How Get A Modern Kitchen In A Kitchen Remodel?

Modern Kitchen, Kitchen Remodel

How to convert an old kitchen into a new one?

Do modern kitchens inspire you? Do you want to remodel yours too?

If you have decided to change the look of your kitchen, then you must know how to do it and where to start.

Some people begin by collecting beautiful photos of modern kitchen designs and then plan with their contractors.

A good plan for your kitchen remodel task can make it look luxurious in an affordable amount.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on this task.

To create more exciting interior design ideas, people also visit home improvement stores and go through magazines to collect as many ideas as they can to build their modern dream kitchen.

You should plan a remodel task according to the style of your house.

Following is a step by step plan that can assist you as a guideline in your kitchen remodeling.

  1. Research and Plan

The perfect way to start with is project is to decide your budget.

Select a design and start listing out things that would help you in achieving that particular look of your kitchen.

Determining your budget is significant.

You can always skip of non-important things and make other significant options your main points of focus.

As the owner of a home, you must know what everything available in your rooms or kitchen costs.

  1. Find Professionals to complete this task

If you are completely changing your kitchen, you’d need professional to do your cabinets, electrical wiring, plumbing and all.

If you’re on a reasonable budget, search for the best professional to help you with the designing and remodeling of your modern kitchen.

Check out for good reviews before hiring an interior designer.

They will help you in deciding the budget, choosing the finishes and fixtures, shopping for kitchen products, space planning, and managing the entire project from the beginning.

  1. Things that you might require during your kitchen remodeling

For this step, you need to make a list of products that are utilized in the kitchen, such as products that may fit into the style of your house.

Think about several people who’ll be using the kitchen space.

  1. Look out for finishes and fixtures

You must have finalized your design of a kitchen by looking at several photos.

You now know if you have to remodel your old kitchen into a modern kitchen, traditional kitchen, or a classic kitchen.

Based on the design, now you’ll have to decide which color has to be used, a natural wood kitchen, or a white-colored kitchen?

Now you’ll have you to confirm the finishes and fixtures of the following:

  • Finish, color, door style and construction type of cabinetry
  • The material used for countertop
  • Electric Appliances such as refrigerator
  • The material used for flooring
  • Light fixtures
  • Decorative hardware and accessories
  1. Undo your kitchen

If you’re changing the entire look of your kitchen, you’ll have to start with undoing your kitchen.

For this, you’ll have to remove the cabinet doors, windows, appliances, and light fixtures.

  1. Replace your plumbing in the kitchen

This is perfect for replacing and rechecking the pipe when all the walls are open.

If your kitchen is too old, then its plumbing might leak or break; therefore, it’s better to get it checked.

If there is a problem in the gas line, you can also get it checked during the remodeling period.

  1. Paint the walls and ceiling

Painting the walls and ceiling of your kitchen can be done by you, but if you want it to be done quickly or on urgent bases, then you have to hire a professional painter

The painting should be completed before installing the cabinets.

The kitchen usually gets greasy immediately.

Hence it is suggested to use semi-gloss paints for the walls and ceilings because they are considerably more comfortable to wipe and clean, and they don’t retain moisture.

If you’re planning to paint your kitchen by yourself, then you’ll have to buy brushes of different sizes required to fulfill your purpose. You can also use a quality roller too.

  1. Install Kitchen flooring

You can install the cabinets first and then step next to the carpet.

There are too many choices for choosing your kitchen floor.

There are cork floors, made up of stripped bark of a tree. Although it is warm, it can turn yellow in the sunlight, and excessive moisture makes it swell.

There are bamboo floorings, but it is not a wood but a grass. It regenerates itself every three to five years.

You must avoid getting it too wet. Bamboo is available in both horizontal and vertical patterns, and they are easily glued, nailed, stapled, and floated.

Wood floorings are usually used in modern kitchens.

The natural woods used for this purpose are Brazilian Cherry and White tigerwood that grows in South America. Brazilian Cherry is expensive and more complicated than oak.

  1. Install Kitchen Countertops

You can choose several materials for countertops, but the installation of countertops usually delays too seven weeks.

You should choose heat resistant countertops such as Quartz. It also holds better than granite and is comparatively more expensive. If you remodel your kitchen once in 50 years, it is essential to change its entire look.

  1. Install the hardware

Installing your hardware should be a selective process.

The knobs and handles should be stylish and match perfectly with the overall look of your kitchen.

Don’t go for good looks and low quality because they will be damaged in the few years destroying the whole look of the kitchen and the house.

We hope, now, you won’t have to face any issue during the remodeling process of your modern kitchen. We want it to be a success for you.

You can also install additional racks for your dishes and hanging pans and spoons. Get yourself some cute little kitchen magnets that will make your kitchen look lively and colorful.

 Do share the before and after pictures of your kitchen by mentioning us and feel free to ask anything regarding the remodeling.




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