Terrible lighting: Change your lightbulbs to CFL bulbs that produce less and replace them with brighter ones, while being careful to not exceed the maximum wattage. Add lamps to the area. There is a wide variety of lamps to choose from. Whether it be a standing lamp, or a table lamp, these can brighten up any room immediately. Even changing the colors of your walls and ceilings to white will make any space look significantly brighter.

Small room: If you have a room that you want to look larger, get rid of any wallpapers or dark- color paint. Painting walls pastel colors or even white will make the room look much larger. Make sure to declutter the room and keep furniture to a minimum.

Moldy home: If your home is experiencing mold, get rid of any excess water or leaks around the house. There is a humidity gauge that can be used to measure the humidity in your home. If you are experiencing high levers of humidity, you can lower this by lowering the air-conditioning temperature or putting a humidifier in place. Another way to get rid of humidity in order to avoid mold is by turning on fans in the bathroom and kitchen and using ceiling fans to increase air circulation.

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