Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinet ideasKitchen Cabinet Ideas

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Are you out of ideas for your kitchen cabinets?

If yes, then we have some fantastic designs that will completely change the look of your kitchen.

You don’t need to stalk any pages on the internet, because we have it all covered for you in this article.

There cannot be a kitchen without a cabinet.

We can say that it is the backbone of the kitchen because all the ingredients are to be kept in it.

They also add beauty to your kitchen. The most uncomplicated cabinet may look like a box attached to the wall.

However, designing cabinets would make your kitchen look well furnished.

ou can also create sophisticated cabinets from simpler ones. 

Keep reading to learn about astonishing ideas that will blow your mind and help you in altering the outlook of your kitchen cabinet ideas

Kitchen cabinets are available in different types, structures, and quality.

The following are four general types of cabinets available in the market.

Four basic cabinet types are:

  1. Base
  2. Wall
  3. Pantry

Base Cabinets

As the name says, these cabinets set a base for your floor plan and stand every day’s grind and work.

The primary purpose of base cabinets is that they are piled on the floor to back and support the countertops and kitchen islands.

kitchen cabinet ideasKitchen Islands are made when base cabinets are united and installed on the spot of renovation.

Wall Cabinets

We can figure out from its name that these are the cabinets attached to the walls in the kitchen.

Such cabinets also play an integral role for storage purposes. They are also known as “Uppers” in the market.

These cabinets can be designed in various ways, such as we can increase or decrease their heights according to the look of a kitchen, multiple widths according to the need to store material, glass door varieties, and custom depth choices.

Wall cabinets can be used to store large appliances that may be extra or have very little use.

They can be raised to the ceiling of your kitchen.

Pantry Cabinets

A pantry cabinet can be used as a storeroom or a utility cabinet ideas

You can size it however you like it, or according to the storage space needed to keep kitchen appliances or goods in it.

You can also build it to store large-sized ovens or microwaves.

Other than the types, there are several trends that you can follow to design your Cabinets.

You can also search “Cabinets near me” on the internet to gain ideas about the latest designs.

  • Traditional Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets always remain in fashion.

They can be your perfect choice during the remodeling of kitchen cabinets.

Its color range varies from reds to a broad range of wood shades and from whites to creams.

  • kitchen cabinet ideasShaker Cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets possess a functional design and are basic and clean.

These cabinets are styled with flat-paneled doors that have rail frames and natural wood finishes.

The color of such cabinets usually fluctuates between white and grey (neutral colors).

It is mostly suggested to have white colors for your cabinets because they resist heat and keep your kitchen fresh.

These cabinets provide a casual and classic look to the kitchen of any style, let it be traditional or contemporary.

There is no doubt that shaker kitchens are a trend today.

  • Rustic Cabinets

Rustic Cabinets give feels of a mountainous cabinet ideas

They look very aesthetic with the presence of lots of wood with subtle detailing and some imperfections.

Mostly large cabinets and drawers are used for this style.

Although it is not finely finished with a glossy stain, its roughness gives us a feel of a treehouse and authentic wood.

  • Contemporary Cabinets

Contemporary Cabinets are all about good looks and modern style, made up of high-quality materials.

They can be used in small space kitchens that cannot accommodate large cabinets and don’t have enough space for storage.

The contemporary style works as a strategy to accumulate all your stuff in a relatively smaller space.

Mostly, plastic, concrete, metal, manufactured wood, and glass are used for making such contemporary style cabinets.

  • kitchen cabinet ideasSlab Cabinets

Slab Cabinets look decent and elegant in the kitchen. It is trendy because it gets along contemporary cabinets.

You can further modernize slab cabinets in your favorite way possible.

This style is also referred to as a flat panel cabinet. Also, no cabinet style is cheaper than this one.

Hence, you must opt for this simple style because it requires deficient maintenance.

Other than this, they are easy to build too. Very little labor and material are needed to make slab cabinets.

You might get free from dusting because it requires very little work to get cleaned.

  • Country Cabinets

Cabinets in country-side homes are cozy and comfortable.

Some traditional cabinet styles or country cabinets are found in such cabinet ideas

The color of this type of material ranges from yellow to green and then from pale blue to cream.

You can use distressing techniques to boost the look of your cabinets.

  • Craftsman

Defined by quality construction, craftsmen cabinet style includes cabinets made from pure wood that is too heavy in weight such as oak, cherry or maple, and hickory, etc.

This type of furniture is never painted in color shades but remains in original wood color forever.

Not to forget, but it was first produced in late 1800, against the ornamental and excessively decorated table and furniture that didn’t have suitable quality.

  • Open –Shelving

kitchen cabinet ideasAlthough there’s no need to make cabinets for this style, it’s all about accommodating your kitchen stuff in an open shelf, mostly when the space is small.

To maintain such shelves, the first point that needs to be considered is tidiness.

You have to be clean to organize your things regularly.

It is suggested to have an open shelf at the top side of the stove for a neat and organized view of the kitchen.

Use wall hanging floating hardware to hide support and show the beauty on your new open shelving area

Stainable cedar is a great material to use. 2×6 Cedar board it will be ideal for your open shelving concept. 

You have the option to install it rough, or you can sand it down to have a finished smooth surface

We hope that now you’ll have plenty of ideas that will change the look of your kitchen and make it look more spacious and trendy than before.


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