Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas That You Can Apply Easily!Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You, Will, Leave This Article By Getting Concrete Information And A REAL Action Plan To Follow.

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In this article, we will give you 10 Bathroom remodel ideas in 2020 to help you out during your construction remodeling process. 

When it is time to remodeling your bathroom, most homeowners are looking for ideas to get inspired.

Most of the time, they have a feeling of getting ready for a change, but they don’t know how or where to get started to find and achieve the bathroom of their dreams.

Research has shown that when most people are thinking about what to renovate in their homes, they begin with the bath remodel.

The truth of the matter is that bathrooms are the essential areas in a home.

Not just that, a renovated bathroom can increase the resale value of your property by over 55%.

bathroom remodel ideasIt is not hard to believe because you spend an average of 10% of your daily time in this area.

Can I Find Remodel Bathroom Ideas On A Budget?

Giving a bathroom design a boost is something that will require a vision and some preparation before execution.

A GPS that will show decisions and plan to follow before getting started the renovation

One of the most decisive factors is the targeted cost budget.  

It will answer most of the common questions such as Changing layout, create more functional space, relocate some of all the fixtures (lights, plumbing, etc.), replace cabinetry, enhance existing installations, refresh painting or the combination of both


Replacing a mirror for something more trending or different such as a rectangular shape or two single ones instead of a single big one for every sink could be a great way to change the appearance of the bathroom without spending much money.bathroom remodel ideas

Adding a frame to the existing mirror will allow you to make a dramatic change in how the bathroom area looks like.

There is a lot of benefits to a mirror beside the fact that it won’t judge you is you are standing in front of them!

A mirror is a great tool that changes any space.

The right mirror selection can enhance how direct sunlight is disbursing in space or can give you a sense or a more significant space area.

There are full mirror shapes and forms.

A cabinet mirror can help you a lot if you need extra storage space or add symmetry installing a double mirror over two sinks.

Options are endless. For some ideas, you can check our Bathroom blog!

Without any doubt, a mirror will be the perfect finishing and complement for your bathroom.

bathroom remodel ideasThe mirror will allow you to customize the bathroom the way that you want it.

From all Remodeling Bathroom Ideas, the mirror is one of the most powerful and inexpensive ones!


Updating the vanity countertop on the bathroom can provide you a wow factor to make a dramatic change in how the bathroom area can be perceived.

It will change the overall appearance of your bathroom and, with a new sink, will provide a modern look without breaking the bank.

Granite and quartz can be great options using color to play with new color walls.

Also, it will increase the value of your home as an upgrade that makes it more appealing to this area.

An excellent sink combination with the new countertop and faucet could change your bathroom area.

Vessel sinks and long neck faucets are trending in 2019.

They are relatively inexpensive and provides a tremendous modern feeling in the bathroom.bathroom remodel ideas

Countertops will play a double role of being important linking between the vanity below and the top surface for the faucet.

At the same time needs to be the top surface capable of handling water, heat and wear, hygiene supplies, and everyday task related to the bathroom use.

The surface you choose for that countertop will depend on your taste and budget.

There are several options for countertops options, such as Quartz, Marble, Granite, Wood, etc. You can go here to check the pros and cons of each one

In a master bath, it pays to install a better material such as marble and tile, which will provide great resale benefits and give the vanity top a fluent, glistering look.

You won’t regret it!


bathroom remodel ideasPainting the vanity could be a great and feasible option to make an upgrade in a budget combined with new knobs and pulls for the drawers and cabinet doors.

Keeping and doing a makeover of the existing furniture will allow you to save money and to achieve an outstanding result playing smart.

Colors would change the bathroom looks, providing a fresh perception of the bathroom area.

 Remember, the bathroom cabinet will complement the bathroom as a whole and will look awesome when they meet the other areas on the shower in style, color, and proportion.

Also, the vanity will need to leave enough space to comply with the residential codes

Ask your contractor for advice.

Remodel Bathroom Ideas That You Can Use

If you don’t have one, you can Google Bathroom remodeler near me to find contractors or companies in your area.

Make sure that you check online presence and reviews to ensure that you will select a well-established business.bathroom remodel ideas

If you are located in the Atlanta area, you can check us out; we will be more than happy to help you with our project!

Vanities are a central focal point in your bathroom.

Either you install a freestanding or wall-mounted if You have a small bathroom area.

You will need to take consideration that it goes with the flow and style of the entire region.

Vanities are installed strategically in the bathroom area to accomplish two main goals in the bathroom:

Hide the plumbing and provide the storage space!

Why Is Important?

The most refined and contemporary bathroom looks deficient without an alluring vanity.

bathroom remodel ideasThere are many kinds of bathroom cabinets available on the marketplace and is also an option to draft your own by providing specs-based in space possible, specifications, and possible allocation in your pocket.


Most of the bathrooms have one area in stock that can be used in a practical way that most people don’t realize.

The space over the toilet area is a dead space that you can count on for additional storage.

Wooden or glass shelving will provide you a great extra space for bathroom decoration items, store towels, or accommodate different things in the bathroom.

They are super easy to install, and the average cost is not much.

It is one of the most popular upgrades that can impact the appearance of your bathroom with a few minutes of work and little money. A keeper!

Remodel Bathroom Ideas That Apply To You!

The bathroom is that kind of area that many of us shift to one of the most chaotic and disorderly spaces in our homes.bathroom remodel ideas

Despite the extent or magnitude of your bathroom, it becomes helpful to have a selected area for towels, items, linens, and extra cleaning supplies handy when we are ready to use them.

One of the most effective ways to achieve is installing shelves to keep it organized in an excellent looking-efficient way.

Clear floating shelves, a towel rack, open shelving, or a simple over the toilet storage area will help to keep the bathroom organized.

One easy, usually reasonable resolution is to mount new shelving.

There are so many choices for shelving that you will effortlessly find one that works for you and for the space available that you have in your bathroom area.


Adding tile on the flooring and or shower area will improve the looks dramatically and feels of the bathroom area.

Clay is a resilient material that will provide durability. It will increase the resale value because being a tremendous cost-effective investment.bathroom remodel ideas

Most people do Kitchen and bathroom remodel because it is an investment that will raise the home price when it is time to relocate.

Tile materials will protect the bathroom for its water-resistant properties, eco-friendly, and extremely durable, which translates in a deficient maintenance material.

Your bathroom can be big or small, vibrant, or discreet, but one thing it always should be is profoundly calming.

Choosing the right style and shape on your tile will be decisive to achieve your vision of a self-space spa to enjoy.

Tiles are still one of the best elections pounds for pounds in any bathroom improvement nowadays.

The low conservancy and unbelievable durability of roofing for a small bathroom plus the value that adds to your home make the tile one of the most popular cost-effective upgrades for your bathroom.

You may think that tile is limited to symmetrical and square-edge designs because they have to be cut before installation.

bathroom remodel ideasHowever, current tile designs offer elaborate curves created using waterjet technology.

This allows you to generate any design you want and have it cut to accuracy every time.

You get to customize your plan to make it unique and cozy to develop your style and character.


Replacing plumbing finishes like faucets, head shower, toilet, and light fixtures can provide a luxurious feel for your bathroom without breaking the bank.

It’s one of the less expensive options mentioned in any bathroom idea posts.

Replacing bathroom fixtures and finishes creates a massive impact if you are looking to make a significant change in a super-easy way.

The precise plumbing and light fixtures can make or break in a project.

Finding the perfect installation can be a task, not to mention luxurious.bathroom remodel ideas

The old proverb that you get what you pay for grips true when it comes to replacing lighting and plumbing Finishes.

You must avoid buying the cheapest fitting you can find as they usually incline to break down after small periods and do not have nearly as many structures as the high-end representations on the marketplace.

Even worse, they have the latent to cause water damage when they break.

Stick to the better product names when buying plumbing and bathroom fixtures.

You may spend more money upfront with this tactic, but it will protect you in the long run.

When viewing for the impeccable fixture, it’s easy to get lost in all the choices that are on the marketplace.

One scheme to constricted down your search is to determine what functions are essential for you to in the fixture and combining with a highly efficient installation can provide you with an excellent investment that will last longer in your bathroom areabathroom remodel ideas


There is nothing that can drastically change an area than colors.

Choosing a color by the overall change will combine and put together the complete puzzle complementing and enhancing the rest of the changes made.

Being the bathroom a wet area, we will highly recommend high-quality paint with a finish different than flat paint as you should know, mildew and mold develop rapidly due to excess moisture in the enclosed bathroom area.

Eggshell paint is highly recommended for this type of spaces

You could give your bathroom a whole new style with a gallon or two of paint if you chose the paint color by bathroom style and size.

No matter how little or spa-like, the bathroom is the perfect area to tryout with brilliant shades and color combinations.bathroom remodel ideas

The addition of an appealing trim color or lacquered ceiling has the prospective to convert any space into a prominent conversation starter.

Bathrooms are the perfect place to play with paint colors, which can stand up to water splashes and steam created in this area than wallpaper.

The color selected can set the tendency for the complete design and the finished space, whether you go for a lively jewel-box touch or light and peaceful sanctuary.

What Color Should I Select?

Traditional areas look great painted in tightly any color.

More cool shades can create a relaxing atmosphere, while brighter colors can make a declaration.

Think about how the bathroom details and ceiling will play into your color structure.

bathroom remodel ideasWhite trim is a typical look that can let darker colors make a statement.

Painting the trim and ceiling the same using color as the walls can give the bathroom an inclosing touch.


Replacing old hardware such as towel racks, towel rings, and holders.

If you want to make your bathroom look brighter and elegant, a new set of equipment to replace the old one is the way to go.

Your maximizing space and storage area, and at the same time, you will provide a more appealing visual space.

If you are looking for bathroom ideas, you can get some inspirational insights in our Amazing Board on Pinterest.

It is easy to exchange worn or outdated vanity pulls and knobs, towel bars and tissue holders.

The key to discovering the accurate size is to eliminate what you want to substitute, take it with you to the hardware store and find the ones that will perfectly match.

bathroom remodel ideasSome people suggest keeping your drawer handles and cabinet pulls all in a similar finish, so they equal but to play on a theme you have designated for your bathroom area.

The selections for hardware are ostensibly infinite.

Some designers say the safe to be is to match your hardware appearances to your permanent fixtures such as your vanity and tub faucets and showerheads.


The garden tub is one of those items that can provide the feeling that you are in an old bathroom.

If you are looking to transform your dated and boring bathroom

To make it look like a small retrieve or spa, you must consider starting replacing the tub.

Ceramic freestanding tub with pedestal will be the “X” factor to obtain a luxurious bathroom and outstanding outcome!.

bathroom remodel ideasDue to its size, the container is usually the focal point of any bathroom. Replacing the box will provide a massive change on the bathroom’s appearance

Because you’re substituting a current box, your choices will be restricted by the existing tub’s dimensions.

Before purchasing a new bathtub, you’ll need to know the tub’s exact length and width measurements and where the drain is located (center, left, or right).

What Is The Right Size?

A reasonable replacement tub may be narrower than the existing container.

Many folks find a slender box uncomfortable, so buy one that’s comfortable for you.

If you are pursuing to install or add a bathtub on your small bathroom project, you should know that most containers fit into a 60 inches opening, but some older ones may be lengthier.

Measure to make sure your new container will fit perfectly in that space.

Some whirlpool or spa tubs will provide a typical tub opening. Installing one that will take less space in the bathroom area is not much more work than installing a standard tubbathroom remodel ideas

The Fiberglass or acrylic tubs are reasonably priced, light, and easy to fit.

Some have objectively sturdy finishes, but they may become dull in time.

They look great, and you can find them in most typical retail stores


Thinking outside the box can give you the “X” factor when you are remodeling a bathroom.

Wood paneling on walls can be a great option to change the bathroom appearance dramatically. A skylight can change for real the amount of natural light that can enhance the bathroom looks.

  Before and After Remodel Bathroom Ideas

Don’t be afraid to get creative to put your signature on this area. An accent with wallpaper, one wall with a different color, or a half wall with tile is something that you will like to consider.

bathroom remodel ideasThe “X” factor can create a beautiful blend in the overall result. Be inspired and get that daydream bathroom you always wanted!

While the square footage will remain intact, using a large-measure outline in your small bathroom can trick the eye into perceiving a more significant bathroom area.

Consider a sizeable floral-bathroom decor wallpaper or larger bathroom tiles.

The more light coming through your space, the more open it will be perceived.

To make your bathroom feel larger, installing a skylight is a great way to achieve.

Another great idea is a floating cabinet.

It will visually support the bathroom to look more significant since it doesn’t cut off the bathroom floor plan.

Rising the vanity above the ground also releases up space that can be used for storing smaller items in knitted baskets.

You Need To Be Unique!bathroom remodel ideas

Recall that every volume of surface space counts.

Typically, underneath shelves, vanities, or counters, a shadow darkens the area located below, and this style, the room seems smaller.

Resolve this situation by installing under cabinet lights to brighten it up.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Let your vision take charge and build the bathroom of your dreams!

Don’t forget to take before and after pictures of your project to post it online and brag with your friends!!

Which of these ideas are the most attractive to you? Which one would you prefer? When are you going to step forward to get started?         

Share on the comments your top three selection and participate in the pool!

We will create more content based on the top three choices!


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