Your yard can get damaged through the seasons. Therefore, it is important to be informed on ways to keep it pretty and healthy throughout the year. Be familiar on whether you have warm or cool seasons grass. If unsure, a landscaping professional will be able to evaluate it and inform you on the type of grass you have and move forward from there.

Cold winter months will damage your yard, so as spring approaches you will want to schedule fertilization and aeriation services. Because rain during summer is unpredictable, you should plan to install sprinklers all over your yard to make sure it doesn’t dry out. To prepare for winter, you will want to schedule a leaf removal, aeriation, and winterization service.

Another problem that must be addressed is pest control. These can ruin your yard if not treated. For this, make sure there is no standing water. Mosquito and tick treatments are vital to maintain a pest- free yard.

Aeriation allows your yard to soak up water, breathe, and grow properly by adding wholes to the ground. This process is done by a machine and is recommended to do this at the same time you plan to fertilize your yard.

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