Use neutrals hues for your walls. Neutrals are easy on the eye and give out a clean feel. You can even use neutrals for your furniture and simply apply bold colors in pillows or a throw.

Switch to tiles. Tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are affordable yet create a beautiful and timeless look.

Interior doors may not be something we think about often, but they do make a difference. Pocket doors are a great alternative for traditional doors as they also serve as a room divider.

If you are into built- in libraries but don’t want to spend the money on a custom design, simply stack bookshelves to create the floor- to- ceiling look.

If your home is lacking dimension, simply add strips of crown molding. This draws attention to that specific area of the room.

Architecture is key to create an expensive feel to a home. Add a ceiling medallion for your chandelier. These come in many different colors and sizes.

Updating your walkway will create a huge difference in the way your house looks. Match the walkway material with the material of your house exterior. You could even add a winding route for guests to enjoy the landscaping.

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