Bathroom Remodel Tips I Full Guide

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom Remodeling Tips. It Is As Scary As People Say?Bathroom Remodeling Tips

At a specific point in time, everybody will want to enhance, remodel, or restructure to match his style. In this article, we will lay 11 Bathroom Remodeling tips that you need to need to consider!

To achieve the full potential of beauty and functionality after the bathroom remodeling.

Be a reflection of his personality while also giving him the comfort he deserves.

He tends to change his car, his house, his wardrobe, the kind of people he associates with, and so on.

Bathroom Remodeling TipsExcept in some rare cases, when he needs to buy himself a new house, for a man with a family, he may not want to move his family because of specific reasons; otherwise.

He will have to remodel his home to suit his current status, remodeling a particular aspect; the bathroom is no easy feat at all.

Therefore, before you go to the market to start buying the faucets, tubs, and others, you should make sure that you take your time to make a plan, set your priorities, based it on several subcategories, according to your desire.

Your sub-categories such as the required functionality of your bathroom, it’s level of maintenance, durability, and desired comfortability.

Make adequate planning that you can spend according to your budget, minimize your costs, and maximize your investments.

Doing proper planning will help you to the right step in dealing with whatever might comes up in the bathroom remodeling process.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom Remodeling Tips For The Process

Following over, in our bathroom remodeling tips guide, we consider that you have made up your mind to remodel your bathroom, set your priorities, and set it into subcategories such as; the durability of the bathroom, the functionality, its comfortability, maintenance requirements, etc.

List your reasons for bathroom remodeling and look into the following categories

  • Your budget: determine what portion of your money you are allocating for the bathroom remodeling, what amount do you want to spend on the renovation? Write down your list and make sure you stick to the plan.
  • Make a simple survey of your needs and requirements. You can also include family needs and necessities.

Factors To Consider on your Budget

After the allocation of a certain amount of money for your bathroom remodeling.

Be aware that the budgeting involves buying various materials, pieces of equipment, and paying for some required services.

Try as much as possible to include the estimated cost of the needed equipment and services in your budget.

The estimates should include the plumbing and electricity works, decorations, painting, trimming and detailing, etc.

Also, the materials for various aspects of the project, such as the cabinets, sinks, faucets, lights, tiles, vanity, grout, mirror, lighting, and accessories such as towel rings or towel bars or toilet paper holder.

When planning your budget, make sure you include an extra, in case of unforeseen circumstances, as this will help you to adjust to the little changes that may occur.

You should also know that when you stick to your plan, you will resist the temptation of spending beyond your budget.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips. Making Plans By Your Lifestyle And Family Needs

When making your plan for your bathroom remodeling, it is necessary to consider the size of the people that will be using the bathroom, consider their convenience.  

You can even seek the type of fixtures they would love and the finishing touches they desire, talk about this while also keeping in mind the size of your budget.

Some factors that you need to consider are: planning

The Size Of Your Family and their desired needs: the size of your family should be put into consideration or the number of people that will be using the space, you should know that for a large family, durable facility and a considerable amount of space is a critical factor on the planning process.

The user’s lifestyle: you need to consider the lifestyle of the users, after remodeling, will more than one person use the bathroom at a time?

Will adults, children, or both use it? If used by more than a person at a time, you might need to consider having two mirrors, etc.

If used by only adults, male or female? Do you need to include a hairdryer, a makeup kit, hair care products in your bathroom cupboard?

While planning for a bathroom remodeling, all these questions need to be well answered during the planning stage.

Have A Particular Design, Theme, And Layout For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project: before engaging in any bathroom remodeling, research, and settle down for a theme that fits your lifestyle and needs.

An ideal bathroom usually has at least a toilet, a sink, a shower, and a bathtub.

The bathtub is made of different materials such as acrylic (which is popular due to the ability to resist heat, durability, and longevity).

Some baths are made of enameled steel, and they are widely used too, less expensive than acrylic easily replaced in case of worn out.

Various materials of the bathtub are available in the market, with each having its advantage, if you desire something more luxurious, you can consider a therapeutic tub in Our Bathroom Remodeling Tips Guide, re recommending a whirlpool type.

Shower; before installing a new shower, consider the availability of space in your bathroom; there is a modular shower, single-piece shower, or a custom-built shower, which is connected with a glass door on tiled walls, etc.

Besides your budget, the space in your bathroom needs to be a consideration in the early stage of the process.

Your shower can be designed in various luxurious styles and finishes!     


You have various types of sinks that can serve as an upgrade to your old bathroom, and it could be the vanity unit, which usually includes a cabinet and sometimes a faucet or a pedestal sink.

In our Bathroom Remodeling Tips, we suggest this an upgrade on the traditional pan.

It Will be design in such a way that plumbing is hidden behind the pedestal or in a surface plumbing to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Sinks come with different materials, glass, stainless steel, choose the one that fits your plan.              Bathroom Remodeling Tips                                           


Replace the shower using a high flush efficient one

Some showers are mounted on the wall, which is ideal for small bathrooms, there are one-piece toilets.

One-piece toilets have a lesser risk of leaking and a two-piece bathroom. Choose the bathroom that fits your needs most without going beyond your budget.                                                           


These are in various materials, colors, shades, and textures. They are synthetic materials, e.g., Corian, which hardly fades when subjected to sunlight, a laminate material, or tiles.

Tiles can be ceramic, porcelain, or stone. Select any one which suits your theme and gives you comfortability. ***PRO TIP***  Our Bathroom Remodeling Tips guide suggests you, Granite, for your countertops. Excellent durable material, Heavy-duty, and easy to clean.                                                                                  

Drawers and cabinets:Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Different types of cabinet materials are water-resistant that you could choose from, for your bathroom remodeling, consider an office made from PVC, glass, or melamine.

Make sure your install handles, soft close mechanisms, or durable and aesthetically-pleasing handles.


It could be of ceramic, stone, tiles, vinyl, linoleum, etc. The floor of your bathroom should be water and moisture resistant when flooring your bathroom with tiles.

Make sure it is neither too glossy, smooth, nor slippery.                                                     

Ventilation:Bathroom Remodeling Tips

During bathroom remodeling, you may decide to install a fan if you do not have an air exchanger. Installing a fan will improve your comfortability and also increase moisture.

It is a Critical item that most of the time is missed. As a part of our Bathroom Remodeling Tips guide, we want to address this critical item. 

You can choose to use an impeller fan or a centrifugal fan. Choose the one that best suits your bathroom and within your budget.

The following order can be helpful during the renovation process.

Plumbing And Electricity: because the water supply is as good as the bathroom, therefore, plumbing work should be prioritized.

You can hire an expert or professional plumber and electrician to assist you in the plumbing and electrical work.

They fit the electrical outlet as well as the plumbing works.

Painting: The painting work should be done before you fix the drawers and cabinets. This is a Pro tip

Tiling: If you are not a professional, contact a professional to fix the wall tiles and the floor tiles.

Fixing The Plumbing Fixtures: you then install the tub, shower, washstand, toilet, etc.

Fix The Cabinet: you then fix the cabinets, drawers, counter type, etc.

Decorate The Bathroom: While still working along with the plan, decorate the bathroom with a matching theme that soothes you.

Place Your Required Accessories In Order After Bathroom Remodeling Completion: The most common accessories for our Bathroom Remodeling Tips guide are: Mirror, wall frames, towels, bathmats are a requirement to decorate your bathroom.

Make sure you do not make it clumsy with unnecessary accessories, try to create a free environment.






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