Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodel

average cost of bathroom remodel

Average Cost Of Bathroom RemodelIntroduction

Whenever it comes to construct your house, the first concern appears in the form of budget and cost of the construction.

There is a limited number of people who do not pay heed to the costs of the projects.

But, the majority of people remain worried about the cost of their projects.

So, it becomes unavoidable to have an early estimation of the cost.

You may better proceed to have an estimation of cost as you go ahead, keeping in view your financial condition.

Construction of the house is a big project, and no doubt, it requires a big budget, but there are a lot of other parts in the house that needs proper remodeling with time.

The bathroom of the house appears to be at the top of the list of such parts that require time to time remodeling.

Average Cost Of Bathroom RemodelSo, it would help if you had an idea about the average bathroom remodel cost.

Certain factors compel you to have your bathroom remodeled, and these factors equally influence all of the people.

Therefore, bathroom remodeling is a need of every person; that is why we have decided to facilitate you in this regard.

Bathroom remodel cost varies proportionally with the additions you want to have in your bathroom to make it alluring, neat, and clean.

The project of your bathroom’s remodeling may comprise thousands of dollars, so you must have an idea about the average bathroom remodel cost.

Keeping in view the emerging trend of the people towards the remodeling of the bathroom, we have here to assist you.

We tell you about every aspect that affects the cost, and the advantages of the bathroom remodeling will also be discussed.Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodel

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost

The bathroom remodels cost is not the same for all the bathrooms.

To estimate bathroom remodel cost, we divide bathrooms into three different categories; the first one is the average bathroom, the second one is a complete bathroom, and the third one is the large master bathroom.

So, the bathroom remodels costs for all these categories are $10,000, $15000, and $50,000, respectively.

These bathrooms’ remodel costs have been estimated, keeping in view the nature of work that is done in the remodeling.

So, the bathroom remodels cost is different for different sized bathrooms.

Factors that affect the bathroom remodeling cost

Average Cost Of Bathroom RemodelDifferent factors affect your bathroom remodel cost.

These factors may either reduce or increase the cost of your bathroom remodel.

Therefore, these factors will be very beneficial if you are concerned about the remodeling cost of your bathroom.

Meanwhile, these factors do not only affect the cost, but they may also add value to your bathroom.

Some of the most important factors have been listed below:

The layout of the bathroom:

Sometimes, changing the design of the toilet becomes inevitable.

But, it might cost you more, and in some cases less too.

So, when we talk about changes in the layout of the bathroom, there comes a question in mind about why we should change the design of our bathroom and how it would affect the bathroom remodel cost.

This is a valid question, and its reason must be sought.Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes, people come across the problem of a small bathroom and want to expand it.

In this case, your bathroom contractor moves to the walls of your bathroom to increase the area of the bathroom.

So, the increase in the area provides you with many facilities; you may add bathroom accessories like bathtubs, walk-in shower, and many other items that cannot be adjusted in the Small Bathroom.

However, expanding the area of the bathroom will increase your bathroom remodel cost.

But, this one-time expense leaves you with the lifetime facility.

Hand in hand, you may also need to change the layout of the bathroom to meet the requirements of the aging people of the family.

Plumbing of the Bathroom:

The bathroom is placing in the house where the use of the water is most frequent.

Average Cost Of Bathroom RemodelSo, there is extensive work on the plumbing that deals with the wiring of water for bathing.

Therefore, when you get your bathroom remodeled, you might come across the need for change in the wiring of water in the toilet.

The need for this change may be due to the different factors.

Sometimes you need to add different bathroom accessories in your bathroom, which were not the part of your bathroom earlier.

For example, if you want to install a bathtub and a walk-in shower in the bathroom, you must have to change the wiring of water.

On the other hand, if you change the layout of the bathroom, you still need to upgrade the wiring of water in the toilet.

So, this is an additional cost that you have to pay while getting your bathroom remodeled.

Meanwhile, it would be best if you had a plumber who could do this all for you, which adds more in bathroom remodeling cost.Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodel

So, this is also the pitching factor that directly affects your bathroom remodel cost.

Electric Equipment of the Bathroom:

There is nothing in this world charm of which remains forever.

So, when you decide to change the layout of your bathroom, then it will not affect your bathroom remodel cost by changing the area only of the toilet, but there are a lot of other things that demand changes.

The electrical wiring of the bathroom is a glaring example of this.

If you change the layout of your bathroom, you must have to change the electrical wiring of your bathroom, and this thing will add a considerable amount in your bathroom remodel cost.

Meanwhile, the change in the electrical wiring can also be made without changing the layout of the bathroom, as there is newness in everything with every passing day.

Average Cost Of Bathroom RemodelThere might be a desire to upgrade the lighting of the bathroom.

Therefore, the change in the electrical wiring of the bathroom becomes necessary.

Most of the time, it happens that while getting your bathroom remodeled, some of the electrical equipment gets damaged, and their replacement also increases the cost of your bathroom remodeling.

Along with this, you might come across some unseen wiring faults that remained in the earlier wiring, and then you have to put an additional cost for this.

So, changing the electrical wiring is another factor that considerably affects the bathroom remodel cost.

The flooring of the bathroom:

Whenever there is any constructional activity, the first one that is affected the most is the floor.

The same is in the case of bathroom remodeling. While changing the layout of the bathroom, the floor might get damaged.

Subsequently, the only solution comes up with the option of changing it.Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodel

Along with this, the floor doesn’t need to be replaced after getting damaged only during the remodeling, but this need may also erupt because of the obsolete design and the fading color of the floor tiles.

Now, the changing of the floor tiles hugely adds the amount to your bathroom remodel cost.

Although changing the tiles costs you a lot, but it pays you back for the long term.

So, it was another critical factor that affects your bathroom remodel cost.

Bathroom fixtures:

This is the most common factor that hits your bathroom remodel cost.

While dealing with the remodeling of your bathroom, you might come across the need to change the position of the bathroom fixtures.

So, changing the position of these fixtures surely adds cost to your remodeling budget.

Average Cost Of Bathroom RemodelThe other factor that increases your lump sum of remodeling is the degradation and destruction of your bathroom fixtures.

In this situation, it is mandatory to replace the old fixtures with the new installations.

Changing of the fixtures might elevate your remodeling cost, but it improves the look of your bathroom by making it more attractive and lavish.

So, these were the five leading factors that individually and collectively affect your bathroom remodel cost. 

Albeit, all of them are budget increasing factors, but their advantage can be taken for years. 

So, it must be kept in mind that remodeling is not done on a monthly or yearly basis, and it is a one-time expenditure for the peace of a couple of years. 

Advantages of the Bathroom Remodeling

No one goes for taking specific actions without power.

So, there are many advantages to getting your bathroom to remodel, and some of these advantages have been given below:Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodel

Adds value to the house:

The bathroom is one of the integral parts of the house, and it is expected that it will be well maintained as the other parts of the house are maintained.

Therefore, remodeling of the bathroom becomes necessary to add value to your house.

Add Space:

The leading reason behind the remodeling of the bathroom is the issue of space, and when you get it to remodel, you remove this anguish from your life.

You may add different bathroom accessories in the space that you get after having your bathroom remodeled.

Luxurious and modern look:

One of the most significant advantages that are achieved after getting your bathroom remodeled is that it provides you with an amazing and luxurious look, which is up-to-date and according to the new fashion.

The new and modern look of this is enough to cast a spell on the person who sees it.

So, even if the bathroom remodel cost is high, it offers you the hundred percent value for money.


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