Kitchen Cabinet Finish

kitchen cabinet finish

kitchen cabinet finishIntroduction

Are you confused about your kitchen cabinet finish?

Most of you will have their answer in the form of Yes, and it remains one of the biggest obstacles in the way of your kitchen’s beauty.

The beauty of the kitchen depends a lot on the cabinets that are installed in it, as a considerable part of the kitchen is occupied by the kitchen containers.

These kitchen cabinets get faded in color with time.

Along with this, the oily fumes further cause the problem in the maintenance of the kitchen breakfront’s finish.

So, to restore the dashing look of your kitchen, you need to refresh the looks of your kitchen container.

This refreshing look comes from finishing them.

kitchen cabinet finishNow, there comes a question in mind; how does the process of finishing is carried out, and for how much time does a finished container serves you?

The finishing of the kitchen breakfront is carried out in different steps.

In the first step, the assemblies are uninstalled from the walls and brought down to perform the sanding of the cabinets.

In the second step, these cabinets are thoroughly checked; if there is any repair required or not, at the same time, this step is referred to as Prepping.

In the third step of finish, the staining or painting of the cabinets is performed.

The final step belongs to the finishing. Therefore, these four steps are followed to have kitchen cabinets finished.

In this article, we will let you know about the cabinet finish characteristics.

These characteristics determine the worth of your breakfront, and each character has its significance, which cannot be denied.

Different ways of Kitchen Cabinets Finishingkitchen cabinet finish

When someone enters the kitchen, the first look always goes towards the cabinets, and the quality of the finishing of your kitchen is well determined when someone rubs his hand on the lush and smooth surface of the cabinets.

Now, there is a variety of approaches that can be applied to have the finishing of your cabinets.

Some of the most valuable and famous strategies of  finishing have been given here for your convenience:

  1.  Stained Finishes:

Stained finishing is one of the most renowned kitchen cabinet finishing techniques.

When it comes to performing the stained finishing on the cabinets of the kitchen, the work is divided into different steps.

In the initial stage, the offices are brought down from the walls, and the handle of the doors of the cabinets are removed.

kitchen cabinet finishThen, these kitchen cabinets are separated into the parts and placed in a manner to avoid any inconvenience while reassembling them.

The best solution to prevent this problem is to mark the back of that specific part.

After this, the process of sanding is performed. In the process of sanding, an electric hand sander is used that removes the roughness of any kind from the surface of the cabinet.

At the start, the heavier girt paper is used, but later on, a lighter girt paper would be preferred. 

The last step of sanding is done with the finer sandpaper of about 220 grit.

Now, the wood will be all set to go for staining.

To apply the stain on the wood, always use the rug, and rub this rug on the forest to get it adequately absorbed by the wood.

More significant, the push of carpet down to the wood, higher will be the particles of the stain penetrating in the pores of the forest.

The increased coats of the stain will darken the color of the wood with every cabinet finish

So, it must be kept in mind what color you exactly want for your finish. 

Applying this complete process on the wood of the cabinets, you will have a new and fantastic look.

Hand in hand, the best part of this process is that it is easy to carry and does not cost you much.

  1.  Painted Finishes:

Painted finishes come up with the choice of tremendous people, and it is because of the reason that this approach serves your cause in the best possible way.

Almost the procedure of the stained and painted finishes is the same.

Like stained finishing, the first step in the painted finishing is about the removal of cabinets from the walls.

Now, there is required a proper prepping of the wood of the cabinets.

All parts of the containers are removed, and then dirt and sand from the surface of the cabinets are cleaned.

kitchen cabinet finishHere is an important thing, which is mandatory to mention, that in case of the stained finishing, the final step of sanding is performed with finer sandpaper of 220 grit.

When it comes to the painted finishing, the sandpaper of 120 grit is used as a last step of the sanding.

Now, while dealing with the painted finishing, it must be kept in mind that the color of the paint must be following the color of the remaining parts of the kitchen.

If you do not want to have matching color, you should prefer a decent and attractive color for your finish that could leave a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.

Going side by side, it has also been seen that painted finishing is an easy and convenient method to carry out, and it produces the best results.

  1.  Heritage Paint:

There is one more unusual approach to make your breakfront alluring and decent.

The cabinet finish defines the worth of the kitchen, so it must be cabinet finish

Therefore, to add further convenience to your finishing task, we are going to tell you about one more decent trick.

Heritage paint is extensively used in most pf the parts of the houses, and its addition as a paint will be a fantastic choice.

The procedure of its application is the same as for the stained and painted finishes.

Heritage paint reflects a traditional look, which genuinely impresses its viewers.

Meanwhile, most of the heritage paints are light in color, and if someone of these bright colored heritage paint is applied  your kitchen will remain lighted and decent to look.

Heritage paints have extensively been used for having a finish. Again, the cost of this approach is not very high, but the results are truly worth watching.

  1.  Weathered Cabinets:

kitchen cabinet finishWeathered Cabinets are one of the most popular trends among the other kitchen trends.

Weathered cabinets can be referred to as cabinets that comprise of a wood that looks old and worn out due to the effect of weather.

But, this is not the case in actual, as weathered cabinets present astonishing looks.

Several methods can be applied to create such an effect on the surface of the wood. But, these methods are not our concern for the time being, as our leading cause is to elaborate weathered cabinets.

The weathered technique is overwhelmingly used to have the  finish.

The old and worn out impressions are created on the surface of the wood of containers, and upon getting fixed back on the wall, these cabinets create an eye-catching effect for viewers.

Therefore, this is one of the best result-oriented  finish techniques.

How can it be done?kitchen cabinet finish

  • Some amount of Sanded pallet slat
  • Two plain old’ paintbrushes, preferably from Dollar Tree
  • Rags for wiping
  • Glidden Flat White latex paint
  • Minwax Classic Grey stain

Having applied this technique, you will surely have a fantastic result from your finish.

  1.  Patina Finish:

Patina usually refers to as a thin layer of deposits that appears on the surface of different metals like iron, copper, brass, and many other minerals.

On the other hand, it could also be said that Patina looks like a tarnish that appears on the surface of the metal due to the oxidation reactions.

kitchen cabinet finishNow, there has been a good trend among the people towards the Patina finish.

In the finish, Patina can play an important role.

There are various methods of creating this effect on the surface, but mostly the readymade Patina paint is used for this purpose.

  1.  Glazed Finish:

Smooth finishing is an artistic and hand-applied technique that is used to have an added depth and dimensions on the stain.

The glaze is a semi-transparent color that exhibits a unique and suitable variation.

Glazed finish is gaining a considerable appreciation from the masses, especially from North America’s side.

This technique is a bit more expensive than a stained finish, but the results compensate for the money that you spend on the glaze finishing of your  finish.

Therefore, having seen the results of this technique, it has been made clear that this is one of the best kitchen cabinet finish cabinet finish

Rub-Through Enhancements

There is a rug that is used in the staining of the wood cabinets, and for the best results, it becomes mandatory to rub the carpet with greater force, so that the particles may penetrate deeply in the wood of cabinets.

Moreover, the rub-through enhancement indicates that more and more coating on the surface of the wood cabinet would provide you with the best results.

This is an important thing to have a better finish.


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