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formica countertops

Formica CountertopsPros and Cons of Formica Countertops

Countertop selection for your kitchen is an exciting but a bit annoying task because of the wide variety of materials.

There are a lot of countertop surfaces available, and each of the surfaces has different characteristics, which include the thickness, colors, and cost.

Are the ideal choice for your bath or kitchen.

Formica solid surfacing is beautiful, robust, and durable, which makes it a perfect choice for the worktable, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, or a bar top.

Are easy-to-replace, and their installation procedure is also easy and straightforward, which makes it an excellent material for your kitchen.

The best services can be achieved by hiring professionals for the installation of Formica countertops.

Still, if you have a low budget and cannot afford the professional service for this project, you can install these countertops yourself.Formica Countertops

The new colors and patterns make these countertops look more beautiful, and they are an ideal choice for your kitchen.

The edges of are among the top features which allow you to personalize the project.

The different layers of plastic are bonded to the kraft paper or particleboard for creating the solid surfaced Formica countertop.

These countertops are budget-friendly, and if you are running low on your budget, countertops made up of Formica material are the best choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

Formica Countertop Design Selection 

If you need the old classic kitchen styles,  that are similar to marble or granite.

The wide range of designs and patterns can be adjusted according to the selected kitchen style if your kitchen has a subway tile splash and white cabinets, select white Formica countertop with black and grey veins.

Formica CountertopsOn the other hand, if you need some rustic kitchen style, select the Formica countertop having a wood texture.

Pros of Formica Countertops

1.         Durability 

Whenever it comes to the long-lasting and sturdy countertops, Formica solid surfaces countertops are among the best options.

These countertops are also budget-friendly, offering new patterns and designs for your kitchen with high durability.  

Durability is among the most amazing features.

Formica is the hard plastic laminated and used for the fabrication of countertops.

This hard plastic lamination makes it highly durable and reliable for the kitchen and bath countertops.  

You don’t need to worry about the minor scratches and cracks at these countertop surfaces as they can withstand a severe beating.Formica Countertops

These countertops can even last for many years if maintained properly.

2.         Ideal Substitute for Natural Materials

Having a natural look in your kitchen, which is according to your selected kitchen style, should be your top priority.

The natural materials make your kitchen look more beautiful, and the versatility can also be achieved by choosing the right countertop for your kitchen and bathroom.  

Kitchen countertops made up of marble and granite look exciting.

Are considered the best substitute for natural materials like stale, granite, and sculpture.

Provide the same look and design as these natural materials.

Are an ideal substitute for countertops made up of natural stones as they offer the same design and style. 

3.        Formica CountertopsTexture 

The countertop made up of natural stone is a great idea, but if you are running low on budget and want to get the same look and design at a low price, the Formica countertop is a great option. 

Are highly pressurized laminate, and they are textured to give the appearance of countertops made of natural stone.

Are not only budget-friendly, but you also get high strength although, they cannot survive the rough conditions.

On the other hand, natural stones can easily withstand uneven wear and tear.

Natural stones are also not stain-resistant, and the stains on these materials make them lose the natural shine.

4.         Ideal Edges

With unsightly laminates lines in the countertops, the ideal look and design cannot be achieved.

These lines can be removed as you get the exclusive perfect Edge options.Formica Countertops

Allow you to be creative with edges, and you can get different designs like no-drip, waterfall, or beveled edges.

Personalization in the project makes it work in a significant way, and you can get your favorite design for the countertops.

The countertops with beautifully finished edges can be designed by using Formica solid surfacing material.

5.         Easy to Maintain

The maintenance of countertops made up of wood and natural stone is not an easy task.

You have to take extra care of such materials because they are more prone to the stains and cannot bear some heat.

The Formica countertop is a cost-effective substitute for these materials.

Formica CountertopsIt’s easy to clean Formica, and they are easy to maintain.

Are impervious to oil stains and heat.

6.         Hygienic 

The bathroom and kitchen should always be kept clean because no one can afford germs in these two places.

Different countertops materials are more prone to viruses because of soft surfaces.

The hard surface of Formica material doesn’t allow the germs to permeate, which makes the countertops highly hygienic for the kitchen and bathroom.  

7.         Cohesive Look

Allow you to get a cohesive look in your project.

This human-made material enables you to integrate the essential elements of your kitchen, like backsplashes and sinks.Formica Countertops

The seamless style can be achieved in your kitchen. 

A right fabricator can be used in the kitchen or bath to hide the seams or joints from the installation process.  

 Cons of Formica Countertops

1.         Scratches 

Countertops should have no scratches as the style of your kitchen depends on the beauty of countertops.

Are highly durable, but scratches of knives cannot be ignored.

In your kitchen, there are chances of placing the knife or forks directly on the countertops, which can bring some huge scratches.

You need to be very careful while cooking as your will be comparatively more prone to the scratches.

Formica CountertopsAlways use the chopping or cutting board on countertops as it will avoid the direct scratches, and your kitchen style will not be affected.

The appearance directly depends on care and maintenance.

You will have to be more careful and avoid using the knives for cutting fruits and vegetables.

2.        Vulnerable to Heat

Avoid the direct heat as they are highly vulnerable to heat.

They are not well resistant to heat, and the main reason behind that vulnerability is the plastic used in these countertops.

Even a cigarette left unattended on the countertop can melt that area.

Placing some hot pan on your countertop can soften that area, and your countertop will lose all the style and patterns.

Countertops made up of stone material provide maximum durability, and they are less affected by the heat.Formica Countertops

You can place anything hot on these countertops but not in the case of this material.

Are highly susceptible to delamination and burns.

3.        Do not last for Years

The counters made up of Formica need regular maintenance, and they age least comparatively to other countertops.

Concrete, marbles, stainless steel, and soapstone countertops can last for many years.

These counters can even last for decades if properly maintained.

Are more prone to problems like stains, heat, and damage.

These problems can be reduced with extra care, but overall, the life span of these countertops is less than other countertops.

4.      Formica Countertops No Resale Value 

The design and patterns of Formica countertops make them look amazing in your kitchen, but when it comes to resale value, they are not beauty queens.

You can replace the countertops after some years, and it is an excellent option if you are not planning to sell the house. 

In case of selling your house, resale value can be increased by installing the granite, quartzite, or marble countertops.  

5.        Need Maintenance 

 Everything in your house needs maintenance after some time, and the same is the case with this material.

As they are more prone to damage, and in case of improper cleaning, scratch, or cut, they need maintenance.

You will have to maintain the pattern and design of the countertop.Formica Countertops

The customized edges of these countertops may provide a better look, but without maintenance and care, they can also lose the style.


Countertops add more value to your kitchen, and these should be selected after proper planning.

If you have to sell the house, go for the marble or granite countertops as they provide a good resale value.

This type of material is budget-friendly countertops that offer excellent features at a low price, but they also need proper maintenance.


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