DIY Kitchen Remodel

diy kitchen remodel

DIY Kitchen RemodelDIY. How to do a Kitchen Remodel?

Are you worried about your budget for remodeling your kitchen?

It is not an issue anymore. We’ve got an idea for you.

You might not be aware that a usual kitchen remodels costs about $25,000, whereas you can decrease the price to $16,000 by a DIY kitchen remodel.

You can efficiently think about your plan and calculate your estimate all by yourself.

You won’t have to pay any extra amount to the contractors, and that would save a considerable sum.

All you need to do is function your creative mind and then look out for inexpensive materials with good quality and then use them in your kitchen area productively.

There is no big issue if you cannot afford to remodel your entire kitchen in one go.

It would be best if you observed and function upon budget saving techniques in DIY kitchen rebuild.

It is much more fun and experiences for you as well as the people around you.DIY Kitchen Remodel

Instead of buying one single thing under a big price tag, you have to do a lot of shopping to buy new utensils and materials required for daily use.

You can work on installing your cabinets by yourself, it would require some special efforts, but you’ll feel so much consumed by work that you’ll start to enjoy it at one point.

If not from the contractors, you can go out and seek help with your friends and family members to make this task more interesting and exciting.

Now the question that arises here is that how should you cut the cost and do a DIY kitchen remodel?

Keep reading this article, and you’ll get the complete guide about a cost-saving DIY to remodel.

You should begin your remodeling process by doing the following things:

  1. Get your appliances before doing anything else

DIY Kitchen RemodelYou need to first spend on your devices by checking out the space that you have in your kitchen area.

For example, you have started remodeling it, and then all of a sudden, you get an idea to place a refrigerator, and there’s no space left for it.

Hence, it is essential first to list down all the necessary appliances that you might need in the future and measure it according to the area.

  1. Save your money when thinking about cabinet ideas

You can very quickly paint and change the overall look of your cabinets by yourself.

There’s no need to spend a large sum of money on replacing and improving your kitchen cabinets.

You can also resize the inside storage areas and make them a larger space for your goods.

You can repaint your cabinets and change their knobs to give them a new and fresh look.

  1. Get an experienced friend of yours to do the wiringDIY Kitchen Remodel

There might be someone in your family or friend circle who may do this favor for you.

If you are a pro in installation, you can do it all by yourself, along with hanging the lights and dishwashers on the island.

  1. Advance notice is important

You must know the pros and cons of everything that you’re about to do in your kitchen by yourself.

Hence, before starting the remodeling, proper research and knowledge are necessary.

  1. Look out for discounts, promotions, and bargains

Go shopping and look out for companies and brands that are giving good discounts on kitchen products or ask them about their monthly promotion day and visit the store on that day.

You can save a lot of money in this way and get too many products in a minimal amount.

DIY Kitchen RemodelBe sure about the warranty of the products that you are buying and check it in front of the store guy before making a final deal.

You can also search for some of the cabinet wholesalers who might be ready to help you measuring the kitchen and deciding a layout for free.

For slabs, you can opt for granite slabs as they are less costly as compared to others.

For practically starting your DIY kitchen remodel, you might go through the following stages:

Stage 1: Put forward design and begin the process by working on it.

It would help if you had a very detailed plan in your mind that has even the minute details in it.

For example, from the kinds of doorknobs that would be used for your cabinet doors to the direction they’ll be opening, everything needs to be stated clearly in your plan.

Even a little mismanagement in this first step can lead to the damage of projects.DIY Kitchen Remodel

It would help if you had a time and cost-effective plan in your mind because it will cause less chaos and won’t charge you must.

For example, if you know that there are no significant issues in the plumbing and wiring of your kitchen, you need to skip that part and focus on the next one.

This would avoid all the mess that usually occurs during the tearing of walls.

For a DIY project, you need to design the remodel by yourself.

You can quickly get ideas and help from the internet.

Your plan should not miss minute details such as what drawer is for what spice, and are you to keep the general appliances on the island, or you have to build a little cabinet for that?

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a contractor who charges a minimum fee to help you in this project.

DIY Kitchen RemodelIt will give you an upper hand because you’ll be getting some professional ideas now.

Also, you need to stay patient and hold on to your plans because you might not know that a kitchen remodels task takes up to 3 to 6 months to get completed.

Stage 2: You can get the lighting fixtures, appliances and cabinets by yourself

You should handle the shopping department because you may never get to where your designer is spending all your money while shopping for appliances and lighting fixtures.

If you have some older light fixtures, you can make them more aesthetic by your creativity and artwork and use them in your kitchen.

However, for cabinets, if you’ve ordered it from somewhere, it would take about six weeks to receive your parcel.

You can also save your money by keeping your old appliances and buy them later in whatever size you need when you have a reasonable budget.DIY Kitchen Remodel

If your light fixtures are not too damaged, then you can also continue using those and save your money this way.

Stage 3: Install the cabinets, appliances, lighting, and countertops

If you have shopped all the necessary material that needs to be installed in the kitchen, then do it as soon as possible.

You must opt for an inexpensive countertop so that you can change and upgrade it whenever you feel that your kitchen looks boring.

You can also go for hanging cabinets for a newer look, and also they are effortless to install.

You can do it by yourself without causing any damage.

DIY Kitchen RemodelYou’ll need to do a correct measurement and then install the upper cabinets in the first place and then determine a location for lower ones.

Make sure to cut waterlines at the backside of these base cabinets.

Following are some of the creative and artistic DIY’s that can help you to upgrade the current look of your kitchen.

  • Tile your walls by yourself

Selecting a beautiful tile and placing it by yourself is not a big deal.

You first need to decide if the tiling has to be done in a particular section or the entire area and then start doing it by cleaning the wall and letting it dry.

Then you can prep the wall with a paint primer.

You can get further guidelines from the manufacturer.

This step is elementary, fun, and cost-effective.DIY Kitchen Remodel

You can also find cheap tiles with cute designs online, and you can save a lot from it.

  • Upgrade your tile into your artwork

It is not necessary to fill the entire wall with tiles.

You can buy a little number of tiles and make a creative design with a background of any color painted wall that goes well with it.

It would give a fresh look to the walls and portray your creativity to the on-lookers.

  • You can also paint the tiles that are already placed on the wall

If you have opted for white tiles for your kitchen, you can be creative with this neutral color and turn it into some fun design by your artistic ideas.

You can draw a digital model on it by using some of the solid colors such as grey, red, or green, or you can also bring some patterns or add textures to it with the help of a tape or using a particular stencil.

You should keep in mind that good quality paint would be required for this purpose and you won’t be able to complete this arty task without these products.


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