Remodel Bathroom [Full Guide]

remodel bathroom

Remodel Bathroom How to Remodel a Bathroom

Are you planning to redesign and remodel your bathroom?

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your bathroom remodeling, as it can also be completed in different and affordable ways.

Your bathroom can be transformed into a refreshing and relaxing space through budget-friendly bathroom remodeling designs.

Bathroom remodeling includes electrical, plumbing, tile work, and every square foot counts during the job.

You may face some unexpected problems while remodeling like cast iron plumbing stacks or rotting subfloors and joists.  

The total price of the project depends on how much change you want in the bathroom.

The average cost of bathroom remodeling is from $10,500 to $26,000. This price can be reduced if you do all the work yourself.Remodel Bathroom

You can remodel the bathroom of your house, but hiring the contractors for managing the job from start to finish is the best solution.

They can provide faster service, and the post will be completed by utilizing their experience and expertise.

In this article, we have explained some designs and tips for bathroom remodeling, so keep scrolling to read more.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips 

1.        Planning to Remodel Bathroom

Before consulting the contractors for bathroom remodeling, you should discuss the project with those who have to use the space.

The materials and finishes of the bathroom should be the two main essential points in your discussion.  

Remodel Bathroom The total budget for this project depends on finishes and fixtures.

The expenses can be increased because of unexpected accessories, so it is good to have a little extra.

This strategy will be very beneficial, and you can take a significant step forward as you progress with the remodeling plan.

The job needs around 1 to 3 months to be completed.

You may get different ideas with each new day, and these new ideas can increase the total budget.

Try to suppress the urge to change your plans unless there are financial restrictions or difficulties.

Changing the arrangements may also increase the whole time.

You should discuss the complete project with the contractor and ask for his advice.

These contractors are usually highly experienced and well-aware of the latest trends in kitchen styles, so they can offer some great ideas.

2.       Layouts of Bathroom Remodel Bathroom

Sink, bathtub, and toilet are the essential elements of a bathroom.

The other additional factors are shower, bidet, and a new tub.

The extra sink is for houses that have more than one member. The layout of the bathroom should match the design.

Everything in your home does not need a perfect match, but you cannot afford a distracting and different bathroom layout, which doesn’t suit the design.

The theme of your main room will help you finalize the layout. A useful space in your bathroom depends on your lifestyle. Ensure that you include this in your remodeling bathroom project.

After finalizing the design, show it to your plumber, electrician, and contractor.

3.  Savings on Bathroom remodeling 

Remodel Bathroom If you are running low on budget and want to decrease the expenses, select the different items of sanitaryware that provide good quality.

There are luxurious products available in the market, but these will increase your budget.

Go for the quality products which suit your budget and style of bathroom.  

Mix and match for saving on the remodeling project, but you cannot afford to skimp on some products like shower trays and plastic baths.

4.  Simplicity

The simple but elegant bathroom design should be your top priority during the remodeling project.

Simple things have more attraction as they feel close to nature. Having a simple bathroom design in the remodeling project will be more cost-effective.

You do not need to select the ornate decorative moldings and curves for your bathroom.

Although these items add more beauty and match the style of your bathroom, these unnecessary things also increase the total budget.  Remodel Bathroom

5.   Ask for Discount 

During the remodeling project, you are allowed to bargain, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for a discount.

Most of the contractors offer you a discount because they have some discount policies for customers.

You can even ask for an exclusive discount while shopping for the products required for remodeling from some stores.

They also offer a discount on the total price. 

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

·        Customized Bathroom 

The customized bathroom is full of suite fixtures like the standard bathroom.

Remodel Bathroom The main difference between the standard bathroom and customized bathroom is the built-in-cabinets and matching countertop. These built-in cabinets are around a particular area of your bathroom.

Customized bathroom in your house is among the most-trendy designs in which personalized vanities, cabinets, and facilities are installed.

While there are still accessible stock options, several owners are convinced that something slightly more substantial, smaller, more comprehensive, or specific color is required.

Other trending and popular options include double-wide sink and floating vanities.

The style needs and budget will define your custom bathroom.

You may have cabinets in your kitchen, but having the offices in the toilet should be included in the remodeling list.

The maple cabinets in your kitchen with enough storage space to store toiletries, linens, and emergency suppliers are an excellent way of making the custom bathroom.

These bathrooms look more beautiful and functional.  Remodel Bathroom

Select the right material for your customized bathroom, including the wood for the cabinets.

If you need some lost lasting cabinets for the bathroom remodeling project, install the custom wood cabinets which are not affected by the moisture.

·        Lightening of Bathroom 

A stylish finishing on faucets will surely make a bathroom look elegant, and once you’ve considered adding sufficiently luxurious bathroom lighting, you’ll not take a wrong decision.

In the same manner, well-planned bathroom lighting will eliminate the shadows on the faces.

While remodeling or building a new bathroom, lighting plays a crucial role in the design of your bathroom.

Some baths need less lighting because they are designed in such a way that natural light enters directly.

Remodel Bathroom But the lighting of a few showers makes them look perfect with the designs. 

You can use the LED lights with the wall scones near the mirror, and it will also allow you to use the dimmer switches in case of extra sparkle.

·        Wet Rooms 

Having a different and unique bathroom is a great idea.

These bathrooms have a shower, and a drain is installed on the floor for the water.

The water running away through the pipe needs a waterproof room.

Before selecting the wet bathroom, look for the design and available space as the functionality of wet showers depends on these two factors.

Selecting the right flooring for these bathrooms, which matches the style, is also essential.

The flooring of wet rooms makes them look more beautiful and match the style of your bathroom.Remodel Bathroom

Waterproofed cabinets, appliances, and flooring will resist the moisture of wet rooms.

In the damp places, the toilet and shower are not separated, and they are close to each other.

·        Countertops 

Most of the homeowners are using the granite countertops, and overspending on countertops is not a good idea.

Try to avoid this as the countertop of the kitchen is comparatively smaller than the Kitchen countertop.

During remodeling the bathroom, buying an old or scratched slab for the granite countertops can reduce the overall price of the project.

After purchasing this slab, you use it at the specific area where the scratches will be completely hidden.  

You can save some money by using some of the colors like brown, tan, and light beige.

These colors are widely used on Granite countertops by everyone, so they are comparatively more expensive.

Remodel Bathroom Try to use some other colors and save money.

·        Paint of the Bathroom 

Remodeling of the kitchen is not repairing or replacing all the elements and appliances of a bathroom.

Giving a fresh look to your bathroom is also remodeling.

It is a great way to remodel your kitchen without spending too much.

As the bathroom of your house faces the temperature changes and moisture all the time, so always buy the right quality paint for the bathroom, which will not let the mildew and mold to develop on the walls.

The unique color is used on the ceiling of the bathroom, which also prevents the decay from growing on the roof.

Paint gently around the mirror, sink, floor, toilet, and tub.

·        Hire an Electrician

Before starting the remodeling project, hire an electrician for adding the electric shower, any changes in wiring, or lighting schemes.

The electricians will also review the installation and provide the services if the wiring of your house needs some maintenance.

This task should be completed before starting the remodeling task, as it will save your time and money.

Before hiring the electricians for this job, check the relevant experience, and his expertise should match the needs of your remodeled kitchen.  


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