As it gets warmer outside, pests start to come back. It is important to be informed on different methods of extermination such as, one- time pest control and ongoing pest control. If you can locate the area in which the pest is situated and the entry of these is located, a one- time extermination will suffice. On the other hand, if the pest you are experiencing become a constant problem that keeps coming back, an ongoing treatment may be the way to go.

Unfortunately, sometimes certain pests are stubborn and are hard to get rid of. Some of these can be ants, roaches, ticks, and termites. Because insects are so small, these are the hardest to get rid of. Rodents are also those pests that can be challenging to get rid of completely. Rodents seek shelter in homes, that’s why they are so popular. Rodents such as mice and rats carry infectious diseases, not to mention, they eat through everything in your home. With the help of ongoing extermination, these rodents should stay far away from your home.

When considering the costs of pest control, know that one- time exterminations will hurt your wallet more than ongoing exterminations. One- time exterminations will cost between $108- $277 for insects and $175- $454 for animal control. While monthly treatments will cost around $40.

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