How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

how to paint kitchen cabinetsHow to paint your kitchen cabinets?

There’s no more straightforward or savvier approach to paint your kitchen’s style than by giving the cabinets a new layer of paint.

Here we’ll restore a drained old oak kitchen cabinet by painting it in a contemporary, delicate dark.

After the paint dries, you can likewise put in new handles to go with the new shading.

Before painting your cabinets, you first need to conclude whether to utilize oil-based or water-based latex paint and prep coating.

On the off chance that your cabinets were recently painted with water-based latex paint—regularly named latex polish—stay with that; you can utilize latex over oil, yet oil won’t follow well over latex.

That likewise makes latex a sure thing on the off chance that you don’t realize which type the old paint is. Either sort of color will work over a reasonable completion.

how to paint kitchen cabinetsPast that there are advantages and disadvantages to consider: Latex paints have improved; however, numerous expert painters accept that oil-based paints despite everything produce a smoother and progressively severe surface.

Toughness is significant for kitchen cabinets that get loads of utilization.

On the drawback, oil-based paints produce exhaust you may not need inside your home, and you have to clean your artistic creation instruments with mineral spirits.

The present latex paints are unscented and tidy up is finished with cleanser and water, which is much simpler. 

When you’ve picked oil or latex, you have to choose a level of gleam.

For cabinets, it’s ideal to go with semi-gleam, or if you need them extremely glossy, sparkle.

The cabinets will be simpler to clean than if you paint them with level or eggshell.

Apparatuses and Materialshow to paint kitchen cabinets

  • 2-inch decreased paintbrush
  • Painter’s pail
  • sandpaper
  • Tack fabric
  • Vacuum
  • Sanding square
  • Paint
  • Screwdriver
  • Primer
  • Paint


  • Get the Right Tools

how to paint kitchen cabinetsGet a decent quality 2-inch-wide decreased brush.

For oil-based paint, make sure to utilize a special fiber brush or a manufactured fiber brush explicitly intended for use with oil.

Latex paints require a brush with manufactured fibers water in color grows natural textures, and you won’t get a decent outcome.

If your bureau entryways are level without raised boards, you can speed the work by utilizing a fine-rest roller.

It truly pays to put resources into a paint bucket painting out of the can is poorly designed, and the paint dribbles make a wrecked paint will splatter when you hammer the cover on between painting sessions.

Search for a painter’s basin with a side handle, an inside lip for cleaning paint off the brush, and a little magnet within that will hold the brush upstanding when you are not utilizing it.

  • Evacuate Doors and Any Hardware

Unscrew all pivots from both entryways and cabinets and unscrew any pulls or handles from the entryways and to paint kitchen cabinets

Most cabinets today accompany cup pivots, once in a while called European axes.

For each axis, evacuate the single screw joining it to the bureau outline and the two screws connecting it to the entryway. 

Note that some cup pivots have two extra screws that permit the entryway position to be balanced after it is introduced.

Try not to upset these alteration screws.

  • Expel Drawer Faces

On the off chance that you have cabinet faces that are sunk spot through within the cabinet boxes, expel the appearances.

Put each sort of equipment in its zip-lock sack or another holder alongside its screws, so nothing gets lost.

  • Clean the Surfaces to Be Painted

how to paint kitchen cabinetsEnsure the floors with drop fabrics and spread the counters with rosin paper, utilizing covering tape to hold the paper set up.

Kitchen cabinets get oily, so the paint may not follow well except if you clean them thoroughly with an oil shaper, for example, trisodium phosphate (TSP), which is sold in tool shops, home focuses, and paint stores.

A few states have prohibited phosphate. In those states, you’ll discover an item called TSP-PF (without phosphate) sold. 

Blend the cleaner in with warm water as coordinated on the bundle, wipe all surfaces with a wipe, and afterward wash with warm, clean water.

  • Sand the Surfaces

The reason for this sanding is to scrape up and dull the surfaces with the goal that the primer will follow well.

Use #120 coarseness sandpaper with a sanding hinder for the level zones.

Utilize a little bit of sandpaper for adjusted or molded to paint kitchen cabinets

Vacuum the surfaces at that point, wipe them with an attach material to expel any last particles of residue.

(A tack material is a clingy fabric you can purchase at tool shops, paint stores, and home focuses.)

Importance: sand the surface is famous because it prepares the surface of the cabinet for painting, and it will let the paint stay for a long time.

  • Prime Doors and Drawer Fronts

Put paper or a drop material on your work surface and put the entryways and entryway faces on pieces of wood to raise them marginally.

This permits you to paint edges without stressing over them, adhering to the fabric or paper when the paint dries.

Regardless of whether you are preparing or painting, the technique is the equivalent.

The main contrast is that you need to work the groundwork into the wood apiece, while when painting, you need to concentrate more on long, even brush strokes.

how to paint kitchen cabinetsIf you are preparing or painting level entryways, start from one side and brush with long covering strokes through and through.

When making or painting raised board entryways or whatever else laid level, it’s ideal for decorating the most noteworthy parts first so that you can brush out any dribbles into lower spots.

For the front of raised boards, this implies you’ll begin with the casing, at that point paint the inside field, lastly the thin shaped zone between the middle ground and edge.

At the point when the primer dries, flip the entryways and prepare side.

  • Prime the cabinets

Utilize painter’s tape to veil off any bordering surfaces and regions inside the bureau that you would prefer not to paint.

At that point, “cut in” where the cabinet meets a divider, roof, or floor.

This is the place your decreased brush indeed proves to be to paint kitchen cabinets

Plunge brush into paint, place it down on the bureau close to a divider or another gathering surface, at that point bring the long finish of the decrease facing and afterward down along the divider or roof.

(Think about brush as plane coming in for arrival and the line you are painting as the runway.)

At the point when you get great at cutting in, you may choose you never again need to waste time with painter’s tape.

In the wake of cutting in, make preparations side with vertical strokes. At that point, make preparations of the cabinet.

Why is priming essential?

Priming the surface is important because it will speed up the painting process.

A fast-drying primer will make the surface smooth and will give a neat and clean look when the cabinet is painted.

  • how to paint kitchen cabinetsApply Two Coats of Paint

Apply a layer of paint to prepared surfaces, wrapping up with through and through strokes along the grain.

At the point when the paint dries, for the most part in around four hours, apply a subsequent coat.

Presently you are prepared to reinstall entryways and drawers and make the most of your recharged kitchen.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize a brush, you can figure out how to shower paint your kitchen cabinets.

  • Spray painting

Before spray painting, build a stopgap corner to contain the airborne shower.

Gather a work surface (putting sheets over sawhorses works incredibly); at that point, drape plastic sheeting around the work region.

Make a point to ventilate the room—regardless of whether it’s only a fan smothering an open to paint kitchen cabinets

Best way to spray paint the cabinet

Fill the spray bottle with the paint blended in with flow troll and water.

Wear a veil respirator when spray painting. Test the spray design on cardboard, keeping the spout 10 to 12 in. From the surface (Photo Clear your whole arm to and fro over the entryway board; don’t merely utilize your wrist.

Work on showering on the cardboard to figure out the sprayer.

At the point when you’re prepared to paint, set a square of wood or a cardboard box on the work surface to lift the entryways.

Spot a lazy Susan turntable (sold at rebate stores) over the case. At that point, set the entryway over it.

Shower the rear of the entryways first. This lets you become accustomed to showering before you paint the front.

Start by spraying the edges. Pivot the entryway on the turntable to paint each corner so you won’t need to change your body position.

how to paint kitchen cabinetsMove your arm over the whole edge of the entryway, beginning the shower before the paint arrives on the entryway, and continue spraying past the end.

Keep the spout 10 to 12 in. From the entryway.

In the wake of painting every one of the four edges, start at the highest point of the entryway and spray in a general movement to and fro, descending directly enough each opportunity to cover the past pass by 50 percent until you arrive at the entryway base.

Let the paint dry medium-term.

At that point, give the paint bureau edges, sides, and trim a subsequent coat. Shower the first coat on the entryway fronts.

  • Put it back

Let the paint dry overnight. Then put it back after replacing the knobs and screws with new ones.

Replacing knobs with the new one is essential because it will give a furnished and attractive look to your cabinet.

Why is it important to know how to paint kitchen cabinets?how to paint kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinet is essential due to the following reasons.

  1. It will give your kitchen a different look

It’s stunning what a distinction painting your cabinets can make.

Look at this when change. Painting your cabinets will make your kitchen increasingly present-day and forward-thinking.

What’s more, you’ll see that your space will look lighter and more splendid. It will regularly improve your ledge look, as well!

  1. It will improve your home’s estimation/worth

Indeed, kitchens sell home… and very much dated kitchen don’t.

how to paint kitchen cabinetsPainting your cabinets can improve your home’s estimation (actually, it has an incredible profit for your venture), and it will help your home sell quicker.

On the other hand, old, shabby, grimy, and dark cabinets will make your home sit available longer.

Potential purchasers will factor in that they have to rebuild the kitchen, and most purchasers nowadays realize that it can cause a fortune.

Furthermore, most don’t have the financial limit for that, particularly first-time home purchasers (consider all their end and moving expenses, also that they set something aside for the store on the house).

At the point when you paint the cabinets, you make space look more pleasant… and critically, it will likewise look more prominent and all the more welcoming.

At that point, include a new layer of paint on the dividers and presto, you’ve made moment esteem.

  1. It’s moderate and way more affordable versus replacing your kitchen cabinets

Painting your cabinets is way more affordable when contrasted with replacing your to paint kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are the costliest thing in the kitchen, so on the off chance that you can abstain from obtaining new ones, you will spare a significant wad of cash.

There is likewise the expense of evacuating and arranging the cabinets, just as putting in new ones.

What’s more, remember that if you supplant the cabinets, you will likewise need to replace the ledge and the sink and contract a handyman. Indeed, it’s a domino impact concerning cost.

  1. It a lot quicker and less of a burden

At the point when you redesign your entire kitchen, it can take quite a while.

At the very least, it’s a month and a half, however more frequently, it’s 10-12 weeks… and now and again any longer (as something unavoidably turns out badly or causes a deferral.

This implies quite a while without a kitchen, and it’s dreadful as it feels like your home is a wreck, and the entirety of your “stuff” is in different rooms.

how to paint kitchen cabinetsAt the point when you paint your cabinets, it’s a lot shorter procedure.

Ordinarily, it tends to be done in seven days. What’s more, at that point, you can move on.

Likewise, you maintain a strategic distance from the lead times for requesting cabinets as well as trusting that temporary workers will be accessible.

  1. There are presently much better paints available

As the interest for painting cabinets have expanded, makers have responded and presented new and better paint items explicitly intended for offices.

They go on better and are considerably more robust.


Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most straightforward kitchen changes you can take on, particularly on the off chance that you don’t have to do the sanding and preparing, also, to experience all the pressure of an absolute kitchen makeover.

It’s certainly justified regardless of the expense by and large.


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