Bathroom Shower Remodel

Bathroom Shower Remodel

Discover Best Ways For Bathroom Shower RemodelBathroom Shower Remodel

You are figuring out how to bathroom shower remodel as it can be tough. What products should you use to have a stylish space which won’t be a pain to clean? Should you hire a remodeling contractor or do it yourself?

How do you figure out the best shower pan, wall surround material, and type of entry to use? Who you are going to call for help and guidance so you won’t end up pulling your hair out

I wish I could tell you there was one magic formula, a silver bullet, a one-size-fits-all shower remodel recipe. That would be nice, but it’s not reality.

Bathroom Shower Remodel

What we can say is there are things you need to ask yourself and something you’ll want to stay away from like the plague, which will either lead you to a successful shower project.

The right shower can transport you from your humble home to a fabulous getaway or a relaxing spa. Upgrade your bathroom with a freshly remodeled bath to enhance your enjoyment and to create the kind of bathing experience that many prospective buyers actively seek in a home that they consider buying.

A full bathroom can boost your home’s resale price by 20%, and a remodeled shower can often sway buyers into putting an offer in on your home.

Read on to learn more about all the planning that goes into a shower remodel and how to decide whether to do the work yourself or hire a professional.

We rounded up some ideas and inspiration to get you started, but your project should be in line with your style, your budget, and your dream design.Bathroom Shower Remodel

Here are some of the techniques you follow for the bathroom shower remodel:

The bathroom of your dreams:

Close your eyes and imagine having a brand-new, bathroom shower remodel with a clean, flawless shower pan and bright, gleaming walls. This is one dream that can be your reality with smart planning, voluntary DIY work, and of course, some money.

Many homeowners like you have felt the pain of dingy, non-functional showers, and they’ve successfully turned it all around. You can, too! See what these homeowners have done so you can get inspired for your bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Remodel

Attach the tub and shower:

When you have two different services, which are a full-size tub and shower in the same room, you can feel visual chaos. For example, a smooth acrylic bathtub surround may clash with a shower’s tile surround. To avoid this, try matching materials.

Pearl Interiors’ design for the project nicely pairs up a generously sized wood-skirted bathtub with an adjacent shower enclosure. By using the same type of natural stone for both the shower and the tub surrounds, Pearl deftly ties the two facilities together.

Try doing some work yourself:

Any homeowner who plans on bathroom shower remodel is probably also looking for ways to defray costs. One time-tested, it is among the best way to save money on a shower renovate and to demolish the area by yourself.

Even if you have hired a full-service contractor to build out the shower, this is one job that any homeowner can take on. Contractors are accustomed to homeowners doing pre-construction work by themselves. Just talk to the contractor ahead of time so that you’re readying the area according to the project plan.

More storage with Build-in Niches:Bathroom Shower Remodel

You already know that a copious in-shower shelving room is needed for all of your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and scrubbers. The more space, the better it would be. These kinds of shower surround will make your bathroom look filled with accessories.

With existing showers, you can retroactively install shelves by sticking them straight onto the walls with silicone caulk. But if you are in the process of remodeling, you can do better by building wall niches.

Bathroom Shower RemodelUpgrading the tiles:

You’ll adore your newly remodeled shower when you supersize it and add a light-filled frameless shower enclosure.

 With enough room for a bathing chair and plenty of light cascading through the frameless glass enclosure. This shower surrounds will make you never want to leave.

This raises the question, should you do your shower tile work? You can do the tiling work by yourself, and this is one tiling task that requires serious thought before you plunge in.

Waterproofing your shower:Bathroom Shower Remodel

Keeping water in the shower and away from subflooring, a significant issue with any bathroom shower remodel is made more comfortable when you use a waterproofing membrane.

This adds a critical layer of protection on top of the cement board, which will not be damaged by moisture but also doesn’t stop it from passing through to the subfloor if water gets behind the tile.

Just like professional tilers do a flexible plastic that can be cut with scissors and is applied to the cement board with non-modified thin-set mortar.

Maximizing the natural light: 

Watertight, bath-rated light fixtures exist for a reason: Showers can be dark. But there’s a better way to banish shower gloom: When you can get it, natural light is best.

You’ll find no better way to do this than by combining a corner shower unit with frameless glass walls.

Frameless showers use thick tempered glass, attached by metal clips, to serve as the walls. No wood framing is needed. If desired, you can buy a frameless shower door only, instead of the entire enclosure. However, frameless shower units are usually significantly more expensive than framed showers.

Bathroom Shower Remodel

In conclusion:

 A bathroom shower can be a tricky process. You need to know where to be stubborn and must be doing the research and getting the products you want and know where not to be stubborn and get the help if you’re going to DIY the project or hiring a winning remodeling contractor.

Follow the steps that are mentioned above for the best shower surrounds and making sure that your remodeling is a success.

You can also hire a shower remodeler who can help you in getting the best of the shower remodeling.











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