Types Of Blinds

types of blinds

types of blindsTYPES OF BLINDS

Blinds – a practical, beautiful, and practical way to design windows.

In this article, we will consider all types of blinds that exist in the modern market and help you decide on their choice.


Blinds appeared a very long time ago.

Once upon a time, Asian men covered the windows of their houses with wooden stripes.

They allowed sunlight to enter the room while hiding from prying eyes what is happening inside.

So, husbands protected the dignity of their wives. 

Modern blinds are a set of plates that come into motion thanks to a mechanical or electronic control method.

types of blindsIn the first case, laces or chains are used. In the second – an electric drive.

This option is especially convenient for high windows.

The design fully or partially protects the room from the penetration of light from the outside.

Compared to conventional curtains, blinds Sydney have several valuable advantages:

Practicality. Blinds do not get dirty; you can easily remove dust.FF

Unlike curtains need regular washing.

That is why such designs are used in almost all office premises.

Besides, ordinary curtains cannot completely isolate the room from the penetration of sunlight.

But certain types of blinds are quite capable of this.

This advantage is especially important when watching movies, presentations, and other events that require absolute darkness.types of blinds

Convenience. Electronically controlled designs allow you to adjust the intensity of daylight at the touch of a button.

Style. The variety of options for blinds allows them to harmoniously fit into the interior, without breaking out of the global environment.

This type of window decoration is appropriate, not only in the office.

Today, people are increasingly using blinds in modern home interiors.

You can choose any color scheme that can emphasize the atmosphere of the room.

And the option with photo printing can bring a particular highlight to the interior.

Types Of Design

types of blindsSeveral kinds of blinds differ in the location of the plates, the method of attachment, and functional features.


This species is considered the classic and most popular.

The basis of the design is the stripes located horizontally.

Elements are interconnected by a part suspended from a cornice.

Laces drive them stretched through holes located along the edge of the plates.

Such systems are installed on the inner window sash.

There is also the option of attaching the structure to a wall or ceiling.

On a plastic window installation without drilling is possible.

For this, installers use individual brackets.

The option of inter-frame placement is prevalenttypes of blinds

It involves mounting on a ledge between the casement windows.

Horizontal blinds can be made of various materials.

The color scheme is also extensive.

A feature of horizontal structures is the effect of the visual expansion of space.


The lower part is combined in a chain.

Such blinds look exceptionally elegant.

They also visually increase the height of the room.

The design is fixed above the window opening.

types of blindsIt is also possible to mount the system on the upper slope or ceiling.

For plastic windows, manufacturers rarely use this type of decoration.

This is because the elements of the system are too close to the glass.

This makes their movement difficult.

By changing the angle of the vertical plates, you can smoothly adjust the light intensity.

Vertical systems are also more resistant to dust.

Fabric vertical structures are usually weighted for more excellent stability.

Plastic, wood, or aluminum structures do not need this.


They are made exclusively from fabrics.

The material may have a different density and texture.types of blinds

The strength, light transmission, and durability of the curtains depend on this.

Also, all types of fabrics in the production process undergo special treatment with anti-static, dust-repellent, and antibacterial effects.

The mechanism of operation of such blinds is straightforward.

You can fix the curtains at any level.

For plastic windows, there are two separate types of similar structures:

  1. Mini blinds involve installing the system on the window, sash itself using fasteners.
  2. Cassette blinds can be made of any materials.

This type of curtain is a unique cassette attached to the sash into which the canvas is folded.

Both varieties are suitable for both straight and tilted windows.

types of blindsThey also allow you to open the sash along with the structure.

Day and Night

A fresh approach to daylight control has already gained considerable popularity.

The essence of the idea is the alternation of transparent and opaque stripes.

System control can be either automatic or manual.

Changing the position of the elements changes the level of lighting in the room.

When two opaque strips coincide, the room becomes darker, and the coincidence of the transparent parts becomes lighter.


For windows in the form of arches, a particular type of blinds is developed.

Such designs are attached to a wall or ceiling.types of blinds

The variety can be any (horizontal, vertical, or rolled). Materials are also diverse.


Instead of plates, manufacturers also use a reliable web here.

The only difference is that when rising, it forms beautiful folds.

And in the straightened form, it can be smooth.

Usually, these are fabric curtains.

Sometimes bamboo or straw is also used.

This type of blind is the most spectacular.

Vertical fabric or plastic lamellas overlapping each other form the original multi-colored patterns.

types of blindsProtective

You can install such blinds outside the building.

They protect garages, windows, and doors of offices and cottages.

To create such structures, manufacturers use durable metal.


Every day there are new types of window decorations that combine practicality and beauty. You can decorate your windows with different types of blinds.


Plates for blinds come in various types.

Depending on the material, each species has its advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminumtypes of blinds

Manufacturers use this material to make blinds quite often.


  • Aluminum plates can have any shade. The surface can be mirror-smooth or velvety, matte, or sparkling. A special kind of perforated blinds creates an exciting play of light and shadow.
  • Aluminum curtains are unpretentious in leaving. It is enough only once every 2-3 months to wipe them with a dry cloth. Once a year, surface treatment with a damp sponge is recommended.
  • Such curtains are resistant to temperature extremes. Besides, due to its excellent ability to reflect sunlight, the room temperature on a hot summer day will always be a couple of degrees lower.


  • Due to the small thickness, aluminum plates are unstable to mechanical damage. They are easily bent and deformed.

types of blindsPlastic

This no less popular material is notable for its low price, durability, and versatility.


  • A variety of textures, shapes, and colors makes it easy to choose the right option for any interior.
  • Plastic is resistant to high temperatures, withstands any solar activity.
  • The material is unpretentious in care, allows wet cleaning.
  • Plastic is more durable and resistant to mechanical stress than aluminum.


  • Cheap low-quality plastic can quickly lose color and integrity due to constant heating. 

The Fabric Blinds

This type of screen is designed for decorating living spaces.types of blinds

They create a more comfortable atmosphere, can have the form of individual stripes, and robust canvas.

Options for textures, colors, and patterns are diverse.

The life of the product and the ability of the curtains to transmit daylight depend on the density of the fabric.


  • Extensive possibilities for interior solutions.
  • Fabrics undergo special treatment with water and dirt-repellent effect, protection against burnout, and increase wear resistance.


  • Such blinds require more careful care.
  • Cheap and low-quality fabrics quickly fade and deform.

types of blindsFor Photo Printing

Photo blinds are a great way to give your interior a vibrant personality.

This window design will not only protect the room from sunlight and allow you to adjust its intensity but will also become a stylish accent.

Modern technology allows you to put a photo or to draw on any surface. At the same time, the image does not lose saturation and clarity and does not fade.

Typically, the image is applied to vertical and roller blinds.

However, today photo printing can also decorate horizontal strips of any material.

In the nursery, curtains with cartoon characters, fairy-tale, and space landscapes will be appropriate.

In the kitchen, photos of flowers, vegetables, and fruits look great on blinds.

In the bedroom or living room, the blinds will look spectacular with beautiful landscapes, an image of the night city, and the starry sky.types of blinds

For the office, you can choose a panorama of the city, nature, or even the company logo, emphasizing the status of the company.


Patterned blinds are used to decorate apartments, offices, salons, cafes, and other premises.

The main thing is to choose the right image that will harmoniously fit into the interior and will fully comply with its style.

There are so many uses of blinds in your house.

You can use it as decoration or for your rest when you need darkness.

Blinds can be a good investment.


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