if you would never live there, why you’re trying to make someone else do so?

So, before you start driving everywhere (aka wasting time), here are the top fix and flip neighborhoods in Atlanta right now for real estate investors based on real data as job growth, infrastructure, time on the market, etc.

#1 Reynoldstown

This is a historic area in southeast Atlanta. The price point is still affordable for many people in downtown Atlanta. This makes the neighborhood really appealing for millennials and buyers in general.

The location makes it convenient for travel and there’s currently a lot of renovations in the area. As a renovation company, we’ve done several projects in that area. We tend to invest in southwest Atlanta, which is a very hot area as well. You have a lot of tech companies moving to Atlanta and these people want to live close to their offices.

In places like Buckhead, Midtown, Atlantic Station, the prices are high. A place like Reynoldstown is not far away at all and the prices are lower. So for someone that’s exploring other options, this would be a recommendation.

#2 East Atlanta

It also has a historical appeal and it’s close to downtown. There are many attractions including the zoo which makes it a place with always something to do.

The competition is not too high in this area, which is a good thing. So you don’t have to go above and beyond to make money. The houses are selling.

#3 Dunwoody

This is a nice area. One thing that you need to think about is that you need to have people who want to live in the area you’re investing in.

This area has higher price points so usually homes will stay on the market for a bit longer.

On the other hand, the houses are in better shape, so the rehab part is going to be faster and cheaper. When you have these houses, getting permits is more efficient. What you’ll have is a “repositioning project”, which takes way less time.

#4 East Cobb

This area is also easier when it comes to permitting and inspections and you can expect the scope of the renovation to be the bathroom, kitchen, some painting and it’s good to go.

It’s a numbers game here. You get a faster return on investment but you need to be able to afford to be on the market for a little longer.

And you can’t deny that the quality of life in East Cobb is superior to Atlanta. Great schools. It’s always about the schools. Great schools lead to great neighborhoods.

As we mentioned, the properties don’t need as much renovation but as an investor. Right now the market is slowing down, and these kind of neighborhoods are worth looking into.

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#5 Decatur

Decatur has become of the most desirable neighborhoods for investors. A lot of construction is going on and it’s a big place as well.

What I like most about Decatur is that there are a lot of public spaces. A lot of parks, walkways, restaurants, bars, there’s a lot if you want to enjoy getting anywhere on foot. It’s great because the neighborhood is not being overbuilt.

For example, we have a client that just started a renovation with us. She bought a five-acre lot that she wants to split into five separate lots. It came with one house sitting in the middle of all that land. She’s renovating the house and she’s going to overbuild the neighborhood a little bit because she knows she’s going to develop other residences around it.

Even if she doesn’t sell it right away she can always rent it while the others are being built.

Final Words

I hope you have found this post helpful and now know where to flip properties in Atlanta right now.

Choose the property based on its location, neighborhood, property condition, your budget, and the property After Repair Value.

Be sure to check out our additional resources for more information on real estate investing and the fix and flip process.

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