Bathroom Renovation Projects

Bathroom Renovation Projects

bathroom renovation projectsBathroom Renovation Projects that Won’t Leave You in Debt

A lot of people still think twice about remodeling their homes, and there are many reasons why.

For one, the stereotypes usually portrayed in media and some bad experiences retold by friends lead some homeowners to think they are providing crooks access to their homes by hiring contractors.

But in reality, Don Magruder explains that all contractors are crooks is just that: a myth.bathroom renovation projects

“The overwhelming majority of contractors, subcontractors, and remodelers are honest, hardworking, decent people who work in a tough business that is fraught with challenges and high expectations,” he says. He further explains that while there are some bad apples in the construction industry, the same can be said of all professions.

The idea that all contractors are crooks or scammers comes from unrealistic budgets and expectations, with many homeowners feeling like they’re being overcharged.

However, this in itself is usually the result of unrealistic expectations about how much their desired renovation would cost. 

bathroom renovation projectsThe home renovation costs survey carried out by Marcus examined 1,002 homeowners and found that 65% of them planned to spend less than $10,000 on home improvement projects.

This seems like a good budget until you consider that the National Home Builders Association has found that the average cost for a midrange bathroom remodel is $18,546.

Nearly 1 in 4 homeowners said they would take on debt to fund their home renovation projects, but this is completely unnecessary, especially when considering what makes most home improvement projects so expensive.

The most common reason why home renovations cost homeowners a lot of money is that they neglect the most important part, which is the planning.bathroom renovation projects

Even though bathrooms are relatively smaller compared to most rooms in your home, the number of fixtures, from the lavatory and the shower down to the tub and the toilet, makes it extremely expensive to have an impromptu and unplanned renovation.

Every single fixture, pipe, and tile should be smartly positioned so you can make the most out of the floor area of your bathroom. Failing to get the layout right the first time around is definitely a waste of materials, time, and, of course, money.

Another typical reason why bathroom renovation becomes ludicrously expensive is the assumption that expensive options are automatically better.

bathroom renovation projectsContractors, home improvement stores, suppliers, and the like may entice you with options that are of a higher grade and are more expensive.

However, having a good-looking bathroom doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune.

You can choose to shop in thrift shops and even reuse materials that can be salvageable.

To ensure that your bathroom renovation stays within your budget, here are some bathroom renovation projects that won’t leave you in debt:

Refinishing your tub instead of replacing it

Total tub replacements can have an average cost of $3,376, so when you are on a tight budget, the next best option is to refinish your tub instead of replacing it. Simple cosmetic problems such as yellowed surfaces, as well as cracks and nicks, can be solved by refinishing.bathroom renovation projects

Bathtub refinishing can cost between $300 to $600, but homeowners usually spend $437 on it, on average.

You can also opt to reline your tub instead. Although it wouldn’t be as cheap as refinishing it, relining can carry you through a few years.

Installing a new sink faucet

If there is no serious damage to your sink and you want to elevate how it looks, installing a new sink faucet can do the trick. Sink replacements usually take half a day to be finished, and extra work hours mean extra costs.

On the other hand, installing a new sink faucet is something you can easily do yourself.

When purchasing a new faucet, make sure to look at its spout height and reach.

bathroom renovation projectsAs for the finish, the most durable and easiest to clean is chrome, which is why it’s a favorite among commercial kitchens and public bathrooms.

Keeping your plumbing in place

It may be tempting to reshuffle your bathroom fixtures to have a new way of using the space, but doing so can mean changing your plumbing layout, which can cost you a lot of money.

On average, installing new plumbing or re-piping, a bathroom can cost between $450 and $1800.

If the plumbing work you need to be done is only minimal, you have the option to do some of the plumbing yourself.

This way, you would only have to pay for materials and not materials and labor.bathroom renovation projects

However, if you have no experience with laying downpipes or DIY home renovations, this might not be the best idea for you.

It might end up costing you more to get a plumber in to fix your mistakes.

Restoring, cleaning, and repairing existing tiles

Instead of completely retiling your entire bathroom wall or floor, repairing and replacing individual tiles is the more budget-friendly option.

Just remember to carefully pick the tiles so the new ones blend with the existing ones seamlessly.

bathroom renovation projectsTo give your tiles a thorough clean, use a reliable bathroom cleaner.

For tougher grime and stains, use a steam cleaner or a toothbrush and bleach.

If cleaning isn’t enough, you can also choose to replace the grout.

Just pick one that closely matches the color of the current one and apply it carefully by using a grout float held at a 45-degree angle.

Designing the bathroom yourself

Having a bathroom designer is great, but they can put a strain on your remodeling budget.

So, consider designing the bathroom yourself. Dedicate some time looking through bathroom layouts and learning the basics of bathroom design.bathroom renovation projects

Allot some time to shop around for affordable miscellaneous bathroom materials to help you achieve the bathroom look you are going for.

It’s also worth considering installing your own bathroom vanity.

Just remember to have a copy of the measurements of your bathroom at hand before going to supply houses.

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home.

It’s where we start and end each day and provides us with a momentary space to be alone with our thoughts.

A bathroom is also a place where one can unwind from the day’s stresses with a nice warm bath or shower. All these (and more) make this special room deserving of a renovation.

For more recommendations on how to make your bathroom dreams come true – without breaking the bank – take a look at what our Bathroom Remodeling Projects can do for you!

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