Composite Decking Prices: The Definitive Guide

Composite Decking Prices

Composite Decking PricesComposite Decking Prices: The Definitive Guide

With every passing day, there is a continuous improvement in materials.

Earlier, people used to use pure wood, but the modern age has brought composite decking in the limelight.

Composite decking is the new go-to material of many homeowners nowadays.

It barely needs any maintenance and is exceptionally durable, plus it is made to look like wood.

Composite decking comprises of the wood, fibrous material, and different types of bonds that enhance the strength of Composite Decking.

With that said, if you’re considering building a deck, you must look into composite decking and its costs, as cost remains the top factor in any project.

Here is the definitive guide of what you need to get it done:

#1 Cost Per Square Foot

Composite Decking PricesYou can divide the cost between material and labor.

A decking board can cost about 7.3 times more than a regular board.

As a rule of thumb, the material for a deck will always cost seven times more than the natural material.

It all depends on what you want.

Find out you are why!

If you’re an investor, what kind of demographic are you trying to sell it for?

Will they or won’t they value composite decking? Make a list of the pros and cons.

Depending on where you live, the cost goes up or down.

If you’re a homeowner and you’re in a neighborhood where it makes sense, then why not?

If it’s worth the return on investment, then go for it.

If you have an emotional attachment to your place, then do it.Composite Decking Prices

Maintenance is low, and it will last for years to come.

If you know what you’re looking for, this is a real option.

Even though the cost of DeckDeck is much higher than that of the conventional material’s value, which is usually wood, but in return, you have excellent benefits that are achieved by using Composite DeckDeck instead of wood.

This is a value-added product and serves your cause much better than ordinary wood.

Composite decking prices vary with their types.

There are different types of composite decking, and each one of them possesses different prices depending upon the quality it provides to its customers. Polyethylene composite decking costs you the least among all.

On the second number, there is Propylene Composite decking material, which costs a little higher than the previous one.

Composite Decking PricesAt number three, there are solid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Hollow Polyvinyl Chloride, the costs of which are also different.

So, the cost of DeckDeck varies according to their qualities.

#2 Cost Factors for Composite Decking

The material is the most significant cost factor.

The other costs involved are; when you put the boards together, you can’t use regular screws, but you have to use specified fasteners.

These are costlier than regular screws.

You also depend on how big you want the DeckDeck will either cost you more or less.

Keep in mind that the standard size is 16 feet, so if you wanted it to be 18 feet, it would cost you more.

With labor costs, the risk is that the contractor only gets one chance to get it right.

Because of this, the price of labor can be high.Composite Decking Prices

Most of the people that we have created decks to ask for an aluminum railing, which is what we recommend unless the homeowner specifically asks for something else.

It is custom made and expensive to0 that adds to the cost as well.

But remember that this material will last for years to come.

If you want to use it at night, you would need lights and furniture.

Perhaps you want a second floor or a screened porch, or an outlet to hook up a television.

Even a fireplace. So you need to make sure you have a plan.

In case you prefer a DIY Composite Deck, the price of DeckDeck will reduce considerably.

The DIY composite deck also serves the same cause. Still, the period of its service is too low as compared to the other types of composite DeckDeck.

Composite Decking PricesThe installation of the DIY composite deck also remains lower than other types of the composite DeckDeck.

#3 Benefits of Composite Decking

Certain factors add to the value of Composites Decking, and these factors are the leading cause that increases the price of DeckDeck.

Composite Decking Prices have always been a concern for the customers. Still, its extraordinary qualities genuinely can compensate for the vast amount spent on buying composite decking.

So, here are the different benefits of Composite decking.

The durability of the Composite Decking:

Low maintenance and a long lifetime. Usually around 30 years.

If you keep up with the maintenance, it will last you. Composite is very durable, and it won’t crack or be stained.

Maybe, every other year is when you would need to clean it.Composite Decking Prices

Composite decks will not splinter, and if it were to crack, then it would be covered by warranty.

Composite decks cost about 5 to 6 times more than pressure-treated lumber, but the benefits are worth the peace of mind.

You don’t have to deal with it regularly, and it looks better.

Vivid colors and smooth surfaces with high endurance.

This is especially appealing to the elderly that don’t have to deal with the maintenance.

Low Maintenance Cost:

Once you have installed composite decking, now there is truly nothing to worry about.

This is all because of the low maintenance cost of the decking composite.

Composite Decking PricesIt does not mean that there requires no maintenance in case of a composite deck, but the expenses of maintenance are too low as compared to the wood deck.

You need to spend hours and break your back in sealing the DeckDeck as you do in case of wood.

Once the composite DeckDeck is set, all you need is to clean it with the soft brush whenever you feel it necessary.

Composite decking not only saves your time but also keeps you in great comfort.

Environmental Friendly:

Wood decks are directly made by cutting the woods, but this is not the case with composite decks.

Composite decks are made up of recycled wood, and hence it poses no threat to the environment.

Different fibrous materials and bonds are added to the recycled wood to make the composite decks.

Composite Decking is Safe:

Composite decking is safe to use. Different issues are associated with the wood decks, but these issues do not exist in the composite layers.Composite Decking Prices

In the case of wood decks, the issue of the wood splinter is one of the most frequent questions, and it becomes very tough to cover this.

But, there is no such problem with the composite decks. Along with this, composite decks allow you to move freely on the layers even if they are wet.

Composite Deck Price:

Although the initial cost of the composite DeckDeck is high enough, its durability and other qualities prove it more effective than wood decks if the damage is compared.

Wood decks require lower initial cost, but later on, huge bills of maintenance prove your decision wrong.

On the other hand, the Composite decking price is high but offers you with the qualities which make it a worth experiencing thing. 

#4 Drawbacks of Composite Decking

Composite Decking PricesThe cost! While we’ve explained the benefits, all of these benefits come at a high price.

If you’re not going to be using a deck, then the cost wouldn’t be worth it, and the ends wouldn’t justify the means.

It would be ideal for high-end properties or the properties on a lake.

While you wouldn’t have as many problems with composite as you would a regular deck, when you do have a question, it’s harder to repair.

All the components have to come together to make a solid structure.

If just one of those components is off, then the entire thing needs to be restructured to get at the problem.

Also, the weight of the composite is much more substantial than regular lumber.

So it’s more complicated to repair and replace.

Delivery is more expensive, and if you want to change the color, then you can’t.

You have to replace the whole thing.Composite Decking Prices

#5 Budgeting for Composite Decking

It depends on your house. You’re dealing with so many different variables.

The best thing would be to hire an estimator to look over your property to tell you how much it would cost.

Most contractors don’t want to deal with this type of material because if they make a mistake, it will cost them dearly.

The entire DeckDeck would be custom made, so if an error is made regarding a measurement, then it’s expensive to go back and fix it. That’s why planning is critical.

#6 Tips for Saving On Deck Costs

Composite Decking PricesIf you want a deck that’s 12 to 16 feet, it will be easier to deal with because that’s the standard size.

Anything more than that, and you’re adding to your cost of labor for cutting boards.

Work with a capable renovation company.

If the company can do it in two days versus two weeks, the price will be vastly different.

Find someone that knows what they’re doing and have the logistics to deliver everything you need.

Most customers wait until summer, but we recommend you don’t.

That’s when prices are higher because everyone is doing it.

Between fall and winter is the best because business starts to slow down, at least the labor costs will.

#7 Composite Deck Maintenance

If you’re working with a company that leaves behind a post-construction manual, you picked the right one.Composite Decking Prices

It’s always crucial for a company to leave behind some information about who to call, warranties, and the dos and don’ts of maintaining the DeckDeck.

For oil and grease stains, clean as soon as possible.

All you have to do is wash it. If you want to pressure wash the DeckDeck, never go past the pressure of 1500 psi.

Most chemicals we recommend letting it settle into the stain and then soft-rinsing with water.

Just for regular cleaning, it would be about twice a year, especially if you live around trees.

Improve the drainage of the DeckDeck when you can, maybe a secondary collecting system, so the water doesn’t settle.

Even for this material, water can be powerful.

#7 Other Cost Considerations

Composite Decking PricesThis is a well-renowned fact that composite decking is a source of adding beauty in your house; it is not the basic need of man to live his life.

So, all those things that are opted other than the very basic needs for life are applied with the extra taxes.

There are the following things that add in your expenses when you choose Composite decks to add in the beauty of your house:


Composite Decks are not a necessity, rather the extra things that make your home more presentable.

So, when you chose these, you have to take a permit for this.

Most of the time, you do not go for having the permit, and your contractor does it on your behalf, and then you pay him for this.

So, this is an extra expense that you have to bear when it comes to choosing the composite decking.

Taxes and Insurance:Composite Decking Prices

The installation of composite decking is an extra thing in your house, and most of the states take charges for this.

So, the value of your tax is determined by the total cost of a deck.

This is something that you must know to avoid any unpleasant surprise after the installation of composite decks.

These are the extra expenses that make the cost of the DeckDeck further high.

#8 Find A Pro

That is the most important thing.

We’ve been doing this for ten years, and in that time, we’re always looking for the most efficient systems and newest technologies which are way better than just a guy with a truck.

Trying to get the job for cheap can end up costing you more.

Composite Decking PricesIt just depends on your peace of mind, and can you nickel and dime something like this.

Look for references and previous work.

Just because the price is low doesn’t mean they can do it.

Imagine spending a lot of money on this material, and the guy who had lined up can’t get it done.

You would have to reorder everything to have a deck you can do yourself.

Leave composite to the pros.

Guide for Customers of Composite Decking

Composite decking is not a cheap product; it may cost thousands of dollars.

So, you must be very clear about Composite Decking.

Budget:Composite Decking Prices

Different things must be noted, and the first one is your budget.

If you are tight in the budget but still want to install Composite decking, you may compromise on your favorite color.

Because it might be difficult for you to find the color of your liking in a limited budget.

Color of the Composite Decking:

There are different colors available in the composite decking, and the selection of color must be made with great care.

So, if you have to install composite decking in the sun, you must choose a light color because the selection of dark colors will get much hotter in the sun.

Composite Decking PricesFinal Words

I hope this information was useful to you and your needs.

Now that the gears are turning in your head, and you’re already planning on the next family get together.

Just make sure to get it done in the fall, so the prices go down.

Take your time, and make sure to do your research.

Especially with the professionals you want to hire, and you shouldn’t have any worries when it comes to creating a new experience for you and your loved ones.


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