Cost Of Kitchen Remodel

Cost Of Kitchen Remodel

Cost Of Kitchen RemodelThe kitchen space serves as the heart of your home, it adds value to your place, and therefore you need to work hard to make it look the best out of all.

The place where you gather for parties and prepare meals for your family with love should be worth it.

No? This is why kitchen remodeling is so prevalent in the market today.

There’s no doubt in the fact that it is the most expensive process and it can turn out to be quite complicated too.

Before remodeling your kitchen, you should focus on your budget.

To estimate your total budget, you should be calculating the cost of each item that you are utilizing in the process.

Homeowners usually feel baffled by the value of a kitchen remodel because it is too difficult to calculate an exact price for your project.

Each kitchen remodels different requirements, uniqueness, features, and fixes.

Other than that, as for the materials, you do have two options that are luxury materials and budget materials.

You can also select a contractor by their reviews and approximate rates to have a fixed cost at your hand.Cost Of Kitchen Remodel

After all these insights, it still gets challenging to find out the exact cost at the beginning of a project.

You have to face some ups and downs during the whole procedure of your remodeling project.

To assist you in calculating the budget, we have mentioned the costs of a general and typical kitchen remodel that will help you get an idea about your expenditure on the project.

The following are some of the methods for how professionals calculate the cost of their kitchen remodels.

Also, some ways will teach you how to remodel your kitchen cost-effectively.

  1. Find out about the Average Remodel Cost

A general kitchen remodel costs up to $150 per square foot.

However, homeowners are seen to spend $75 or $13,167 per square foot.

Cost Of Kitchen RemodelThe fact that the expenditure depends entirely on the total space that has to be remodeled and the quality of the materials that are needed in that area.

You would require a change in your kitchen space by painting the walls, replace the cabinets, installing a tile backsplash, or by a simple sink upgrade.

It would renew the entire look of your area and give fresh feels.

If you are on a high budget, you can also opt for high-end appliances, hardwood floors, customized cabinets, or granite counters as they look aesthetic and give a luxurious look to your kitchen.

To find out the average cost of kitchen remodel, a cost breakdown is needed to get a better idea of the required budget before beginning with the project.

The initial step to estimate the cost is to determine the space available. You should have answers to three fundamental questions before moving forward.

  • What are you using this space for?
  • How do you want this space to look like?Cost Of Kitchen Remodel
  • Do you think the size of the space is appropriate according to your needs and requirements?

You can also look out for some of the cost-saving options at this early stage.

Check out the following points to get an idea about how to save money during a remodel project.

  • Instead of replacing your cabinets, you can opt for refinishing, or you can only reface your cabinets
  • If you find your kitchen appliances outdated, you can refinish them to get a stainless look that looks great and has a visual appeal.
  • Replace your kitchen products one by one rather than all at once. You can unsubscribe by two kitchen products each month to set your budget.

However, we know that an approximate cost of kitchen remodel is divided into different rates of the materials, installation processes, lighting, and plumbing fittings and fixtures.

  • Checkout costs vs. value reports

Cost Of Kitchen RemodelCost vs. value reports is issued every year that gives us an estimate idea about the costs of your project in a particular nation.

This report is precious for contractors because they have to release a number to their customers to bid for that project.

Along with this report, a more measured method is required to know about the costs.

Note down the prices in your head in a sheet of paper, and you’ll get your actual estimate.

You might be finding this process complicated. Honestly, it is.

  • Cost Breakdown of Products

We have a ratio of your money that is spent in a full kitchen remodel.

You can consider a designing fee to be 4% of your project followed by an installation that covers 17%, cabinetry, and hardware that reaches up to 29%, appliances and ventilation takes 14%, and countertops cover 10% of the whole remodeling budget.Cost Of Kitchen Remodel

Now, looking at this breakdown, you might have gotten an idea that how you should be spending your money to make it worth it and how you should be saving your money to get a cost-effective project completed.

  • Costs of Kitchen designers 

Usually, kitchen designers charge per hour rates. They generally have prices ranging from $100 to $200 per hour.

They might help you select the material and color selection for your kitchen walls and cabinets.

They also assist you in applying 3D renderings and coordination with the suppliers and cont5ractors.

They handle the overall management of your remodeling project.

You can also cut the cost of hiring a professional kitchen designer by looking out for ideas on the internet.

DIYs are a great help and yield the best results. A large number of people renovate their homes by searching out for DIYs.

Cost Of Kitchen RemodelSo, you can do it too and save 4% of your cost from the budget.

For a DIY remodeling, you need to first spend on your devices by checking out the space that you have in your kitchen area.

For example, you have started remodeling it, and then all of a sudden, you get an idea to place a refrigerator, and there’s no space left for it.

Hence, it is essential first to list down all the necessary appliances that you might need in the future and measure it according to the area.

Go shopping and look out for companies and brands that are giving good discounts on kitchen products or ask them about their monthly promotion day and visit the store on that day.

You can save a lot of money in this way and get too many products in a minimal amount.

 Be sure about the warranty of the products that you are buying and check it in front of the store guy before making a final deal.

You can also search for some of the cabinet wholesalers who might be ready to help you measuring the kitchen and deciding a layout for free.Cost Of Kitchen Remodel

For slabs, you can opt for granite slabs as they are less costly as compared to others.

  • Rates of labor and contractors

If you have a larger space to remodel, you’ll require more energy; hence your percentage can rise from 15% to 17% of your budget.

You can look out for features that need to be installed in your kitchen. Install some of them by yourself that are basic and don’t require any professional capabilities.

For example, You can install the lightings in the kitchen area by yourself and save the cost.

On the contrary, if you have hired a contractor, then get as much help and assistance from him as you can because you are paying for it.

Also, try to get a word from them to assist you in the future if there’s any leakage in the plumbing or fixtures.

You can search for contractors near you or look out for them on the internet.

Cost Of Kitchen RemodelWhen you find one, then ask for their portfolios, rank them, and check their reviews for better satisfaction.

Ask them about their experience with the last client, the number of projects they have completed, and their price.

All these points will give you a good idea about the contractor, and you’ll figure out if he is genuine or a scammer.

Budgeting your project is extremely important because it lets you know about the possibilities that are available for your kitchen.

It helps you with the professional help required in this project, along with the list of materials needed.

Therefore, it is suggested to always have a breakdown of the cost before continuing further with your kitchen remodeling process.

You won’t like to take a loan for merely changing the look of your kitchen.

Would you? So, take out some time and relax by doing a cost breakdown of your products.

It would increase the value of your house and therefore give your better place in the community too.


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