Deck Remodel Cost

deck remodel cost

Deck Remodel CostDeck remodeling is a collective project to enhance your living area, which adds more value to your apartment.

There are several factors why deck remodeling is essential, from cosmetic to structural.

The two main factors are the better selection of the deck material and the elaborated deck design, which increases the desk remodel cost.

The average cost of a pressure-built wood deck is around $35 per square foot.

The deck made up of composite material costs around $55 per foot, including the materials.

The remodeling of the deck often significantly improves the value of your home.

When you plan to sell the house, it can bring the return on investment up to 70-85%.

Overspending on the deck is not a good option.

Think about what is good enough to justify and how much longer you expect to live in your house.

If you have a big house, you cannot afford to skimp on the deck remodeling, but if you are planning to sell your home shortly, it’s not a good idea to spend too much on the deck renovation.Deck Remodel Cost

Hiring the professionals for deck remodeling will save your time and money.

They will ensure that deck renovation is completed at a time by following all the requirements and the guidelines.

As with any new building or remodeling project, it is recommended to discuss the project and idea with the hired contractor.

They can share a range of prices for the deck remodeling, and you can choose any of them which you can afford. 

Keep scrolling to read more about the deck remodel cost factors and ways of reducing the overall cost of deck remodeling.

Deck Remodel Cost

The professional contractors will charge you according to the total time frame, and the workers required for that job.

Deck Remodel CostEach job is different, and if the site is damaged, it will cost you more because professional contractors quote a final rate after a complete inspection.

The average cost for deck repairing by professionals will cost you around $1200.

The labor cost can range from $10 to $25 per hour, depending upon the experience of the company.

While these prices may end up looking awful, you may realize that the know-how can save you from a lot of problems with waste products and insufficient alternatives during the deck remodeling project.

Deck Cost Factors

The following are the top 12 essential factors that play a significant role in the remodeling project.

  1. Deck Size
  2. Materials
  3. Seasonality
  4. Labor CostsDeck Remodel Cost
  5. Mold and Roth
  6. Deck Railing Repairs
  7. Anchoring Deck Stairs
  8. Pest Control
  9. Age of Deck
  10. Popped Nails and Screws
  11. Deck Size

The deck size is always the most significant deck remodeling cost factor.

More material will be required for the larger deck size.

The total cost of remodeling a deck of 20 square feet will always be more than the 10 square feet.

  1.  Material

Deck Remodel CostMaterial type for your deck is a significant cost factor that determines the essential requirements of the job, including the total timeframe.

Wood decks and composite decks are the two famous decks.

The decks made up of wood have a long life, but they need proper maintenance, and they cost less than the composite layers.

Composite decks provide maximum durability, but these decks cost higher than the regular wood decks.

  1.  Seasonality

Each business has its seasons, and business owners increase the price of service or product in the business season.

The same case implies for deck industry. Homeowners consider the deck remodeling in spring or late winter. 

Hiring the professional contractors for deck remodeling in offseason is a good option as they can even offer you a discount.

  1.  Labor Costs Deck Remodel Cost

The labor in each project plays a vital role.

There are some points in remodeling a deck which can increase the total cost of the project.

These are the geographical area and the age of your deck.  

If you do not maintain the deck and the damage start appearing, the total remodeling cost will be a bit higher. 

The contractor may charge you higher depending upon these points because these points directly affect the labor cost.

The average labor cost for a project is somewhere between $100 to $500 depending on the remodeling issues and geographical location.

  1. Mold and Rot

Contractors will quote you the final price after a complete inspection.

Deck Remodel CostThey check for mold and rot, and in case of molding and rotting, the time frame and cost of the project will increase.

They find out the cause of that molding, which includes checking the plumbing and drainage problems.

If the deck is not completely damaged by molding, you can repair that rotting area yourself.

Remove the infected wood and replace that portion with a putty-like two-part adhesive chemical or compound which will thicken in the place.

Repairing the damaged wood will cost you around $200 to $500. 

  1.  Deck Railings Repair 

Deck remodeling also includes renovating the deck railings which support the deck.

The deck railing could be of different styles like simple railing, or ornate railing.

The condition of railing will define the total cost of repairing the deck railings.

The contractors will let you know after the inspection if it has to be replaced or needs some maintenance.Deck Remodel Cost

They will also check the balusters and post end caps of the railing.

  1.  Anchoring Deck Stairs

The contractors will anchor the loose steps if the deck stairs are not tight.

They will anchor the loose steps if the wood is found healthy and durable.

The can install the metal brackets or add the screws to the beams.

The total cost will be increased, but the deck will be safe, and the additional fee depends on the total number of stairs.

  1.   Pest Control 

Before starting the remodeling project, you should thoroughly take a look at the deck, and in case of finding the insects like termites, the pest control professional is to be hired.

Deck Remodel CostThis step should be taken before starting the deck remodeling project.

The charges for Pest Control Company vary from $60 to $120, and they will write a complete report after the inspection.

  1.  Age of Deck

With the proper maintenance and care, decks last up to many years, but as the floor remodels cost directly depends on the age of the bridge.

The deck in your house has to be remodeled or replaced if it is older than ten years.

The age of your deck is based upon the maintenance, and with regular maintenance, it can last up to many years.

  1. Popped Nails and Screws 

Popped nails and screws around the decks are not safe.

If there are some missing or popped screws and nails, it will add a small amount to the total cost of the project.Deck Remodel Cost

This minimal cost depends upon the price of screws and the number of screws used per square feet

How to Reduce the Deck Remodel Cost

Consult with a remodeling company as it is a great way to ensure that your job is done correctly, and you can also avoid the additional fixes or changes in the coming years.

But if the contractor is charging a higher amount, you can remodel the deck yourself.

The following are the ways of reducing the total cost of remodeling.

  1.  Purchasing the Material

Visit the contractor and ask him to make a list of all the items required for deck remodeling.

Purchasing the items needed for the job is the best way to reduce the total cost.

Deck Remodel CostYou can also ask the contractor to go with you to buy the items from the list.  

Pay the bill yourself after checking all the prices of each item.

The contractors usually do not want you to purchase the items because they add some additional cost of the material.

But if you want to reduce the overall price of your project, take that initiative and visit the hardware store yourself for buying the material.

  1.  Handyman 

Hiring professional contractors for a remodeling project is the right choice only if the deck is damaged.

If you think it needs minor repairs, you can hire the handyman for this job.

The handyman companies charge less than the repairing or remodeling contractors.

  1.  Get a Quote from several companies Deck Remodel Cost

Always take the quote for remodeling projects from at least three to five different companies.

It will give you a complete understanding of the job because each contractor may provide the services in different ways.

Discussing the project with different companies and contractors may also give you some new ideas for deck remodeling.

  1.  Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance of your deck is among the best ways of reducing the deck remodeling cost as it enables you to save thousands of dollars on the remodeling project.

Keep the deck clean and protect it from damage by sealing it.


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