Tile Flooring. Which One Is Best?

Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring.Which bathroom floor tiles are best?

The top 3, in our professional opinion, are vinyl tile, ceramic/porcelain tile, and stone tile.

Each of these great bathroom tile flooring options offers water resistance and a beautiful look to create an elegant bathroom.

The only real differences are price and what you prefer to stand on.

Let’s see what Stephanie learns about the three as she looks to remodel her bathroom tile flooring.

Stephanie hasn’t been her usual cheery self on the car ride back home.

She’s been deep in thought ever since she saw Jackie’s new bathroom.

 “It isn’t even all-new, only the bathroom tile flooring is. Yet, it makes their bathroom look so much better,” she thinks.

“Do you think we need to retile our bathroom floor too?

I mean, it would look so much better, right?” Stephanie asks her husband, Timothy. “Yep,” he responds, “It’s about time.”Tile Flooring.

The bathroom tile flooring in their master bathroom is starting to show their age if they don’t take care of it soon, who knows how bad it will get.

“Really? Great! I’ll look up the best options, and we can go over them together.

This is going to be fun!” Stephanie gushes in excitement.

She’s been wanting to remodel something in their house for years.

They just haven’t needed to yet.

But now, she can.

As soon as they get home, Stephanie pops out of the car, and power walks inside.

She has some research to do.

She gets on Google and types on “which bathroom floor tiles are best.”

Tile Flooring.Here is what she learns.

Which Bathroom Floor Tiles Are Best

The best tiles for bathroom floors are either water-resistant or can be made to be.

The best three-floor tiles for bathrooms are: 

  1. Vinyl Tiles: low cost and excellent to stand on
  2. Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles: mid-priced and stain resistant
  3. Natural Stone: Pricier but fancier, higher maintenance

“This isn’t enough to decide on,” Stephanie thinks. 

“It’s a good start, but I want more information,” Stephanie thinks.

She decides to dig a little deeper to see what makes these tiles different.

1. Vinyl As The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

Vinyl is going to be the best deal for most bathroom tile flooring.Tile Flooring.

It is easy to make and install, which helps lower the overall cost.

While it is cheaper, it can still be made to look like higher-end bathroom floor tiles like wood and stone.

Vinyl tiles also come in water-resistant or waterproof options. 

As a bonus, vinyl also feels better to stand and walk on than most other floor materials.

Speaking of other floor materials, vinyl tile can be installed over existing flooring.

This makes it an excellent choice for remodeling.

Stephanie likes the low cost/high-end look option, plus vinyl will be reasonably easy to maintain.

But she also likes ceramic/porcelain tiles as a bathroom flooring option.

2. Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles

Tile Flooring.These tiles are slightly different from vinyl.

Both come in many styles and colors, are easy to maintain, and have waterproof options.

Ceramic/porcelain tiles are known for their durability and stain resistance.

Since it is harder to install and more challenging material to make it is moderately priced.

It also isn’t the most comfortable tile flooring to stand on.

“Hmm, if I’m going to spend more, I’d rather go for one of these natural stone floors,” Stephanie thinks.

3. Natural Stone Floor Tiles

They may cost more, but the look they provide is worth it for most people.

Marble, granite, and limestone are the more popular choices for bathroom floor tiles.

They can come in many textures too. The composition can give a foothold to help lessen slips.

They do need regular cleaning and sealing, so they stay looking fabulous.Tile Flooring.

“Tim,” Stephanie calls, “Come look over the options I’m picking out and tell me what you think.

I need your opinion.” She is ready to fall in love with her bathroom all over again.

Do You Love Your Bathroom?

Is it just another room in your house, or is it your escape?

Everyone should be able to love their bathroom like Stephanie and Timothy are about too.

It’s never too late to start making your bathroom your favorite space.


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